Air Conditioning Star City

Air Conditioning Star City – Buckle up because you’re in for a ride, here’s what to expect on your next visit to the revamped Pasay City theme park!

MANILA, Philippines – Thank your lucky stars because Star City has risen from the ashes and its star power is brighter than ever! The beautiful park in Pasay City finally opened to the public on February 24 after being closed for two years.

Air Conditioning Star City

Air Conditioning Star City

They called it “the comeback everyone was waiting for,” and hey, they weren’t wrong. Players like myself felt a sense of despair when we heard that a fire broke out in the theme park in October 2019, closing it to consumers seemingly forever. Two years later, they announced that they would reopen in January 2022 amid the pandemic, but later postponed it due to the increase in cases of COVID-19.

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Now, finally, Tähelinna my heart’s love is satisfied – I can visit the newly renovated park under level 1 on March 24!

Air Conditioning Star City

If you missed Star City like I did, you’re in for an incredible ride – many of the park’s famous rides are still there, but they’ve been organized around the indoor theme park and outside. There are also new rides for adults and children, as well as lots of attractions. You can also say that the design of the building is new, but the Star City experience is still the same, long lines and hot energy included, plus a face mask.

Are you ready for your Thrilla in Manila? Here’s what you can expect on your next visit to Star City, but don’t forget to come together now, because the experience will be better with the company!

Air Conditioning Star City

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Star City is only open from Thursday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 20:00. At level 1, the park can have up to 100% capacity. Guests must wear a face mask at all times.

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Social distancing, in fact, is almost non-existent here. We went on a Thursday afternoon (peak day of the week) and the queue for the popular rides was already full, with a waiting time of at least 30 minutes. I believe that the launch is still very high, so if you want a short waiting time, it’s better to wait until the hype dies down. However, getting an entry ticket is not a problem.

Air Conditioning Star City

Visitors can go in and buy Star Pass on site at the Star City Gate Ticket Offices (it is air-conditioned, so the line is comfortable). The Star Pass (P400) provides access to the park and rides minus the Snow World fee. You can also get a Star Pass by accessing Snow World (P560). You can also buy tickets online before your visit.

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Only fully immunized adults (18 years and over) can enter. Those under the age of 18 can enter even without vaccination, following updated IATF guidelines. Food and drinks outside of the park are not allowed.

Air Conditioning Star City

Once you are allowed to enter the park, you will have a long line of tiangges on both sides – just like the old days – selling food, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, fashion, toys full of other things pasalubong.

We’re all for the ride, so without further ado, let’s get started inside the park!

Air Conditioning Star City

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Large air-conditioned two-storey house like new but still vacant. The first floor has an arcade with prizes, a Kiddie Carousel and a small cafeteria with tables, chairs and stools.

Other rides include the Egyptian Spinning Coaster, Adult Bumper Cars and a dance track.

Air Conditioning Star City

Snow World’s popular IG-worthy scene is also on the ground floor, where the snow is made in between the holiday-ready photo props. A rental winter jacket must be worn upon entry and an additional ticket will be required for this attraction and can be purchased at the door.

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The same house extends into the outer half with a balcony overlooking the other outer gardens. This amusement park includes many kiddie rides such as Kiddie Bumper Cars, Classic Cars, Wacky Worm, Mini Pirate Ship, Kiddie Wheel, Fun Swing, Star Jump and Mini Rocking Tug.

Air Conditioning Star City

My favorite thing in this area is Seahorse Viking, which is the Star City version of the famous Anchor’s Away of Enchanted kingdom.

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It might look pretty cool considering it’s indoors, but don’t be fooled – if you’re sitting on the edge of the boat, you can jump ship – you’ll feel that -disappointed in your stomach. including screaming and laughing during the musical journey!

Air Conditioning Star City

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Go outside and you’ll find Jungle Splash, Super TeleCombat and Surf Dance, the latter being a favorite.

The ride on this platform “captures the thrill of riding waves at every turn and turn and lift and drop,” Star City said, but it will. The car raises and lowers quickly in different directions, so for a different experience, sit in the front or back on the right or left side.

Air Conditioning Star City

Another highly anticipated ride is the Star City Star Flyer, the only roller coaster in the Philippines. Driving through loops and turns at high speeds provides the added thrill of having your feet swinging wildly. It’s been a fun ride and I hope it lasts a long time!

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Because of this hard work, you are asked to store all belongings (bags, mobile phones, loose jewelry) and various insurances for a small amount.

Air Conditioning Star City

The top is big in Star City, where the big wheel takes place at midnight because of its beautiful lights and the beautiful view of the park and the city from the top. It’s a slow, family-friendly ride that’s fun to drive after sunset. If you’re into water and wildlife, there’s also Jungle Splash, the park’s mini “Log Jam” attraction.

If you want to be “taken to a higher level as the chairs facing you rotate,” Star City Star Frisbee is your bet. The swinging, pendulum-like ride was on the boarding list, but when we got to the line, staff told us they were no longer accepting overnight passengers due to “damages” and “repairs.”

Air Conditioning Star City

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Other outdoor rides you’ll find include the Tornado (a four-seat flying boat that spins as you ride), which is not for the faint of heart. There is also a bigger carousel and a flying tree.

In terms of living, you will not go hungry here – every section has a good selection of authentic food that does not disappoint – there are potato wedges, spicy vegetables, corndogs, popcorn popcorn, takoyaki , soda, buko juice, Zagu, Lin chicken. Dim sum, Pizza Pedricos and more! However, the park can use more outdoor seating.

Air Conditioning Star City

Most of us have been at home for two years, so it’s really a breath of fresh air to let go, shout and have fun in the park again. Although queuing is uncomfortable due to the scorching heat, humidity and lack of personal space, seeing the rides I missed when I was younger made the wait worth it. .

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If you don’t mind waiting in line and are afraid of crowded places, the Tähelinna revival will not disappoint you – just don’t forget the masks and the good company prepares you the voice for shouting, shouting, and very funny. –

Air Conditioning Star City

When he’s not writing about food, he’s probably thinking about it. Steph Arnaldo eventually turned his part-time hobby into a full-time job, from copywriter to freelance writer. He has been writing about food, lifestyle and wellness since 2018. Launched as an innovator in the field of air conditioning, Kanion Group has become one of the most common brands in the world. Today, it is an honor to receive the award “Best Airline Provider” by Company Vision Magazine in 2019 and to be included in the “Top 50 Companies in the World to Watch in 2020” by Silicon Review Magazine in 2020. Our mission at Kanion is to bring the cream of the house to every home at an affordable price.

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Air Conditioning Star City

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Air Conditioning Star City

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