Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning – Long yellow hoses lead the IdleAire Technologies system onto platforms at a truck stop in Knoxville, Tennessee. The systems provide heating, air conditioning, television and Internet access to trucks that can rest with the engines off. Wade Payne / AP

An environmentally friendly truck stop system that allows long-haul trucks to turn off their engines while resting and let everyone breathe easier will expand to more states.

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

Praised by truckers and the Environmental Protection Agency alike, idleAire Technologies Corp. it offers heat, air conditioning, telephone, TV and internet via a touch screen panel mounted on the window at the end of a large yellow pipe that doesn’t look like an old unit. – in the connection of the films.

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Over the next 15 months, the Knoxville-based company will add 210 locations at truck stops and fleet centers in 35 states, creating a coast-to-coast network of nearly 15,000 spaces for -a large specially equipped parking lot.

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

It is a 10-fold increase in IdleAire’s fleet of 24 sites, made possible by a $320 million capitalization from the sale of discount notes and warrants completed last week.

The private company is also counting on the planned use of $42 million in federal grants that communities receive to reduce air pollution.

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

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“We are all looking forward to this massive deployment,” said Pamela Hayes, vice president of the 900-member National Truck Stop Operators Association. “Everything we heard and saw was positive: good for drivers, good for the environment. What’s not to like?”

The key to the system is that the trucks can get these conveniences without running the engine for the 10 hours of rest required for every 11 hours on the road. This saves fuel, reduces fuel costs and eliminates tons of pollution.

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

“This network will provide win-win-win benefits,” said President and CEO Mike Crabtree. “Truck drivers will have access to a better lifestyle and will be better rested and more alert behind the wheel.

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“Truck owners with tight margins will reduce fuel and repair costs associated with extended idling. And communities will have cleaner air to breathe and neighborhoods will be more quiet with fewer idle trucks.”

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Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

Since opening its first center in 2000, IdleAire estimates it has provided 5.5 million hours of service to 470,000 driver visits. The company says it is already reducing diesel emissions by 58,000 metric tons per year and conserving nearly 6 million gallons of fuel per year.

“The additional sites could eliminate more than half a million tons of diesel emissions each year and conserve approximately 11.6 million gallons of diesel fuel,” Crabtree said.

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

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Larry Hammond, CEO of Teton Transportation Inc., a national carrier with a fleet of 200 trucks based in Knoxville, said the IdleAire system addresses “the two biggest issues facing the trucking industry: costs fuel and driver retention”.

In addition to increasing the “quality of life” of trucks on the road, the system will result in cost savings for the truck owner, he said. Connecting to the IdleAire system, using a special $10 plastic hanger, costs member fleets $1.88-$1.60 per hour, compared to $3-4 per hour to maintain the – fuel and truck for idle vehicle.

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

The inventor A.C. Wilson, a Tellico Plains contractor, said he created the system after his trucking in-laws were late to a family gathering after receiving a ticket for idling his truck on a ramp in New Jersey.

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“He was telling me about it and I just made the comment you’ve got to be kidding,” Wilson said. “I said, well, someone has to solve your problem.”

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

A year later, IdleAire was in business with a patented system. Company officials say their competition is limited and that an initial public offering may be on the way.

Nearly 1,400 truck fleets in the United States and Canada now have working agreements with IdleAire for service. The sites that offer truck stop partners nationwide TravelCenters of America, Petro Stopping Centers and Pilot Travel Centers.

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

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IdleAire currently operates 24 centers along major highways in 11 states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

It plans to add 210 more centers in those states and 24 others: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma. . , Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and West Virginia.Sart Cofort Experience akes Easir Driving * Strong Cooling, Air Volume 4203 / h * Quiet Cofort, Iniu Noise 26db * Inverter Energy Saving, Current of Work 11-39A * Long endurance, axe. 12 hours * 30 seconds fast cooling

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

1.Full DC frequency conversion. Sin wave technology, mineral stable operation and lower noise 2. The system uses R134A refrigerant, green and environmental protection 3. ECO sart button, one-click ode selection 4. Get 30 seconds cooling fast, convenient mineral control

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DC 1.24V power supply, DC 19V-23V adjustable, low voltage protection, keep you comfortable all night. The inch voltage protection is adjustable to suit different vehicles 2. Using voltage output speed regulation, the system has strong anti-interference ability 3. The system it is equipped with multiple protection controls to protect the safe operation of the air conditioner in all directions 4. Equipped with a fault detection function, convenient for attention.

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

Internal &; The outdoor unit adopting a DC brushless fan and rare earth DC peranent-agnet co-pressor greatly reduces energy loss and ensures low noise. Also, the DC brushless fan can adjust the cooling/heating frequency and power accordingly.

Q: What is the power supply? A: DC 24V. DC 12V and DC 48V are customizable. Q: What is the installation method of your outdoor unit? A: Four different types as below:

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

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Q: Is there a built-in booster device inside your DC 24Vunit? A: No. Our fan and compressor are all directly powered by 24V DC. Q: Is your air conditioner pre-charged with R134A? A: Besides the Hide series, other series are all pre-charged with R134A gas. What you have to do is simply connect the hose, make the vacuum, open the valve, that’s it. Q: Does your type absorb shock? A: Yes, R134AS special car category. Q: What is your warranty? A: Copressor 2 years, other A/C parts 1 year. Q: What about spare parts? A: During the warranty period, we offer old to new service. If the order is more than USD 20,000.00, we provide 1% free parts. Q: How many hours can it last if I have a 24V200AH battery? A: 24V200Ah is equal to 4.8KWH, the nominal power consumption of our DC 24v series is about 800W (0.8KWH). Therefore, it can last at least 6 hours if the 24V200AH battery is only for the air conditioner (because our air conditioner is an inverter air conditioner, when it just starts, the power consumption is large, but when the -the temperature of the driver’s cabin gets off, the air conditioner will go slower). However, if this battery is shared by other electrical devices, the actual resistance draw depends. Q: Can we connect your air conditioner directly to the vehicle generator? A: You can’t. Because the vehicle generator is not a stable power source, it is easy to cause damage to the air conditioner. Q: Can I make a negative ground connection (bea car)? A: You can’t. It must be directly connected to the positive and negative electrodes of the power supply ain. Q: If I keep the air conditioner running, will it affect the normal starting of the vehicle? A: No. Low voltage protection is established in our factory. The low voltage protection for DC 24V is DC 21.5V. There is a “Voltage” button on our reote controller (see our annual), the setting of low voltage protection can be modified. But before tuning, please check the initial starting voltage of your vehicle, avoid setting it too low to affect the normal starting of the vehicle. Q: During installation, can I lengthen the power cord? A: Not suggested. Better contact us for a longer power cord. Self-elongation causes poor contact, so air conditioning is not used. Q: Do you have a unit with a larger cooling capacity or heating function? A: Yes, in development. Coming soon… Q: Can you design the size of the facility according to our VR structure? A: Yes. Q: Bluetooth or 4G reset function is available? A: It is customizable.

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Hot Products China Products China Manufacturers/Suppliers China Wholesale Wholesale Price Regional Channels Product Index Website When you are driving, do you ever ask yourself: Why the concept of designing a simple and easy to read message on truck wrap so hard to understand? Maybe we’re the only ones asking that question. Either way, it’s unfortunate that most service vehicle companies try to accumulate as much information as possible about their vehicle wrap designs. Truck wraps are not cheap. But, when done right, they can create substantial opportunities for service companies. Done incorrectly, they represent a lost opportunity, wasted money and a poor return on investment.

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

One of our best vehicle wraps for a heating and air conditioning company using retro branding and logo design.

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Many HVAC truck wrap designs fail from a marketing perspective because the company has a poor brand identity and logo from the start. The brand should always be the primary message for a vehicle wrap, unless you have national brand recognition. By starting with a poor brand, the design will fail before it hits the streets.

Best Thing For Truck Without Air Conditioning

Carefully examine your current brand and ask yourself if it represents who you are as a company. More importantly, find out what impression you leave on your customers. Yes

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