Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

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Want to install central AC for your home? Read this guide to learn more about central air installation, from installation costs to choosing the best unit.

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Whether the summers get really hot or we lose our heat tolerance as we age, many of us are tempted to ditch our noisy, dripping window air conditioners and replace them with quieter, more efficient whole-home central air conditioning systems. .

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But we didn’t take that idea any further. Those of you with forced air furnace ducts worry that replacing the heating system will be expensive and lead to inefficiency. If you don’t have pipes, you can’t imagine how to add them without destroying the house and spending a bundle. But adding central air is easier and cheaper than you might think.

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

When added to an existing air heating system, central air costs $3,500 to $4,000 for a 2,000-square-foot home and can be done by two technicians in two to three days, often with little or no modification. to the pipe.

For a home that needs plumbing, costs and labor time double. But a contractor experienced in retrofitting can cleverly hide pipes behind walls, behind cabinets and upstairs with minimal walls and ceilings and very little mess.

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Tips For Hiring The Best Air Conditioning Expert

The first order of business—and the most important decision in installing a central air conditioner in your home—is choosing the right equipment.

All refrigeration contractors should begin their home evaluation by performing the Air Contractors of America Manual J-load calculation. This determines the heat gain of your home. The calculation is relatively easy and will reveal what size unit you need. If the contractor you are considering can only judge the right unit for your home based on experience, go to another contractor. Although heavily influenced by where you live, many factors influence the size unit needed, including the amount of wall and attic insulation you have; Types and placement of windows and doors; and the orientation of your house to the sun. The calculation can also alert you to the potential benefits of improving your home’s insulation. By making your home more energy efficient, you can reduce the amount of air conditioning you need.

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Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Take these steps when determining how large a central air unit you need for the size of your home.

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Using a heat gain calculation, your contractor will recommend an air conditioner size expressed in tons per hour or Btu (Btu/h). 12,000 Btu per hour per ton. Why is getting the right size unit so important?

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

An undersized unit cannot fully cool rooms on hot days and costs more to operate because it has to run longer than a properly sized unit. A larger compressor costs more to run because it requires more electricity to run a larger unit. And a larger volume unit will not dehumidify effectively. This is because it cools the air so quickly that it stops before it has a chance to circulate the right amount of air past the coils to extract the necessary moisture. The result is a room that doesn’t feel as cool as the temperature indicates. In fact, the room will be wet and damp.

After sizing the unit, your contractor should talk to you about efficiency, which is expressed by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). SEER estimates how many Btu an air conditioner removes for every watt of electricity. The higher the SEER, the cheaper it is to run.

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

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Federal law requires new air conditioning units to have a minimum SEER of 13. These units have lower operating costs, higher quality, more safety features, better soundproofing and lower voltage requirements. In general, the higher the SEER, the higher the initial cost per unit.

Next, you need to decide what type of system to buy. There are two types. A “package system” combines a condenser, which cools the refrigerant and exhausts hot air, with a fan and coil system, which cools and blows the air. The hose connects directly to the unit. It is essentially a large wall air conditioner with ducts. But package systems are rare.

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

With a “split system” the condenser is outside the house and the fan and coil system inside; They are connected to each other by pipes that carry the coolant. If you have a forced air furnace, the cooling ducts are connected to a cooling coil system mounted on the furnace air handler.

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Sometimes it goes into an existing plenum. If this does not work due to space limitations, the contractor will build a separate sheet metal plenum. If you don’t have forced air, the fan and coil system is usually placed in the room, where it will supply cool air through ducts. The 20- to 30-foot-long pipes that carry the refrigerant are disguised as downdrafts.

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Even quiet condensers make noise, so work with your contractor to find a location that isn’t near a bedroom or home office window. Do not place the condenser under a deck or cover it completely, as this will allow hot air to escape from above. Any airflow restriction will reduce unit efficiency. However, the condenser can be hidden in the landscape as long as air circulates freely around it.

Most central air conditioners are split systems: the condenser is outside and the fan and coil system is inside, connected to the condenser by ducts that run outside the house. Pipes can be disguised as part of a sewer and reducer system. Services to rooms on the second floor by pipe registers. Pipes run through the toilets on the way to the rooms on the first floor.

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

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You need to check your pipes. Many times modifications are required to accommodate the increased volume of air produced by air conditioning. Paradoxically, older duct systems that are larger tend to perform better when central air conditioning is retrofitted. (As the heating industry learned more about the mechanics of exhaust and measuring furnaces and distribution systems, the pipe became smaller.)

Because the fan and coil unit in most air conditioning systems is mounted in the attic, getting the supply and return ducts to the ceiling registers in the first and second floor rooms below is a challenge.

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Ducts feeding second-floor rooms typically run across the attic floor and sink down between the joists of the attic floor, where they are attached to the ceiling joists. The pipes feeding the rooms on the first floor run as far as possible through the toilets on the second floor.

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The first step your contractor will take to determine the location of the pipes is to draw a floor plan of the second floor and lay it on top of the floor plan of the first floor. “In 99 percent of homes,” says Frank Scarangello of Staten Island, New York-based Scaron Heating and Air Conditioning, “second floor closets will give you access to spaces for first floor ceiling registers.”

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Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Faucets that run in cabinets take up less space than you might think. Most ducts are 12×6 inches or 10×8 inches, and even in a relatively small 2×4-foot closet, they take up only 4 by 64 cubic feet. Some refrigeration contractors may recommend using “flex duct” (a small, inexpensive flexible pipe) instead of rigid square ducts. But avoid flexible hose in active toilet spaces—it doesn’t stand up well to wear and tear and is easily punctured.

What Kinds of Messes Can You Expect When You Have Plumbing Installed? In most cases, wall and ceiling surfaces are mostly left untouched. Holes will need to be cut in the first and second floor ceilings for the registers, and some second floor toilet floors will undergo surgery to accommodate the new pipes. But these holes are relatively small, and the mess is easily absorbed.

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

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If your home doesn’t have ductwork, but air conditioning makes your home more pleasant during the summer months, contact HVAC contractors to review the cost of adding air conditioning and the methods they use. Choosing the right bias and equipment can give you years of comfort, and it’s cheaper and less invasive than you might think.

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Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

Get the latest news about this old mansion, trusted tips, tricks and DIY smart projects straight to your inbox from our experts. Air conditioners have provided great comfort to people in many situations. Be it the scorching summers or the biting winters, air conditioners have been a constant, reliable companion.

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One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing the best air conditioner for your room or entire home is the brand. Consumers consider brand as one of the most important determinants because

Best Rated Air Conditioning Service Near Me

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