Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning – Neighborhood News Summer AC Repairs, Energy Conservation and Warning Signs PHCC-LI offers summer AC repairs, energy conservation and warning signs for homeowners.

Long Island; August 29, 2018 – Many homeowners on Long Island have installed central air conditioning systems in their homes. Because of the large investment involved in these systems, homeowners need to keep their HVAC equipment running properly and at peak efficiency.

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

Failure to do so may result in damage to the HVAC system. In some cases, neglecting maintenance and regular cleaning can lead to system failure and costly repairs or complete equipment replacement.

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In addition to system performance, home HVAC systems can also pose health threats such as mold and bacteria if they are not properly and regularly maintained and cleaned.

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

Long Island Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors (PHCC) members are trained professionals who work with these systems every day. In order to keep the system running properly and efficiently, the NHS offers the following tips for homeowners to enjoy a comfortable, cool, healthy and headache-free summer.

Each year, homeowners must have a locally licensed professional from Long Island Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors (PHCC) inspect and evaluate the home’s HVAC system. They will also determine if the HVAC system is working properly and if there are any maintenance issues or repairs needed.

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

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Change the air filter in your HVAC system regularly. By doing this, the system improves the air quality in the home and allows the system to run more efficiently, which will lower your monthly energy bill. If the air filter is not replaced regularly, it can cause unnecessary wear and tear. This can encourage dust and mold to spread more widely throughout the system and home. The spread of mold, bacteria, and pollen poses a significant health hazard and causes the “sick house” syndrome. The following symptoms may be symptoms of homesickness syndrome.

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Clean the external debris around the device. Homeowners should maintain at least 12 inches of clearance around HVAC systems. By removing and trimming all the plants and bushes around the home unit, it will be easier for the system to get fresh air from all sides.

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

Periodically check the system pipes. Be sure to immediately repair any holes or holes found using metal or adhesive tape. If major damage or holes are found, contact a professional immediately to repair the duct.

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If possible, leave the system vents in the open position. When the vents are blocked, it causes the system to work harder, which leads to higher energy bills. When the system is under stress, wear can shorten its life and cause additional damage.

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

Adjust your HVAC system to the optimal temperature. The optimum temperature for a house in the summer is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This will allow the system to use energy efficiently.

Apply HVAC mold inhibitor to ductwork. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and HVAC approved mold inhibitors can be used to prevent mold growth in your system. Review the system specifications and talk to professionals about the right products to use.

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

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Keep the system ducts dry. If puddles are found, use an industrial wet vacuum to remove standing water. Eliminating moisture limits the chance of damage and reduces the chance of mold growth.

Homeowners are advised to clean their systems every six months, especially at the beginning and end of the summer season.

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Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

If an unusual odor is coming from your HVAC system, it is very important to have the system and ducts checked by a professional right away. The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs indicates a problem with the natural gas supply of the house.

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Abnormal noises from an HVAC system often require immediate maintenance. Grinding, grating, screeching and other noises should not be ignored. Contact an expert to solve the problem.

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

Some problems that can cause your HVAC system to leak include: a clogged drain line, a disconnected drain line, a condenser pump problem, or a clogged air filter. This warning sign is very important and if it is, contact a professional immediately.

When you have an HVAC preventive maintenance contract, professionals will inspect the system to make sure it can handle the summer heat. Doing so ensures system and performance efficiency, extends system life, improves air quality, and creates a healthier home environment.

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

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Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors of Long Island is in its 78th year as a licensed professional plumber, heating contractor and cooling contractor operating in Long Island. Membership is made up of business men and women who recognize the benefits of membership in a professional body representing the NHS industry. PHCCLI members are committed to protecting the health and safety of the public by establishing, enforcing and enforcing the detailed requirements of the Code. This goal is achieved through high ethical standards, legislative action, and continuing education. Membership is open to all licensed plumbers, heating and/or cooling contractors on Long Island. For more information, visit Whatever your needs – we are here to help. Whether you’re in the market for commercial air conditioning repair, heating service or a new installation, our professional HVAC contractors in Suffolk County can help keep your place of business never too hot or too cold.

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Your HVAC system carries a lot of responsibility‚ÄĒthese units keep your building, your employees, and your customers comfortable. You and I know how important it is to repair your air conditioning system in the heat of summer. If you’re searching for “commercial HVAC companies” or “commercial HVAC contractors near me,” you’ve found the right company. Whether you’re in the market for commercial air conditioning repair, heating service, or a new installation, our professional HVAC contractors in Long Island can help ensure your business premises never run out of heating or cooling.

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

We offer repair and installation of various heating equipment. Some of the equipment we service and install:

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As an HVAC company in Long Island, we offer professional air conditioning repair and installation for a variety of refrigeration applications. Some of the equipment we service and install:

Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

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Best Of Long Island Air Conditioning

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