Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va

Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va – A cold Arctic front crossed the area in the late morning to evening of 21 January before moving south of the area on the morning of 22 January. Up to 1″ of snow fell from the late afternoon of January 21 to the early morning of January 22 after the arctic cold front passed. Meanwhile, a positively inclined shortwave trough moved south from the northern plains to the plains mid-overnight from 1/21 to the morning of 1/22 this feature played a key role in creating the lift needed for the significant snowfall observed. This shortwave slowly intensified and acquired a more neutral bias as continuing east (toward the local area) during 1 /22 as it moved along the stalled front well to our south (off the coast of the Carolinas) a surface low pressure developed.

A sharp short wave accompanied the area on 1/22 before crossing the area early on 1/23. At the surface, cold, dry arctic air was flowing at low levels towards our area with high pressure ~1040mb northerly, and the surface lower gradually deepened as it moved northeast off the Carolina coast. on 1/22 (with quite cold air above) it was one of those unusual events where precipitation fell in the form of snow over (almost) the entire area. Cold, dry low-level air limited snowfall in the central and northern parts of the region. No snow was reported north and west of the Richmond/Farmville/Cambridge Metro. Light snow spread over SE VA and NE NC late afternoon of the 22nd. Rates increased slowly in the late afternoon as the snow gradually moved north and northwest (Radar showed snow high over the area, but sublimated dry air passed before reaching the ground) . Travel conditions deteriorated rapidly overnight with snow immediately jamming the roads and temperatures well below freezing (even in Hampton Roads/North NC). Snow began to hit the ground in the Richmond metro area from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM, and rates continued to increase across SE VA and NE NC. The snow ended from west to east between 2 and 7 am on 1/22 as a mid-level trough quickly passed the area. The heaviest snowfall (about 1-2″/hr in narrow bands) was observed between 11:00 PM and 5:00 PM over SE VA and NE NC where shear instability was present (as evidenced by potential vorticity equivalent negative (EPV). Cross-sections even indicated the possibility of very weak elevated, vertical instability across SW VA and NE NC. NC. (just north of Elizabeth City) for several hours early this morning. Additionally, rates of probably 1″ per hour were seen occasionally in Hampton Roads. Overall sizes ranged from 1/4-1″ in Metro Richmond, 1-3″ from South Central VA to Eastern VA and most of the Lower Eastern Shore and 3 – 7″ (locally 8″ N of Elizabeth City) across Hampton Roads and most of NE NC. This was the largest since January 2018 significant snowfall across much of SE VA and NE NC!

Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va

Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va

0.5° reflectivity loop (left) and correlation coefficient (right) from 16:00 1/21 to 7:00 1/22 in ~30 minute increments. Note that the correlation correlation product all shows snow over almost the entire area (except for some mixing in NE NC near Albemarle Sound). Note the band that developed and remained for several hours early this morning north of Elizabeth City (we received reports of 8″ here).

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500mb NAM analysis loop from 12z/7 AM on 1/21 to 12z/7 AM on 1/22 in 6 hour increments

Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va

WPC surface analysis loop from 12z/7 AM on 1/20 to 12z/7 AM on 1/22 in 3 hour increments

500MB Regional Analysis Loop from 19:00 1/21 to 7:00 1/22 in 1 hour increments

Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va

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Loop of equal potential vorticity 650-500 MB from 19: 00 1 / 21 to 7: 00 1 / 22. Negative EPV values ​​indicate the presence of oblique instability.

Frontogenesis Loop 850 MB from 7:00 PM 1/21 to 7:00 AM 1/22 in 1 hour increments.

Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va

1/22 06z NAMNest 2-hour forecast cross section (valid at 08z/3 AM) theta-e, temperature, frontogenesis and omega. Note the region in the mid-levels in NE NC where theta-e decreased briefly with height. This indicates the presence of a very weak (direct) lift instability.

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1/22 00z (19:00 1/21) NAM analysis from KOFP (Ashland, VA). Note the very dry air in the lower levels that prevented the precipitation from reaching the ground in the first place. This project consists of replacing approximately 12,000 square feet of the existing flat roof system over the Jamestown County Recreation Center expansion. The flat roof system on the original building was replaced in 2008.

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Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va

The existing EPDM roof and insulation system will be removed and replaced with a PVC roof and insulation system. As part of this project, the roof system will meet current standard requirements for overflow systems and insulation. Additional work was added under a separate contract to repair leaking window trim in the arched window above the vestibule.

Hudson and Associates Architects designed the demolition and replacement of the existing roof system. Starburst Roofing was awarded the contract to install a new roof and was sent to the site in March after snow and rain.

Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va

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As part of the order, a membrane cover was installed on all roof surfaces. The punch list was inspected on 30 June. Punch list items should be ready by mid-July.

The flashing repair of the curved skylights was awarded as a separate project and awarded to Roof Services. Repairs to the flashing of the skylights were completed in January 2015. Subsequent rainstorms revealed that some small leaks continued but were related to the windows themselves. Work started on 3 December 2015 and should be completed in 2 weeks, depending on the weather. No leaks were present during light rain events, but cracks appear in the exterior vertical insulation systems (EIFS) during heavy rains. EIFS repair and sealing was added to the roof contract with Starburst Construction and the work was completed in early November. No leaks have been found since the EIFS repair was completed. The roof reconstruction phase of the project and associated additional works were completed in December 2015.

Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va

This project consists of repairing a curved wall approximately 100 feet long at the rear of the Jamestown Recreation Center pool deck. During a routine inspection of the pool ceiling, corrosion of the steel supports and deformation of the brick wall were discovered. A detailed examination later revealed that the steel reinforcement in the wall had been extensively corroded due to exposure to moist air from the pool and condensation in the wall. The repair will require removing bricks, repairing the CMU interior wall support, and improving the interior wall condensate drain. The repairs are not expected to affect the operation of the Leisure Centre.

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In August 2014, TAM Consultants carried out a survey of the condition of the wall. In November 2014, an order was issued to TAM Consultants regarding the design and details of demolition and repairs. On March 16, 2015, three bids were received, with the lowest responsive bidder, Richmond Primoid, at $108,470. The Board of Supervisors approved the contract at a meeting on April 14 and the contract was awarded. Work began in mid-May with the demolition of the exterior masonry wall, exposing the steel girders and pushing underneath.

Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va

The measurements showed that the girders had lost almost 15% of their cross-section due to rust, and that many of the braces had corroded almost completely. As a result, the rays were deflected more than expected. An analysis by TAM Consultants concluded that the beams were sufficient to support the expected loads with some additional specified bracing. The installation of steel bracing and painting of the steel structure was completed by the third week of June, and the replacement of the external masonry was completed the following July 2. Going through the punch list is scheduled for Tuesday July 14, after the scaffolding is cleared and removed on July 6-10. The project has been completed on time for the second week of July 2015.

In fiscal year 2013, a pool of funds was allocated to perform several renovation items for the recreation center. This report refers to renovations to improve the condition of the common rooms, kitchen and sanitary facilities. During the preparation of the renovation plans, it was discovered that the pool storage roof system was failing and needed to be replaced. This work was therefore included as another restoration item. In the common rooms and kitchen, damaged floor coverings were replaced with vinyl. The IS

Air Conditioning Installation James City County Va

Freedom House Museum

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