Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning – Improves air conditioning cooling and reduces noise by replacing the air duct registration and improving the return air duct area.

We purchased a new 23 ′ Airstream Globetrotter in 2020. A little disappointing is the ducted air conditioning system. It does not seem to be very cool and loud.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

After reading some, it seems I am not the only one who is disappointed. This year’s record speed may not help either. So what to do?

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Our Airstream air conditioners / heat pumps operate on a single 13.5 BTU Dometic Penguin II roof. The system is delivered through a pair of ceiling supply pipes, one on the left and one on the right, which drain into the cabin through 5 “circular pipes on each side of the cabin. Custom Airstream stainless steel glass. Tube registration allows for control of airflow and air direction Unfortunately, these tube covers create airflow resistance and I suspect there is a limit to the system operation even when fully open.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

While the design of the Airstream plant registration is intended to provide control over the volume and direction of air flow out of the HVAC system, the exchange has very limited air flow.

In fact, after reviewing the documentation for my Dometic 13.5 btu unit, the factory installation instruction manual “required” registers 4 – 8 with a minimum floor area of ​​14 square inches per register. Registration on the Airstream is a 5-inch circular cut that is calculated to be 15 square inches in area at the baseline.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

How To Take Care Of Your Ducted Air Conditioner

If Dometic requires a minimum of 4 registrations of 14 square inches, the total minimum area must be 4 x 14 or 56 square inches. If the Airstream registers were limited to 40% of the airflow (I think it was close to 60% even open) 6 Airstream registers would be 60% of 6 x 15 or 54 square inches.

Therefore, not only the minimum required surface area of ​​the Dometic, but the removal of the Airstream channel registration from the factory should at least double the airflow for a given fan speed, which in turn should be cooler and more efficient. Less noise.

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Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

This is the first solution. I will delete the factory list and replace it with a low resistance directional grid. Posting several forums on the popular Airstream platform, Airforums discusses and offers various solutions to this problem. Most try to reduce the durability of the channel by cutting off the door closing material and reusing the channel cover.

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I actually started with some version of this technique, but after trying some of the options, I decided to go with a new low-resistance mesh instead of modifying and replacing the factory Airstream registration. My hope is a lower drag with improved airflow for faster and quieter cooling.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

Another concern is air holes. It seems like a lot of noise coming from the air conditioner comes from the air vents. At first glance, I assumed the two pretty small return air holes were a bit small, causing a lot of airflow and noise.

The noise problem is obviously more complicated, but more noise comes from the vents, especially since the heart of the AC unit is located. Behind those air holes.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

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The area of ​​the intake manifold is also important for cooling efficiency. Many YouTube forum posts and videos talk about the occasional missing gasket, or simply a fault or malfunction of a separate mechanism between the exhaust pipe and the air supply pipe (supply).

Mixing hot return air and cooling supply air significantly reduces the efficiency of the cooling system. This is the second area of ​​my focus – improving insulation and insulation around entrances and manifolds.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

So what does it look like? I was kicking myself off without measuring the airflow or noise level before the upgrade, but I felt very strongly that the improvements to the vents and intake area made a huge difference in the air conditioning process. We and it also seems quieter. Not bad for a $ 100 tube, a bit of hardware, Reflectix roll and HVAC foil!

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Although I did not receive any readings prior to the update, I measured between 55 and 63 on all six supply pipes with 82 inlet temperatures and low outside temperatures in the 1990s. The volume in the bed area and at the entrance worked. ~ 65 dB and ~ 70 dB directly under the vent at chest height.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

I was interested in the cooling process of the AC system after the adjustment. Here the inlet air temperature is 82 ℉ with the outside temperature 91 ℉.

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Ventilation temperature ranges from 55 – 60 ℉ with ventilation temperature 82 ℉ – Delta temperature around 25 ℉. Wow.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

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The project is divided into two projects: 1) replacement of the pipe grid and 2) improvement of the entrance and improvement of various parts.

Project Objective: Replace existing Airstream end cap ducts and improve the insulation and insulation of air conditioners for better and quieter cooling operation.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

Depending on the Airstream model you have, the grid is attached with plastic or plastic panels and two aluminum wires. More recent models have added pop-up rivets to deal with the slumped grid.

Ducted Air Conditioning Specials

To remove the plastic lock, slide a thin plastic knife, or similar aluminum foil, under the edge of the cover to slide the plastic inward and release it from the cutting hole. You can also use a thin or similar screwdriver, but be careful not to scratch or damage the soft aluminum ceiling panels.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

If your pipes are riveted in place, you will also need rivets. The newer grid has a round hole at the end of the air flow slider to enter the groove. Align the rivets with the inlet holes and use a 1/8 “drill bit to drill through the center of the rivet and loosen it. Do the same for the other rivet that is 180 degrees opposite. The grid has only two rivets.

Once the bracket is removed, remove the plastic strip and gently pull the cover off the tube.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

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Order replacement grids and supplies to install them. The Airstream tube is 5 “(125mm) round for rough opening. Several replaceable grid covers are available and after some trial and error I found the Calimaero 125mm gray aluminum mesh a good choice for Replacement. Low durability, low profile, easy to assemble and fits well with aluminum ceilings.

Connecting grids instead presents a bit of a creative challenge. I used drywall anchors for this. First, I attach a wide plastic wall throttle anchor to the side of the grill using the existing holes with stainless steel screws # 8 3/4 “. This anchor will support one side of the grill. Then, after extending from one side. Holes to 3/16 “, cut plastic anchors with straight ribs secured by another 8 3/4” stainless steel screw to complete the assembly when the barbecue is placed in the ceiling. Install the screws to the stainless steel screws, which are a bit shorter, but of course you do not have to.

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Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

Once you have the grid, remove the screen. Then drill a hole in the sleeve with a 3/16 “drill bit (or the size for the anchor you want to use). Pull the hole with a Phillips screwdriver or Similarly, this hole will be able to put a rubber anchor with straight ribs used for holding. The barbecue is in place after installation. You can also skip Plastic anchors and just use screws without anchors to ensure burning, but I’m worried about the metal screws that touch the aluminum ceiling panel and damage over time. The anchor is only added to the screw cover and can protect the aluminum ceiling panel.

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Install new pipe mesh instead. Do this by inserting one side of the barbecue in advance with the throttle anchor. When installing the furnace, push the plastic anchors over the top of the aluminum plate and thin insulation material. With the installation of the throttle section, gently push the grille panel and operate it with the aluminum ceiling panel. You may need to rotate the barbecue a bit to find the most suitable fit. My channel cuts are a bit uneven and it helps to rotate the grill to find the best position to insert the grill.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

While holding the grid in place, insert a straight plastic anchor through the hole and turn it back so that the anchor passes over the aluminum plate and insulation board. Secure the anchor with screws.

The grid must be flat against the aluminum ceiling panels. With the curvature of the Airstream ceiling, you may need to rotate the grid so that the anchors are horizontal to match the curves of the panels, allowing them to flatten. The mounted grid should be able to rotate freely after installation to allow some control over the direction of air flow.

Best Performing Ducted Air Conditioning

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Using a Philips head, unscrew the two stainless steel air vents or the back cover (hot section). Remove

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