Air Conditioning Installation Kenneth City

Air Conditioning Installation Kenneth City – As it gets warmer, we use the air conditioner more. The more we use the air conditioner, the hotter it gets. Is there a way out of this trap?

On a sweltering Thursday evening in Manhattan last month, people across New York were bracing for what meteorologists predicted would be the hottest weekend of the year. In the past two decades, all records for peak electricity use in cities have occurred during heat waves, as millions of people turn on their air conditioners at the same time. And so, downtown at Con Edison, the company that supplies more than 10 million people in the New York area with electricity, workers are about to turn a 19th-floor conference room into an emergency command center.

Air Conditioning Installation Kenneth City

Air Conditioning Installation Kenneth City

In the conference room, there are nearly 80 engineers and company managers, together with representatives of the city’s emergency management department, monitoring the state of the city’s power grid, the field workers standing and looking at the bodies that show the electricity consumption points of each city. “It’s like a Star Trek bridge out there,” Anthony Suozzo, the company’s former senior systems administrator, told me. “You have all hands on board, they tell Scotty to fix things, the system is operating at maximum capacity.”

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Grids are measured by the amount of current that can pass through them at any given time. Con Edison’s power grid, with 62 substations and more than 130,000 miles of power lines and wires throughout New York City and Westchester County, can deliver 13,400MW every second. This equates to approximately 18m horsepower.

Air Conditioning Installation Kenneth City

On a typical day, New York City needs about 10,000MW every second; During a heat wave, this number can exceed 13,000MW. “Doing the math, what that gap is is AC,” Michael Clendenin, a company spokesman, told me. The combination of high demand and extreme temperatures can cause parts of the system to overheat and fail, leading to a blackout. In 2006, a power outage left 175,000 people in Queens without power for a week during a wave. The heat killed 40 people.

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This year, on the evening of Sunday July 21, with temperatures over 36C (97F) and demand over 12,000MW every second, Con Edison cut power to 50,000 customers in Brooklyn and Queens for 24 hours, fearing that parts of the network in progress. Collapse, causing hundreds of thousands of people to be without electricity for several days. The state had to send the police to help the residents, and Con Edison crews distributed dry ice to the people. Let their house cool down.

Air Conditioning Installation Kenneth City

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As the world warms, such scenes will become more common. Buying an air conditioner is perhaps the most popular individual response to climate change, and air conditioners are almost unique energy-hungry devices: a small unit that cools a single room, on average, consumes more energy than four refrigerators, while a central air conditioner . “Last year, in Beijing, during the heat wave, 50% of the energy capacity went to air conditioning,” said John Dulac, an analyst at the International Energy Agency (IEA). “This is an ‘oh’ moment.”

There are currently more than 1 billion single-room air conditioners in the world – about one in every seven people in the world. Many reports have estimated that by 2050 there are likely to be more than 4.5 billion, making them as ubiquitous as cell phones are today. The US uses the most electricity for air conditioning each year, followed by the UK. Use all. The IEA projects that, as other countries reach similar levels, air conditioners use electricity. About 13% of the world, and produces about 2 billion tons of CO2 per year, equal to India, a major emitter third in the world. Today.

Air Conditioning Installation Kenneth City

All these reports note the horrors of this feedback loop: Warmer temperatures cause more air conditioning; More air conditioning leads to warmer temperatures. The problem caused by climate change is similar on a small scale to the problem we face in solving the climate crisis. The solutions we have the easiest access to only bind us closer to the original problem.

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The global takeover of air conditioners is inevitable. As recently as 1990, there were only about 400m air conditioners in the world, mostly in the United States. Originally created for industrial use, the air conditioner was eventually seen as a necessity, a symbol of modernity and comfort. After that, air conditioning went worldwide. Today, like the other drivers of the climate crisis, we are driving to find solutions – and puzzle over how we got so close to the technology that will drown us.

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Air Conditioning Installation Kenneth City

Like water pipes or cars, air conditioning is a technology that is changing the world. Lee Kuan Yew, the first prime minister of independent Singapore, called it “one of the historic innovations” that allowed the modernization of his tropical country. In 1998, the American scientist Richard Nathan told the New York Times that, along with the “civil rights revolution”, climate change was the biggest factor in changing the demographics and politics of America in the last three decades, which to an extensive housing development in many areas. Hot, and very conservative, South America.

A century ago, few would have predicted this. For the first 50 years of existence, air conditioners were mostly limited to factories and a few public places. The original invention was attributed to Willis Carrier, an American engineer at the Heating and Ventilation Company, who in 1902 was tasked with reducing humidity in a Brooklyn printing office. Today we assume that the purpose of an air conditioner is to reduce the heat, but the engineers at that time were not only concerned with the temperature. They want to create the most stable possible conditions for industrial production. Companies – and in the printing press, moisture rolled sheets of paper and dirty ink.

Air Conditioning Installation Kenneth City

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Carrier realized that removing heat from factory air would reduce humidity, and so he borrowed technology from the established refrigeration industry to create what was, and still is, essentially a refrigerator. Then, now, the air conditioner works by inhaling warm air, passing it over a cold surface and exhaling cool, dry air. The invention was an immediate success with industry – textiles, ammunition and pharmaceutical factories were among the first – and then began to catch on elsewhere. The House of Representatives installed air conditioning in 1928, then the White House and the Senate in 1929. But during this time most Americans found air conditioning only in places like theaters or department stores, where they see it as an exciting novelty.

It wasn’t until the late 1940s, when it started entering people’s homes, that air conditioning really took the United States by storm. Before that, according to historian Gail Cooper, the industry struggled to convince the public that air conditioning was a necessity, rather than a luxury. In her definitive account of the early days of the industry, American Air Conditioning, Cooper noted that magazines portrayed air conditioning as a flop with consumers. Fortune called it “the great public disappointment of the 1930s”. By 1938, only one in 400 American homes had air conditioning; Today it’s closer to 9 out of 10.

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Air Conditioning Installation Kenneth City

What fueled the rise of air conditioning was not a sudden explosion in consumer demand, but the influence of industry behind the housing boom after the Great War. Between 1946 and 1965, 31m new homes were built in the United States, and for the people who built those homes, air conditioning was a godsend. Architects and construction companies don’t have to worry so much about climate differences – they can easily sell the same house in New Mexico as in Delaware. The prevailing mentality is that almost any problem caused by hot weather, cheap building materials, shoddy design or poor urban planning can be overcome, as the American Institute of Architects wrote in 1973, “by aggressive air conditioning”. As Cooper wrote: “Architects, builders and banks first accept the air conditioners, and consumers have to face the dissatisfaction that they only have to ratify.”

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Equally important to the increase in air conditioning is the electric utility – the company that operates the power plant and sells electricity to consumers. Electric utilities benefit from every new home connected to their grid, but in the early 20. This process is called “load construction”, after the industry term (load) for the amount of electricity used at a given time. “Electricity costs are low, which is good for the public utility system. They just increase demand, and encourage customers to use more electricity so they can build new power plants,” said Richard Hirsh, a technology historian at Virginia Tech.

Air Conditioning Installation Kenneth City

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