Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning – On the first day of school that should have been fun, students and teachers tried to escape the intense heat.

“It was warmer outside,” said Mount Royal fourth-year student ZeairaLewis. “The teacher went to check the thermostat and said the room was 100 degrees.”

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

Mount Royal Elementary School was one of more than 70 schools in Baltimore City and had to close three hours early on the first day of school due to lack of air conditioning or outdated systems.

Baltimore City Schools Without Air Conditioning Will Release Early Wednesday

“I noticed there was an air conditioner in the office. It’s a shame because it distracts the kids,” said parent Ray Lewis.

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

A total of 72 of Baltimore City’s 171 schools and programs were affected, and parents were fed up.

“You don’t see any investment in the future that happens in schools,” said parent ChaazHolmes. “We find that they spend a lot of time and energy on the wrong things.”

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

City Schools Without Air Conditioning As Students Set To Return To Class

This is the third year that her daughter has been sent home early due to the heat, and according to her, she has called multiple times to complain.

“He got sick last year. At the beginning of the school year he vomited and felt nauseous almost every day. He had a constant headache and I took him to the doctor’s office and they said it was because of the heat.” He said gross.

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

Baltimore City Schools said on Tuesday that they take the health and well-being of students and staff extremely seriously, and that is why they have made the decision to leave school early.

Kingsville Elementary School Systemic Renovation

When it comes to solving the problem, it’s a lot of finger pointing. According to Mayor Catherine Pugh, this is the result of years of insufficient investment. Governor Larry Hogan blames a lack of leadership and responsible spending.

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Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

“We changed the regulations to allow them to use their school construction dollars for portable units until they installed central air utility, as Anne Arundel County has done successfully for school construction — so it’s not about the money, Hogan said.

“As the governor, I will not blame our hardworking teachers and support staff, I will fully finance our schools,” said Kisanc.

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

Several Baltimore City Public Schools Let Out Early Monday Due To No A/c

Last school year, city schools launched a 5-year plan to install air conditioning in all buildings, but parents like Gross want to see change tomorrow.

“I was a little sad because I expected the first day of school to be really fun and meet a lot of friends, but I just didn’t have enough time,” Holmes said.

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

On Tuesday, Mayor Pugh opened all recreation centers and park pools to early leaving students. There is no information yet whether the same situation will happen again tomorrow. According to school protocol, early closing requires the temperature in most classrooms to reach 85 degrees, or the outside temperature index to 100 degrees by 10:30 a.m. School is reopening and teachers have more lesson plans. They remember that outdated classrooms with little or no air conditioning made it nearly impossible to teach during heat waves.

Maryland Energy Administration

Teachers in Columbus, Ohio went on strike last week, arguing that their cooling system needed repairs. Elementary and middle schools in Clayton County, Georgia lack adequate cooling and in some cases require hundreds of HVAC repairs that prevent hot air from blowing out of the vents, making classrooms uncomfortable for students. The City of Baltimore Public School system expelled two dozen students from schools without air conditioning earlier this week as the city prepares for the heatwave.

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

Classrooms are getting hotter as global temperatures rise to extremes. These rising temperatures have a detrimental effect on how students learn, and will cost millions of dollars to fix and become a point of contention for educators. As roughly 30 percent of all schools in the country were built between 1950 and 1969, more and more schools are operating without adequate cooling systems or in need of repair.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends a temperature range of 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 76 degrees F for closed office workplaces, while some refrigeration companies say 72 degrees is the most comfortable and even improves test results in some cases. In recent years, classroom temperatures have soared above 80 F at the beginning and end of the school year. Columbus schools had 14 school days off at 80F last September and October. Classroom temperatures in Baltimore schools are expected to reach 93F this week and have reached 100F in the past.

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Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

Johns Hopkins Study Says Baltimore City Schools Are Falling Apart, Students Are Suffering

Hot classes don’t just disrupt the school schedule; harms student learning. According to a 2020 study, every 1 Fahrenheit increase in temperature reduces students’ ability to learn by 1 percent. This study also pointed to how hot days disproportionately affect students of color and how 73 percent of heat-related learning disabilities could be prevented by introducing air conditioning in schools.

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Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

Columbus teachers went on strike for four days, asking the school district to fix the old heating and cooling system after wage negotiations failed earlier this summer. Wage negotiations were nearing completion before the strike began, but repairs to faulty heating and cooling systems remained a point of contention.

Baltimore Schools Don’t Have Air Condition As Temps Soar To 95

Columbus City Schools is Ohio’s largest school district and has witnessed a phenomenon of “hot days” in recent years, which means school closures due to unsafe temperatures in outdated buildings. At the beginning of last school year, the Columbus Education Association issued a statement urging management to fix the area’s broken air conditioning and ventilation system to combat COVID-19 and the impending heat waves.

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

“We’re dealing with buildings that are very hot in the warmer months and very cold in the colder months,” Regina Fuentes, a Columbus teachers union spokesperson and a district teacher, told NPR.

The newly signed contract promises that “building improvements will be planned so that children can study and climate control of learning spaces will be planned” at the beginning of the 2025-2026 academic year. This includes providing heating, ventilation and air conditioning in facilities that are not currently in operation, and retrofitting classrooms and buildings with limited HVAC. Air conditioning is not a new demand for teachers striking for better conditions. Ten years ago, the Chicago Teachers’ Union went on strike, and at least one striking teacher reported demanding, among other things, “working air conditioning.” The Baltimore Teachers Union is also continuing its fundraising efforts to gather fans to prepare for the hot days ahead.

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

In Baltimore Schools, Disparities In And Out Of The Classroom Affect Student Performance

Many schools across the country do not have working air conditioners, which is draining their budget. A study by the Government Accountability Office found that nearly half of the 100,000 middle and high schools nationwide needed to repair their HVAC systems. Schools visited by the study committee noted that old systems were leaking, contributing to mold growth, poor indoor air quality and inadequate cooling on hot days.

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Environmental advocacy organization Center for Climate Integrity (CCI) conducted a study last year that tracked how much money has been spent on school district heating and cooling upgrades across the country over the past few decades. This analysis revealed that decades ago school systems didn’t need air conditioning as much as they do today, and they now have to pay more than $40 billion to keep kids cool.

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

According to this report, Ohio ranks eighth nationally in spending on heating and cooling systems, and improvements are still needed. New York ranks first with nearly $7 billion in total equipment costs, while Arkansas and Oklahoma have spent less than a million dollars on cooling systems in recent decades.

School Air Conditioning: It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Lack Of Humility

“We’ve seen school districts across the country have to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in new infrastructure to keep classrooms at a safe temperature,” said Mike Meno, CCI’s director of communications. “It’s a growing problem and it’s becoming more common.”

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

Just this year, Detroit Public Schools has invested $125 million in HVAC systems as schools have to shorten their days to avoid rising heat. Within five years, 95% of its facilities will be upgraded with cooling systems. It will be years before their facilities are properly upgraded, as teachers return to Columbus schools this week with a new union contract.

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Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

Canceled Classes, Sweltering Classrooms: How Extreme Heat Impairs Learning

From having no air conditioning in some schools to being sent home for paperwork, it’s definitely been a rough start for Baltimore City Public School students and their parents.

Parents of children in Baltimore City schools said before school started, administrators sent a message that students would be kicked out the first two days early.

Baltimore City Schools Air Conditioning

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