Alvarez Plumbing And Air Conditioning Tampa Fl

Alvarez Plumbing And Air Conditioning Tampa Fl – Alvarez Plumbing and Air Conditioning has been used for previous jobs and each time they set the bar for quality and professionalism to a new level. AC Tech Romero and new company Giovanni made a courtesy call within 40 minutes on time. When they arrived they had boot covers and a mask (I told them I didn’t need one but they insisted due to company policy) My mini split unit needs a service and a good ride. During the inspection a small tear was found in the insulation of the line, which immediately stopped dripping water. They had the plus tools they needed including a steamer and a portable pressure washer with a blast kit where the last unit had to be removed from the wall to clean. They went to work covering everything near the units with plastic. Very good job on both units. They looked brand new inside and out. They reassembled the units. Total time is 2.5 hours because of how detailed they are. I was given instructions on how to keep the units clean and well cooled. Instantly cooled the house 5 times faster. All companies wish they could do this, but if they did, the real 5 star kiosk businesses in our community would be indistinguishable.

The service representative was very friendly. Service for the first and second visit was quick but spotty. Their web presence seems efficient and responsive. In terms of proper maintenance it has not arrived. On the first visit, the water ran down the drain for about 20-30 seconds after it was “cleaned” and drained. A short shower in the evening after the first visit, the water drained very slowly with a clear first back. We contacted them the next morning and they immediately made an appointment to fix the slow drain. The same representative of the agency came and observed the work. Did he run the same water and video the drain for evidence? My husband said the water drained well. I took another short shower over the weekend. After the repairs, we reduced our water usage to about three times, leaving nothing down the drain. **Note, the service representative stated that if they wanted to return it would not be free. We paid $264 for a tub drain and the service rep did the recommended repairs. The sewage flow is not flowing efficiently. I don’t want to use this business again so we will probably hire a new plumber. Again the rep was polite and seemed sincere in his desire to fix the drain. The response of the business is fast. Our tub drain is not draining properly despite the attention and time we have given it.

Alvarez Plumbing And Air Conditioning Tampa Fl

Alvarez Plumbing And Air Conditioning Tampa Fl

I called Alverez Plumbing around 12:30 on Christmas Eve. I spoke to the woman who answered the phone. He took my information and said an employee would call me. Hearing nothing, I called 2 hours later (2:30pm) to see if an employee would be dispatched. I got their voicemail service and the lady confirmed that my information had been sent to the attendant on call and she would call me back. It is now 2 days after Christmas and I have never received a call from Alveres Plumbing who advertise 24/7 service including emergency service. We had to shut off the water to the whole house because the water shut off valve to the water heater wouldn’t close. We had no water and had to spend Christmas Eve and Day at a relative’s house. I finally called another company and had the gas water heater replaced the day after Christmas! I know how hard it is to do maintenance during the holidays and have to pay “holidays” which I was willing to do. I would like to get a “nice” phone call from Alverez Plumbing letting me know that no repairman is coming. Then I could at least call a few other plumbing companies. I will never use Alverez Plumbing again, needless to say my Christmas was not a very happy one!

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A pipe suddenly burst at the main water line inside the house. Contacted Alvarez Plumbing and was immediately assigned/scheduled, and in very short order, Duniesky arrived and quickly assessed the issues and had them under control within minutes. Within the same hour we returned and reconnected to the water service. ALVAREZ PLUMBING is our plumbing service of choice. Their service is always fast and efficient and their staff is always professional and courteous. Thanks, Alvarez!

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Alvarez Plumbing And Air Conditioning Tampa Fl

It was the lowest cost of the 4 contractor estimates. They also worked hard to minimize cut outs and future wall repair work. Cold water line insulation in my very hot attic. We can handle many unique aspects of my home at no additional cost. Very careful when moving house. Great job, will definitely use again.

A PEX repeats the entire house. 4 bedroom, two bath home with many other water features. The piping in my slab leaked again. Instead of more jack, it was decided to replace with 25 year old PEX through the attic.

Alvarez Plumbing And Air Conditioning Tampa Fl

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It went well except I felt the tech they sent should have been more up to date. It was okay because he called and got the answers.

They came to fix my broken pipe the day after Hurricane Irma passed through the Tampa Bay area — most businesses in the area were closed. They were on time and went to the shop when they needed a part that was not in their truck. My repair was completed the same day I called for service. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I would recommend them to everyone.

Alvarez Plumbing And Air Conditioning Tampa Fl

Excellent service from the initial phone call, estimate and working out the details of redoing our house to completion. Everyone was very knowledgeable and kind and answered all of our questions. The gentleman who came to work on our house cleaned everything and told us the process. We are very pleased and would definitely recommend it.

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It was broad in my memory, but it was huge. They worked b. The men they sent was one of them, C. They did their thing, but a bad employee, I think they fired him in the end. It was expensive. It was completely re-plumbed. In this case, they are expensive and not people who are not willing to go back and do something for free. Even if they did this, I found they were very careful about making sure there was something to do. One time they came back and didn’t charge me. It is a good size company. They are well known in the area and have a good reputation for working. They are not the cheapest people around. They seem a bit overpriced. I wouldn’t use them for small jobs. I’ll call someone else.

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Alvarez Plumbing And Air Conditioning Tampa Fl

He is great, always shows up and gets the job done. It’s on time. Does everything. Small or large jobs. I have been using him for 4-5 years and would highly recommend him.

They showed up on time and worked until the minimum charge was gone. So they were able to clear an extra side for minimal charge. Other plumbers wanted to charge higher prices and bills for each line cleaned. He will call again.

Alvarez Plumbing And Air Conditioning Tampa Fl

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Alvarez Plumbing installed a new sink and vanity, a new toilet bowl, closed the bus and put a new faucet in the new sink.

In retrospect, it was a simple solution. Cut the pipe and finish by attaching an extension plastic. But the “plumber” who appeared had no tools other than the owner’s. This guy proceeded to destroy the outlet pipe by hitting it with a hammer. He didn’t have an “easy out”… nothing professional. The plumber will take it. Alverez appears to be just a marketing agency and the “employees” appear to be independent under their banner. The owner (me) had to go out and get new parts because the plumber wouldn’t. He then does a poor job of installing, tearing up the inside of the wall. An hour of work later turns into 4 hours of work because it’s not diagnosed in the first place. Every 10 minutes the plumber leaves the house to smoke (part of the billed time). It’s over, gone, and started leaking. called

Alvarez Plumbing And Air Conditioning Tampa Fl

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