Battavio Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning 19382

Battavio Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning 19382 – Match the best water heater installers in Valley Forge, PA. There are 140 highly rated local water heater installers.

Our Experienced HVAC Technicians Always Put Our Customers First A family owned and operated business, All Seasons Comfort Control began in 2002 when Jeff Long and his son Chris teamed up to share knowledge, skills and their expertise. All Seasons Comfort Control is based on the concept that as a family business, we will treat our customers as family and their best interests always come first. Then we decided to offer only the highest level of quality products and services.

Battavio Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning 19382

Battavio Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning 19382

“In September 2017 we purchased a new two stage furnace and a five ton air conditioning unit from All Seasons Comfort. I include the whole story below, but briefly, although they did some things very well, just in case our some important details were missed caused to the point of complete discomfort. While their offer was in line with others ($12,500), their representative (Tim) was up front and sold us. He did a number of things well . 1) Overall, he took more time to explain things and explained it clearly. 2) A much more thorough inspection of our older units revealed several issues and things that needed to be addressed. 3) Warranties explained and how some do not cover refrigerant replacement (can cost over $2000). 4) Helped us choose the right unit and options. Installation took 1.5 days. Installer was polite, very clean and looked very good complete Tim told us there will be an inspection I was careful about the installation, maybe even by the owner of the company, but this never happened. This caused a few problems that prevented me from giving a five star review. Story below. Problem 1. There are some pretty obvious gaps where the unit is not caulk. I could have easily done it myself, but I only paid $12,500 and had them do it. Minor issues that were hardly significant (but were caught by the general control that was promised, but never delivered). Problem 2. On cold days (below 30), the house never seems to really warm up and/or the furnace seems to need to be kept running to do so. Even cooler to say that it is very uncomfortable. We are not experts and think poor insulation and old leaky lines are the problem. See below, all this is due to a lack of proper programming of the oven during installation, mostly discovered by accident by me. Again, this should have been caught by the promised inspection. Problem 3. During a “bombstorm” in January 2018 and a single-digit temperature day, the furnace stopped working. In the basement, I found pools of water around and in the oven. I called All Seasons four times because their phone system put me through a busy signal after I pressed the right button for Service (they need to fix this). After a few messages back and forth I was told that we cannot wait 14 hours of service. This is included in their 24-hour service policy, but it is almost unsatisfactory when they face a night without heat in one of the cliffs days of the year, three months after paying $12,500. I found that ice had developed around and in the outside air intake of the house. Part of it dissolves and is the source of water in the oven. Clean this, unplug the hose from the furnace, and clean all excess water from the furnace and pipes. I tried many times to restart the oven, but it flashed E3.1, a meaningless (to me) error code. So, thinking I had diagnosed the problem and solved it, I called All Seasons again. A technical person called me and I asked him what I can do to start the oven. He said that I can’t do anything and that only a technician can manage it. As we will see later, he was 100% wrong. It’s around 5pm. At 2:30am I couldn’t sleep because the temperature in the house was 47 degrees. I went down to the basement, turned on the electricity to the oven and it just started. At around 9 in the morning the All Seasons technicians arrived. He first informed me that I can actually restart the oven and explained the one-hour “lockout” mode that can occur after a blockage. If the technician on the phone had told me this we would have only gone an hour or two without heat instead of ten on one of the coldest days of the year. Second, he has no idea why his income froze, but he took a picture and we have a plan to fix it. Third, thanks to a lucky question from me, we discovered that the furnace would not work at the higher levels. He reprogrammed it (but needed my manual to do it) to work correctly. This has resulted in the furnaces working much better and heating the house more effectively – the difference in recent days has been incredible. Finally, our oven works as it should. If all this mess hadn’t happened, could we have unknowingly run this furnace at a lower level for years? If All Seasons had actually inspected their work with the thorough inspection they promised, but never did, this problem could have been avoided. The intake pipe icing may or may not be due to improper installation, but the technicians who contact us should have the correct information to get us up and running. Meanwhile, the failure to properly program our oven to work properly on both stages is 100% unforgivable. Had it not been caught by accident (mostly by me since I asked about it) it could have gone on for years with our wasted investment failing to heat our homes effectively, especially on the coldest days. The solution here is simple. All Seasons need to follow what they promise and have a high level expert do a careful and detailed installation check. Maybe they do for other people, but not in our case.

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Residential Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services. The owner has more than 30 years of experience. Proudly serving Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County and Lower Bucks County with professional, personal and timely service. Guaranteed respect for you, your time and your home. No job is too big or too small. Contact us today for Expert Service, Quality Products and Affordable Prices

Battavio Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning 19382

“Matt King was very honest in his assessment, and discussed all the options with me. He was very patient with our questions and helped us with our issues. He also offered suggestions to improve the overall quality of the sink and the disposal of -our waste going forward. Will definitely hire Valdel again.”

We are very proud to be family owned and operated. Our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional service while providing the best quality. Our reputation is based on the service and quality we provide, and the safety of our customers and their homes. We work for transparency throughout your experience with our company and also, we promise to be open and honest. We treat your home like ours. Call us today for Better Service, Better Prices, Better Value

Battavio Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning 19382

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“Fast response! Got next day service even if not needed. Everyone was professional and nice. Diagnosed the problem quickly and easily. Gave me many options to replace the old garbage disposal. Left everything neat and clean.”

Golden Rule Plumbing & Contracting, LLC, lives by the golden rule. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality reliable service at reasonable prices for all your plumbing and home improvement needs; always on time and on budget. We are very proud to have exceeded your every expectation. We handle all your plumbing needs large and small, from complete plumbing for new construction, additions, and renovations, to faucets, fixtures, plumbing, hot water heaters, drain cleaners, sump pumps all your

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Battavio Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning 19382

“Golden Rule is the best. They do high quality work and don’t give you a dime. I had a hard time getting toiletries and tubs from the big box store, one even broke and Golden Rule took care of everything, even the last minute.”

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Since 1977, Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Inc. provided quality plumbing, heating and cooling services throughout Delaware County and the Main Line. With a fully stocked fleet of vehicles dispatched from our Broomall head office, we strive to provide our customers with prompt and professional service in the areas of plumbing, heating and cooling. Wm. Henderson Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Inc. is a member of the Suburban Plumbing Contractors Association of Philadelphia, Nation..

Battavio Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning 19382

“We had a flooded basement due to a leak in our 13 year old water heater. Someone came out very quickly to take a look and gave us an estimate for installing a new water heater. This included options for every size and type. The same afternoon Aaron and another man were at our door with new hot water

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