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Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

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Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

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Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

Ways To Diagnose A Non Working Air Conditioning In A Car

My central heating and air conditioning system went out on Saturday morning. At noon, a First Responder came to check my system. He gave me…

Lack of air is one thing. Lack of air in Florida is another. Being 8 months pregnant in Florida with no AC takes everything to a whole new level. I know… I’ve never seen a good and comprehensive history of Automotive Air Conditioning, so I decided to take it upon myself to write one, being an expert on the subject. In this first part, we will discuss the A/C experiment in cars before World War II, or the pre-war era as I like to call it.

Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

The principles of mechanical refrigeration have been understood for centuries, but it wasn’t until Willis Carrier installed his first commercial refrigeration system in 1902 that refrigeration was born. Although it was a slow start, in the 1930s air conditioners began to become common in stores, movie theaters, and offices. With the rise of steel-framed cars in the 1920s, people naturally wanted to bring this experience to their cars.

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The History Of Air Conditioning In Southern California

Although people have been playing with ice and evaporative cooling since cars were first invented, most historians recognize John Hamman, Jr. being the owner of the first air-conditioned car. The system was built by Kelvinator in Houston, Texas around 1930, mostly for the treatment of Mr. Hamman like cooling power. It was mounted on the back of the car, where the outside trunk would normally be, and was powered by its own internal combustion engine.

Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

Other than the picture above, I can’t find much information about Mr. Kelvinator’s setup. Haman. However, the newspaper article below shows a similar system that was tested in New York City in 1933. A large compressor running under your feet will undoubtedly negate the noise isolation benefits of having windows.

Although the above systems were unique, all major car companies were working on their own air conditioning systems in the 1930s. However, many hurdles had to be overcome before commercially viable air conditioning could become a reality.

Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

Car Ac Compressor Repair Costs

First, the systems needed to be reduced in size and complexity to fit into the car’s body, and run on the car’s engine, rather than a separate internal engine. This would be achieved by spreading the car parts throughout, as we will see.

Second, many of the refrigerants used in early refrigeration (such as ammonia, chloromethane, propane, and sulfur dioxide) were toxic, flammable, or both. However, these are not required items in the car to have in case of an accident or escape. While less dangerous refrigerants such as air and water have been tested, they are not effective because phase change is not usually involved in their use, and as a result, they have low temperature efficiency.

Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

In the 1930s, a joint team of GM and Dupont discovered that by combining carbon tetrachloride and hydrogen fluoride, one could produce Dichlorodifluoromethane, known as Freon-12. Here was a refrigerant that met or exceeded the efficiency of its most dangerous alternative, but (at the time) was considered completely harmless. Inventor Thomas Midgley famously demonstrated this to the public by filling his lungs with Freon, then blowing out a candle. With the discovery of R-12, the last hurdle in automotive refrigeration practice was overcome.

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The Drive To Replace Summer Only ‘peaker’ Power Plants

While GM clearly had the early lead in AC cars by developing Freon with Dupont, for reasons I could not confirm they were not in a hurry to take advantage of it (perhaps it was frustration). Instead, it was Packard that had the honor of discussing the first “factory” automotive cooling system, in August 1939, in the 1940 models High, 160 and 180. I put the word factory because of the fact, the system. it was not installed at the Packard factory in Detroit, nor was the system even made by Packard. Instead, the cars ordered for $475 (about $5,000 today) were shipped to Cleveland, Ohio, where Bishop & Babcock carried out the installation of its system.

Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

The B&B cooling system, unlike modern systems, had components spread throughout the vehicle, as shown in the diagram above. As with modern systems, the compressor is driven by the engine under the hood, and the condenser is located in front of the radiator. However, the blower and evaporator are located behind the trunk, the dryer/computer is located in the center of the vessel, on the refrigerant return line from the rear of the car to the front.

Compared to modern systems, the Bishop & Babcock system was primitive. The system releases cooled air through a single tunnel in the rear package, which means that the passengers in the back seat have a cool neck, while almost no fresh air will reach the front of the car. Evaporation and backflow were common problems. There was no fresh air, which means that 100% of the air was recirculated (pulled into the ground register). This would cause the indoor air to stagnate, especially if one or more of the occupants smoke (very likely, given the time).

Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

How The Air Conditioner Made Modern America

The Packard had a small auxiliary heater in front of the evaporator to control the temperature of the medium, but without a mixer, temperature changes in the door would be slow and moderate at best. Otherwise, the only way to control the temperature was to adjust the fan speed or to open a window. Still, it beats sweating.

The compressor was an inline two-cylinder design (as opposed to the axial arrangement of modern compressors), and it looked a lot like what you’d see on a modern air compressor. In the absence of an electromagnetic clutch, the compressor was running continuously whenever the engine was running. The only way to stop it was to remove the drive belt from the compressor. All coolant lines were copper, which were easily damaged by engine movement and chassis flex.

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Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

Because of the high price (on top of an already expensive car) and the limitations mentioned above, sales were slow, especially outside the south. This has not stopped other car manufacturers from entering the air conditioning business. Cadillac offered a system in 1941 (albeit without an auxiliary heater), and Chrysler joined in the shortened 1942 model year.

Air Conditioner Capacitors At

As far as I can tell, all the pre-war systems were built and installed by Bishop & Babcock of Cleveland, who apparently had no exclusive contract with a single mechanical manufacturer. The compressor in the Cadillac system pictured below is clearly the same as the one in the 1940 Packard pictured above.

Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

Chrysler introduced the 1941 Crown Imperial system as a supposed 1942 DeSoto, but because of the 1942 model year abbreviation, it is unclear whether 1942 DeSotos were actually sold with the refrigerator. My Google searches came up empty: All I could find was the ad in the image below. However, it was clearly the same B&B system used by Packard and Cadillac.

World War II quickly halted any further development of the B&B’s air conditioning system (or anything else, for that matter). So what happened after the war? The answer will probably surprise you. Follow the answer to part 2. The hotter it is, the more we use the air conditioner. The more we use the air conditioner, the hotter it gets. Is there a way out of the trap?

Auto Air Conditioning Plant City Fl

Central Air Conditioning

On a sweltering Thursday night in Manhattan last month, New Yorkers braced for what forecasters predicted would be the hottest week of the year. In the past two decades, every record for the city’s highest electricity consumption has occurred during the heat wave, as millions of people turned on the air.

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