Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

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When the temperature rises, an air conditioner is a summer dream. Although fans circulate warm air, these units remove hot, humid air from the room and provide a blast of deliciously cool air instead. It was in a cold office, if you can’t sleep on cold nights or if you have a conservatory that heats up easily.

Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

However, most people don’t want to go to the trouble or expense of installing a permanent wall-mounted device that may only be used for a few weeks out of the year. Conversely, a portable air conditioner (PAC) can be moved between rooms and stored during the winter. To function properly as air conditioners, they must be ventilated through a window or wall.

Best Air Conditioners 2023: Which? Best Buys & Expert Buying Advice

While some models come with window kits to make this easier, they usually work with slides or tiles, so unless you’re particularly DIY-savvy, the air conditioner will leave your window open when airing, making it difficult. The units are quite large and heavy, so remember to have room to use it near a window, and if there is no duct, it’s really an evaporative cooler, not an air conditioner.

Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

Don’t expect any of these devices to be cheap. Prices start from around £250 and the more powerful the car, the more expensive it will be. Cooling requirements are measured in British Thermal Units (BTU) and the higher the rating, the cooler the air conditioner will be.

A unit with 7,000 BTUs will cool a small room of about 18 to 20 square feet, but always check the size of the room before purchasing a unit with too few BTUs for space to effectively cool. It won’t be cold. Other features to look for include remote control, programmable timers and a sleep mode so it can stay quiet all night long.

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Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

Best Portable Air Conditioners 2022 For A Cool Home This Summer

On particularly hot days in June and July, we put powerful air conditioning units to the test in our home, testing price, portability, cost and how well they kept us cool despite the baking temperatures outside. Find the best. Note that with such a high demand for air conditioners during last month’s heat wave, some of them are currently unavailable but will be available again soon.

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Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

It ticks all the boxes for a portable air conditioner that’s easy to use around the home, (relatively) unobtrusive, easy to store when not in use, and all at an affordable price.

The Best Portable Air Conditioners

It is not suitable for large spaces as it has a BTU rating of only 7000, but should work in rooms between 12-22 square meters. It wasn’t big enough for our bedrooms and most of the living room, and the lower BTU is smaller and lighter than most units we’ve tested, weighing in at 20.5kg and only 70cm long. This means we can easily move it between rooms if needed. It also had the longest grooves of all the fixtures, so we had a bit of flexibility with where we placed it.

Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

Best of all, it comes with a standard window kit and a flexible kit for your enjoyment! – Works in any window and makes a big difference in cooling. It has a 24-hour timer, sleep mode and remote control, and uses the new R290 refrigerant, which is better for the environment. Hate the whole hero of the wave.

While this unit is currently out of stock, you can choose to be notified when it is back in stock.

Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

Best Air Conditioners 2022: Wall Mounted And Portable Air Conditioning Units For Home

Air conditioners are never things of beauty, but this DeLonghi model was the best-looking one we tested, with a sleek black finish, black remote and glossy digital screen. It’s easy to operate, so you can change the temperature or fan speed with the remote, or even program the timer without curling up on the sofa. It kept the temperature in our kitchen down, thanks to its high BTU rating, and because the hose was thinner than other models, we didn’t have to open our windows wide. It has a dehumidifier function, a timer and a useful light to indicate when conditions are unfavorable, favorable or optimal.

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Best of all, although not as quiet as the name suggests, it was much quieter than most units. It works with a decibel range between 49 and 53 and we soon found it stopped working in the corner altogether. As a result, it would be a great addition to a home office or children’s room, although it can also cool very large rooms up to 110 m3.

Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

There’s no such thing as a featherweight air conditioner, but it was one of the lightest models we tested at just 21.7kg, so we needed an army of people to cool the bedroom. It also had casters and was thinner than other units, so it was easy to run quickly when needed.

The Best Window Air Conditioners

He held the hose to the back of the device and was supposed to close the window, but it stopped moments later. There is also no matching window kit, so you need to open a window wide enough to fit the hose. To our surprise, the unit cooled the room very quickly despite battling the hot air outside, and it reached a comfortable temperature in no time. It’s not too noisy, and has a 24-hour program timer, automatic diagnosis function and remote control. This is a great choice if you plan to keep it after the winter weather changes.

Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

This good value air conditioning unit weighs in at just 31kg and comes on casters so it can be easily moved between rooms. It has cooling, dehumidification and ventilation functions, and we were impressed by how quickly it dehumidifies the room, the cooling effect felt instantly. It’s easy to control with a remote, has a timer and a night mode so it won’t disturb your sleep. On its other settings, it’s on the noisy side, so you might want to turn the TV on if you’re watching in the same room.

Our only catch? We would have liked the pipe to be a bit longer as we had to put it very close to the window to get it out. On the plus side, it’s compatible with the Smart Fabric Window Kit ($14.99,, which can be purchased separately to make this model work with any window.

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Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

What Is The Best Type Of Air Conditioning Unit For You?

Filling a heavy air conditioning unit for the winter is a real pain. This versatile machine, as both a heater and a dehumidifier, can keep moisture in your home when the temperature drops. It was also one of the nicest cars we tested, with curved edges and an LED touchscreen, so sitting in a corner for too long doesn’t look too shabby.

When set to cooling, there are two speed settings, which are also useful if you prefer the car to be a little quieter. The fan does a great job of directing cool air into the room, and the temperature is regulated between 15-31C, which is a slightly wider range than other units. There’s a 24-hour timer for efficient operation, overheating protection and a self-evaporating system, although we had to manually empty the accumulated water during prolonged use. Nevertheless, it’s a good buy that you can use all year round.

Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

There are several ways to ventilate a portable air conditioner without a window. These include installing an outdoor air conditioner or installing a wall or ceiling vent.

Best Portable Air Conditioners To Cool Your Home In A Heatwave 2022

Powerful air conditioners typically use between 700-1500 watts depending on the BTU rating. The amount of electricity used per hour varies depending on this wattage number.

Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

To install a portable air conditioner, place it near or outside a window and make sure the window gasket (if included) makes a secure seal. Then install the ventilation pipe according to its length.

Powerful air conditioners can cost anywhere from £250 to £1,000 depending on the BTU rating of the product. Although fans are relatively inexpensive, portable air conditioners are worth the investment if you want to cool a large area.

Best Stand Alone Air Conditioning Units

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Cheaper models with lower BTU ratings below the £500 mark are generally not worth buying unless you want to blow up a small room. Higher BTU models can be larger, more expensive, and cooler.

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