Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

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The best central air conditioners are really a home essential to check off your list, especially if you live in a hot location. These air conditioners are essential to keeping your home cool and livable, they go a long way in the smooth functioning of a room, which is why ensuring a reliable, well-functioning unit is so important. Thanks to this guide, this task is made easy, with all the information you need to equip your home with the highest rating.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

Thanks to the universal power of central air conditioning, your entire home will become a haven of cool, and you’ll be able to sleep, eat and relax without the sweltering summer heat bothering you. To get the most out of your chosen unit, look for a good Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating, as this will help keep running costs down and help with the initial cost of your new central air conditioner.

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While the initial price may be daunting, it’s worth noting that central air conditioners will pay off in the scorching heat and surpass the best portable air conditioners (opens in a new tab) in their ability to cool your entire home. Plus, unlike the best window air conditioners (opens in new tab), air conditioners come with unmatched cooling power and often come with great warranties too, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to AC emergencies.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

Choose from renowned retailers such as Carrier, Goodman and Trane, and find your home expertly cooled at all times of the day. You can also find important information about what current customers think about each provider’s service and prices for each device type.

Networx helps you find the perfect company or contractor for your central air conditioning needs. Use them to get the best deals from companies serving your area.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

Air Conditioning Repair

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American Standard is one of the leading air conditioner brands, known for its wide range of high performance central air conditioners. They offer a range of reliable devices with three tiers available – platinum, gold and silver. Energy efficient units start from a standard 14 SEER rating and can go up to 22 SEER, which is best for high performance and practical for saving on those utility bills. The units are equipped with advanced features such as the Aero Quiet II System, and the sound level is super quiet.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

American Standard is well regarded by installers and home owners. Customers praise how quiet the units are, while others have noticed a reduction in their electricity bills thanks to the energy efficiency of these AC units. Comments from reviews include: “American Standard is the best in its class. Some of the few complaints appeared to have been in use for a few years and involved failed compressors or coolant leaks.

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The units are well designed and built to perform in harsh conditions. American Standard is also known for its versatility and compact unit sizes, making its systems ideal for RVs.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

Although unit prices are reasonable, installation can be costly, with fees ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. However, American Standard’s exceptional 12-year compressor and 10-year parts warranty can save you money and time in the long run.

We chose this as the best overall device because of its affordability, impressive features and for the fact that it’s one of the quieter brands on the market.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

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If you want peace of mind when buying a central air conditioning system, we recommend Heil. That’s because the company offers up to a 10-year warranty on parts, and some AC units also come with a longer 10-year hassle-free replacement of the entire unit. It covers faults on the compressor, coil or heat exchanger. If one of them fails, Heil will replace the entire unit, if the conditions permit.

Depending on the central air conditioning system you choose, you’ll also enjoy an extremely high-quality AC unit that delivers high SEER efficiency (up to 19) while driving at ultra-quiet levels.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

We found it difficult to get much use out of the Heil products since it is packed in as part of the Carrier so tightly. The feedback we received was mostly positive. Contractors are generally happy with Heil as they are basically Carrier air conditioners at a more affordable price. Users are happy with the reliability as you need to go through a licensed contractor and will generally end up with a more reliable installed system.

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Our top pick for the best Heil central air conditioner is the HVA9, which has a 5-stage variable compressor system and built-in sound deadening carpet. This particular air conditioner also supports the brand’s smart Wi-Fi Ion System Control touchscreen thermostat for added comfort.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

The Heil HVA9 central air conditioner is the top of the line Ion, but if you’re looking for something cheaper while still keeping your warranty, consider the Heil HVA7. This cheaper air conditioner has the same 10-year trouble-free coverage, while the HSA6 offers a five-year trouble-free warranty.

Since 2015, Trane has been named “America’s Trusted Air Conditioner” every year by Lifestory research, thanks to its dedication to providing quality products. This commitment to excellence is evident through the testing regime and the requirement that trained engineers install and service the products for the warranties to be valid.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

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“Never a problem or issue since 2014. Quiet, works great, great contractor.” Another impressed customer added: “I’ve had my current system for three years, I’m very happy with Trane. The two units I’ve had have worked flawlessly the entire time.”

Aside from the accolades, another big factor that can make you choose Trane for your central air conditioner is the outstanding features offered. Within certain models, the Spine Fin Coil goes a long way to aid efficiency, as it provides faster cooling. It is also made from all aluminum which makes it more corrosion resistant than copper alternatives.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

There is also the possibility of optimizing the central air conditioning system with some Trane models, as some have thermostats that can be connected to a smartphone thanks to a Wi-Fi connection. It provides full control over your home’s temperature, as well as the ability to pair it with other smart devices, such as your smart speaker.

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Trane is certainly a trusted brand and their price range is another good reason to check out what they have to offer. All warranties are at least ten years from the date of purchase, although this is subject to you registering your unit and having it serviced by an authorized Trane dealer.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

Warranty: All models have a minimum ten-year warranty on all parts (after registration), others have an extended warranty beyond this.

You’ll be spoiled for choice if you decide Bryant is the one for you, with 16 models to choose from, with varying SEER ratings and prices. Whatever you choose, Bryant air conditioners should deliver the coolness in your home to help you survive the summer.

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Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

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“I have used Bryant Heating and Cooling for many years. They are professional and on time. I will not use anyone else.”

It’s important to note that Bryant is owned by United Technologies, which means it’s not surprising to find very similar products from competitors like Carrier in the lineup. However, the Bryant tends to be a bit more affordable than its counterparts, and you’ll benefit from the fact that the installation process is standardized between brands.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

There are affordable options when it comes to Bryant thermostats as well, with the option of a full-color touchscreen included with your unit for not too much of a price. Or, if you want something a step above, there are also Wi-Fi enabled options that offer control over multiple zones.

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Bryant is an all-round good choice if you want to shop around before making your final decision, and doesn’t fall short when it comes to warranty either, with a standard ten-year warranty (provided you sign up within the specified time period).

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

For budget-friendly yet efficient central air conditioning, Goodman is the best brand. Offering five types of central air conditioners, prices for a single unit can start as high as $985, although installation costs are not significantly cheaper than elsewhere.

While Goodman seems to have a generally negative view of installers, they are the result of poor installation, and many point out that Goodman sells his equipment to just about anyone, and that tends to result in poorer installations. In general, users are satisfied with the experience and the price. One customer mentioned that they had saved $2,000 and were happy with the quality and performance of the unit, while another said their electricity bill had dropped by more than 50%. The GSXC18 and 16 models get high marks.

Best Heating And Air Conditioning Residential

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Despite the low cost, the company does not compromise on quality and the devices are equipped with several useful functions.

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