10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy – There is nothing better than feeling a cool breeze blowing from the air conditioner in the midst of intense heat. Before the temperatures really start to rise, it’s time to think about buying a new device. And if you have one, it’s worth considering whether you need an upgrade, as many people buy the wrong size for their home.

Whether you’re looking for energy-efficient models or portable machines, we’ve rounded up the best air conditioners available. But before you dive into the list, here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping.

10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

Should you buy a window air conditioner or a portable one? If you have limited space, it is better to buy a window air conditioner because it takes up less space than a portable one. Although you can easily move portable air conditioners, they require an exhaust hose that must be pushed through a window.

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How do I find the right size for my room? All air conditioners list their cooling capacity, which comes in British Thermal Units (BTU). The number of BTUs an air conditioner has corresponds to the square footage of the room it cools. In general, the higher the BTU count, the bigger the room. For every 20 BTU you get one square meter of coverage. Typically, window air conditioners range from 5,000 to 12,000 BTUs.

10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

It’s important to get the right size air conditioner for your room so you don’t end up with a crazy electricity bill. You also want to consider how much sun the room gets. If the room is mostly shaded, reduce the capacity by 10%, and if it is sunny, increase it by 10%. Here’s a quick guide from Energy Star on how to compare your room size to the BTU rating:

How do you know if ventilation is energy efficient? Look for an air conditioner with the Energy Star label, which certifies that it can help you save energy. All air conditioners with the Energy Star sticker guarantee that they use 10% less energy. The Energy Star sticker also means that the air conditioner is made with materials that improve insulation, reducing the time it takes to cool a room. Some Energy Star air conditioners give you the ability to turn them off remotely using your phone or computer and schedule temperature changes so you don’t use them more than necessary.

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10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

Buy Tosot 10,000 Btu(ashrae) 6,000 Btu (doe) Portable Air Conditioner

Air conditioners also have an energy efficiency ratio (EER), which is the number of BTUs per watt. The higher the EER rating, the more energy efficient your air conditioner is.

What other air conditioning features should I consider? Some air conditioners have remote control, energy saving function, timer, fan and different cooling speeds, from high to low. There are also air conditioners that come with a heat pump (more on that later).

10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

Now that you know what to look for, here are the best window air conditioners to buy in 2020:

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LG is known for its high-quality air conditioners among other things, but its latest models have inverter technology that can literally cool you down and save you money at the same time. Basically, a variable speed compressor is capable of this

10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

Motor speed to control the temperature – rather than the old units that just turn on and off – making this 14,000 BTU model 25% more efficient than the minimum requirements for Energy Star certification. It’s also incredibly quiet – during testing, this unit ran at 44dB (40dB recorded inside the museum and 60dB in the car). And best of all, it connects seamlessly to Wi-Fi, so between it and the remote control, you can switch between the air conditioning, three fan speeds, set a timer or put it to sleep from anywhere in the house.

This model has many of the same features as our top overall pick – dual inverter savings, Wi-Fi capability, quiet operation and a convenient remote control – but at 9,500 BTUs instead of 14,000, it’ll just light a smaller area (still up to 400 sq. ft.!) . In tests, it was found to be 15% more efficient than the minimum requirements for Energy Star certification. So if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of power, you’ll save about $80 with this top-of-the-line model.

10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

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If your current air conditioning unit sounds like a plane is taking off, this upgrade from GE Profile will make you feel like you’ve landed on a desert island. That’s because it’s called “the quietest air conditioner in the industry.” “While it doesn’t boast the dual inverter technology of our top pick, it does have an Energy Star-compliant power-saving mode, connects seamlessly to Wi-Fi and comes with a remote control. If you plan to use this in your bedroom (recommended for small spaces, up to 250 sq. ft.), the LED display will automatically dim after a few minutes of inactivity so as not to disturb your ZZZ devices.

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If you live in a studio apartment or have a small bedroom, this 5000 BTU air conditioner works to cool a room up to 150 square meters. It has two fan speeds and bi-directional airflow for maximum comfort. With a washable anti-bacterial mesh filter, this device also prevents harmful bacteria and particles from returning to the air. Although it doesn’t have an LED display, the large manual buttons make it easy to adjust the temperature.

10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

Pioneer is known for making some of the most powerful air conditioners, and this 12,000 BTU heat pump is no different. Heat pumps and air conditioners work to move warm air out of the home, but heat pumps can also heat things up by taking heat from outside and bringing it indoors. Unlike other air conditioners, it has a ductless front (aesthetic) and an LED display. Each unit also comes with a wireless remote control to give you complete control.

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This award-winning portable air conditioner can cool rooms up to 800 square feet with 14,000 BTU and can be controlled via viaremote. An Amazon reviewer wrote: “Bought this to cool the kitchen. It definitely blows cool air quite quietly. Being a twin-hose unit, it effectively has two independent blower motors instead of one motor driving two.” It also has a 24-hour programmable timer and comes with a handy installation kit. Choose from three different settings: air conditioner, fan or humidifier.

10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

This portable 10,000 BTU unit from Black + Decker is great for cooling a medium-sized bedroom, apartment, or dorm room. It emits a constant flow of air from the top vents to keep the room cool at all times. With three different settings – cooling, fan and dehumidification – you can adjust the temperature to your liking. It also has a 24-hour on/off timer and sleep mode. Like all portable air conditioners, it comes with an exhaust hose and window kit for easy installation.

This Koldfront window air conditioner creates a refreshing environment for large rooms – yes, including living rooms and kitchens – with coverage up to 550 square feet at 12,000 BTUs. It blows cool air with three different fan speeds and in four directions to treat multiple areas at once. Set the desired temperature using the remote control or digital panel. It also has a warming capacity when summer turns to autumn.

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10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

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Sometimes it’s just better. Although this air conditioner does not come with a remote control, Amazon customers love that it is very affordable and works just as well as any other unit of the same size. “This air conditioner is small but works very well,” says one Amazon reviewer. “It cools my room and the hallway at home in at least 10-15 minutes.

This mini air conditioner comes with a mounting kit, complete with window sealing foam and support brackets. It also has an anti-bacterial filter, so you get fresh, clean air every time you use it.

10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

This 6,000 BTU window air conditioner is Energy Star certified and ideal for small spaces up to 250 square feet, effectively reducing temperatures year-round with three operating modes that allow it to function as an air conditioner, fan, and humidifier. We like that it shuts off when the maximum cooling temperature is reached, as well as the 24-hour timer. Simply program it to automatically start when you walk in the front door and stop when you leave.

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10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

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The best air conditioners keep your home comfortable year after year, even on the hottest summer days, using very little energy and making very little noise. All top rated hubs, but the XC25 from

10 Best Air Conditioning Units To Buy

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