Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines – On May 30, 2019, AUX, an international air conditioning brand distributed exclusively in the Philippines by St. Francis Square will offer buyers of its popular models significant price reductions through LazMall Salemounted’s partnership with Lazada Philippines.

On this day you will be able to buy any model of AUX J Series Inverter Split Type air conditioner with up to 25% discount and free delivery in the GMA and Luzon area! Believe it.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

Ideal for rooms from 20 to 22 square meters, the 1 HP unit will retail for PHP 22,499.25 with a suggested retail price of PHP 29,999.

Sharp 0.5 Hp Window Aircon Af G520cm

If your room is between 26 and 30 square meters, you can get the 1.5 HP variant, which costs Php 25,499.25 from Php 33,999.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

Finally, you can choose to purchase a 2HP unit for PHP 31,499.25 through sale if you have a room or apartment that is between 38 and 44 square meters. This one has a standard price of PHP 41,999, meaning you can enjoy a price reduction of over PHP 10,000.

As many of you know, inverter air conditioners are more energy efficient than older technology units. In fact, our friends at AUX have told me that up to 60% energy savings can be achieved using their J-type split inverter air conditioners compared to non-inverter types.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

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Another key selling point of the J Series AUX Split Inverter air conditioners is that they come with a 5-year warranty on parts and a whopping 10-year warranty on the compressor. By comparison, other brands typically only offer a 2-year warranty on parts and a 5-year warranty on the compressor.

This long AUX warranty period should give you peace of mind when purchasing your device, knowing that the AUX technical team will take care of your after-sales needs or support requests.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

You can watch our unboxing video below to learn more about the J Series AUX Split Inverter air conditioners and see what items you’ll get when you buy your own unit in the upcoming LazMall sale.

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In addition to inverter technology, J Series Split-Type AUX air conditioners also feature anti-mildew function, automatic voltage regulation, fast cooling, sleep mode, washable filter, auto restart button, hydraulic aluminum fins and an innovative self-cleaning solution.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

For more information on AUX Inverter Aircons, you can contact St. Francis Square Group of Companies at (02) 631-4588. 2019 The Department of Energy (DOE) introduced a new energy labeling system. The move to this new standard prompted government agencies to emphasize the importance of energy efficiency and was finally implemented on January 10. This new standard has also paved the way for a shift to more energy efficient products.

The Philippines Energy Labeling Program (PELP) introduced a new way to measure energy efficiency, the Seasonal Refrigeration Performance Factor (CSPF), and Daikin Airconditioning Philippines, Inc., one of the first HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) companies. companies in the Philippines to implement this new energy labeling system.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

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“This is a welcome achievement for Daikin as we have always been a strong advocate of energy efficiency and modernization of the entire air conditioning industry in the Philippines. With the shift to more energy efficient products, air conditioner manufacturers such as Daikin will be forced to meet their responsibility to each consumer to deliver the highest quality products. We believe this will ultimately benefit every consumer as they now have access to information that will better guide them in the direction that suits their lifestyle and needs,” explains Takayoshi Miki, President of Daikin Philippines.

Some of the many benefits of this new regulation include choosing real and reliable values ​​for choosing the right air conditioning unit and easily determining their energy savings. In the future, this new standard will provide consumers with more energy-efficient products, lower electricity bills, and lessen the impact on the Earth’s environment.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

Not only was Daikin the first company in the Philippines to receive a 5-star CSPF certification from the DOE, but it also began marking them on its devices: FTKM-TVM Highest Efficiency, FTKC-TVM Higher Efficiency and FTKQ-TVM. with standard performance. How to choose the right unit? Daikin has the following advice: “The best way is always to choose the most energy-efficient costs and balance them with your lifestyle. Since not all inverter technologies are created equal, we have launched several series to balance purchasing power and make energy efficient products available to as many people as possible.”

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First to receive DOE approval, they will partner with that government agency in the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (ECC) interactive shopping center to promote CSPF energy labels and other energy efficiency and energy conservation practices, measures, and technologies.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

“The recent mall tour also gave us the opportunity to educate consumers along with other manufacturers and the DOE about the new labeling program. It is important to understand that not only has the rating system changed, but the level of transparency has also increased as these new labels contain information that will help consumers directly calculate and estimate their planned spending from the comfort of wherever they are,” Daikin continues to explain. We updated this article in July 2022 to ensure all products have been tested by the Home Improvement Lab at

According to the US Census Bureau, about a quarter of American households have window air conditioners. Considering the country has 124 million inhabited homes, that’s a lot of humming air conditioners on hot summer days. It’s no wonder manufacturers are constantly releasing new models, often with improved cooling performance, higher efficiency, and more user-friendly features like the ability to remotely turn on your device to keep you nice and cool when you get home.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

Aircon Units In The Philippines To Cool Your Home This Summer

Engineers and product experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute constantly test window air conditioners to track the best units on the market, collecting dozens of data points over several months for each model tested. Thanks to decades of reviews, we know which brands perform best and which new features are worth spending money on. The models below have been carefully selected by our professionals to suit rooms ranging from 150 to 450 square feet. Many of our top models come in a variety of sizes, so if your room is a little bigger or smaller than listed, you can probably find a better sized device with many of the same great features.

Once you’ve found a window air conditioner that will keep you cool all summer long, check out our guide to cleaning your air conditioner and our guide to the best fans you can buy.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

This LG model comes with three cooling and fan speeds, including an energy-saving option to help keep your electricity bills under control. Its 8,000 BTU capacity can cover 340 square feet, making it easy to use in a large master bedroom or even in a small studio apartment. Our testers were impressed with the ease of installation and the fully functional remote that allows you to adjust the temperature from the bed. We also like all the added features, including sleep mode, 24-hour sleep timer, and variable speeds. The LG is also very quiet when running at low fan speeds.

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Best Portable Aircons In The Philippines

This window-mounted air conditioner is a huge seller with over 10,000 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.5 stars. Our engineers also like it because it is very easy to install and only requires a screwdriver with the included mounting kit.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

The 5000 BTU model isn’t designed for large spaces, but should provide enough cooling power for a bedroom or modest family room. The device is also a steal, with comparable models costing twice as much. In terms of usability, our testers liked the intuitive controls.

The basic mechanics of window air conditioners have changed little over the decades. That’s why our engineers support this Midea, whose innovative U-shaped design allows for incredibly quiet operation while pumping enough cool air for spaces up to 350 square feet.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

Midea Duo Smart Inverter Portable Air Conditioner

The unique design also means you can still open and close the window once the device is installed, something we haven’t seen before – and it’s a good option on crisp, mild days. Midea is easy to use with intuitive controls and Wi-Fi connectivity, and our experts note that the reusable filter is easy to access and washable in clean water.

Our product specialists have watched GE make significant advances in the smart home space, including Wi-Fi-enabled lines, laundry facilities and more. We’re also impressed with the connectivity of this 8,000 BTU smart air conditioner, including the ease of switching between three fan settings and three modes via smartphone or voice control.

Best Air Conditioning Brand In Philippines

You can also control it directly on the device or with the remote control. Window AC is compatible with Alexa, Apple Home Kit and Google Assistant, which means it can be integrated

Buy Aux J Series Split Type Inverter Aircons For 25% Less Via Lazada Lazmall Sale On May 30, 2019

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