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All City Air Conditioning – The mall, the office building, the suburbs, the museums, Hollywood, the cities of the Persian Gulf, all ran on air conditioners. But isn’t it time to turn it off?

One day while I was in Houston, Texas, my landlady was showing me her house. She included a powerful fireplace.

All City Air Conditioning

All City Air Conditioning

“How often is it cold enough to start a fire?” I asked, since what little I knew about the city included the fact that it was mostly hot and humid. Maybe once or twice a year, she replied, but her husband was from Wisconsin. He liked fire. So they turned on the air conditioner and the lights.

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We’ve gotten to the point where we can build a ski slope with “real” snow in the Dubai Mall and design air-conditioned football stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

All City Air Conditioning

It was television weather caused by turning a knob, the result of a century that began in 1902, when Willis Carrier was simply asked to find a way to keep paper from warping due to heat and humidity in a printer of Brooklyn. Sackett-Wilhelms. But the air conditioners he helped develop changed buildings and the way they were used more than any other invention: more than reinforced concrete, flat glass, safety elevators or steel structures. Its effects determined the layout and shape of cities. They were social, cultural and geopolitical.

A shopping mall would be unthinkable without air conditioning, as would an office building with a deep layout and glass walls, as well as computer servers. Hollywood’s growth in the 1920s would have slowed if, as before, theaters had to close during the warm season. Building sprawl in postwar American suburbs depended on affordable home air conditioners. A modern museum like Tate Modern or Moma requires a carefully controlled climate to protect the art.

All City Air Conditioning

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Cities thrived where the climate had previously held them back. In 1950, 28% of the US population lived in the solar belt, up from 40% in 2000. The combined population of Persian Gulf cities has increased from less than 500,000 before 1950 to 20 million today. Neither the rise of Singapore nor the exploding cities of China and India would have happened the way they did had they continued to rely on punk fans, shady porches and afternoon naps.

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There are, of course, other factors, such as the presence of oil reserves in both Houston and the Persian Gulf, but the mitigation of the unbearable temperatures has radically changed the course of these cities’ history. So, in the 21st century, we’ve gotten to the point where a ski slope with “real” snow could be built in the Dubai Mall, and air-conditioned football stadiums could be designed for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The USP was their outrageous – and still unworkable – inversion of nature.

All City Air Conditioning

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With air conditioning comes a new type of architecture in which traditional warm-weather devices such as verandas, cross ventilation or water basins that create layers and permeability between inside and outside have given way to airtight boxes. The Persian wind towers, or the fountains of the Alhambra, or the humble dog sled houses of the southern United States, in which the living room and the kitchen are separated by a passage open to the breeze, all arise from negotiations between the fabrics built and the environment. Now it’s a matter of technological breakthrough.

All City Air Conditioning

Building services, their heating, cooling and ventilation systems, have started eating up a large part of their overall budget. The people who designed them, the service engineers, have become influential, if underappreciated, officers in shaping cities. In the 1980s, buildings such as Richard Rogers’ Lloyds building gave formal expression to ducts and hoods that had previously been hidden. In the Die Hard films, they become a major location for suspense and action, being large enough to contain the body of Bruce Willis.

Air conditioning allows people to move from home to car, shopping mall or office, in all air-conditioned environments. Photo: Alami

All City Air Conditioning

Reliable Air Conditioning Of Your 5g Infrastructure

The most significant architectural effect of air conditioning, however, lies in the social spaces it creates. In Houston, as in most South American cities, you can go from your air-conditioned home to an air-conditioned garage, and then by air-conditioned car to air-conditioned garages, shopping malls, and workplaces. In the city center, underpasses and bridges connect several buildings, so you can move from one to another without exposing yourself to the road. It is possible, and even habitual, to spend entire days and weeks in controlled weather.

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In the harsh climate of Doha, Qatar (or even Dubai, Shenzhen or Singapore) similar places are repeated. The buildings that seem separate from the outside (for those few who prefer to stay outside) are internally merged, the hotel is transformed into a shopping mall, a food court, a multiplex through a series of lobbies whose marble furnishings, carpets and wood veneers can’t decide it’s inside or out. The hierarchies and distinctions of European cities – between buildings and streets, between degrees of public and private space – are ignored and dissolved.

All City Air Conditioning

Architect Rem Koolhaas has defined this phenomenon as “junk space”, “the product of the encounter between escalator and air conditioner, conceived in a plasterboard incubator… always internal, so vast that its limits are rarely seen”. In the Gulf and China, as in much of the United States, shopping malls became the primary gathering place, a place where large numbers of people could comfortably while away their time, leaving the streets busy with the mechanical ally air conditioning, the car.

Warming Has Made Air Conditioning A ‘huge Growth Industry.’ Untangling That Dynamic Presents A Major Efficiency Challenge

Balm is antisocial. It buys comfort for its owner by removing excess heat to another place.

All City Air Conditioning

The result is a form of sensory deprivation that by now almost everyone accepts unconditionally, in which the active interaction between the body and the atmosphere becomes homogeneous and passive. Stimuli of smell, touch, sound and sight are almost entirely at the discretion of the mall’s management: “low-grade purgatory,” as Koolhaas called it, “overripe and undernourished at the same time… as if condemned to an eternal hot tub with millions of your best friends.

Also missing is what a European might define as a public space, a place, in principle, accessible to all, open to both unplanned and not necessarily commercial activities. It has been observed that climate-controlled grids in Houston, Jakarta or Dubai can serve not only to shut out heat and humidity, but also those considered undesirable or not profitable enough. In these places there is a clear division, social and often racial, between those inside the conventional cocoon and those outside it. The street becomes actively hostile, the influence of the weather exacerbated by traffic jams and indifference to the needs of pedestrians. Here are the people you don’t see in the malls: blue-uniformed migrant workers in the Persian Gulf, homeless and unfortunate in America.

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All City Air Conditioning

How To Avoid The Coming Air Conditioning Crunch

Speaking of the environment, air conditioning is antisocial. It buys comfort for its owner by dissipating the excess heat elsewhere, in nearby streets and eventually in the planet’s atmosphere. Nighttime temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona are believed to rise a degree or more due to the heat generated by the air conditioning system. This is, one might say, a completely neoliberal technology based on separation and displacement. According to one theory, the air conditioner helped elect Ronald Reagan by attracting conservative retirees to Southern states who leaned in favor of him.

Pointing out the shortcomings of air conditioning, it’s easy to lose sight of his successes, asking Life of Brian-style what he ever did for us. One answer is a significant reduction in the loss of life due to excess heat. Another factor is the growth of productivity and economic activity in warm regions of the world. Or rather functioning hospitals and schools. Most of us would be grateful for his contributions to computing and cinema. Few people who have been in a hot and humid climate would not like to take refuge in artificially cooled air at times.

All City Air Conditioning

One of the arguments in favor of air-conditioned cities is that they are more energy efficient than very cold cities (like Minneapolis) that need to be heated in the winter, and while the energy usage statistics seem daunting, the prospect is. For example, the United States spends more energy on air conditioning than all of Africa does it all. On the other hand, it spends even more energy on hot water, which does not gain the same popularity.

The Hot And Cold Past Of The Air Conditioner

So the question is not whether to condition the climate, but how to do it. In the 1940s, Egyptian architect Hassan Fati demonstrated in his village of New Gourna, near Luxor, how traditional methods of orientation, ventilation, screening and shading could be revived. His example is followed by many modern architects: the Nigerian Kunle.

All City Air Conditioning

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