Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit – Properly cleaning the exterior of your air conditioner will extend its life and reduce maintenance problems. According to Cornell University, cleaner air conditioners cool air more efficiently and reduce energy consumption by 15%. Many outdoor units are readily available, making it easy for homeowners to take care of themselves. Units perform best when cleaned twice at the start of the cooling season each summer.

Locate and remove the air conditioner filter. Filter locations vary by air conditioner, but they are usually found in the air conditioner’s return pipe. If the filter is not inside the air conditioner, look for an access panel inside or outside your home near the air conditioner outlet.

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Wash reusable filters outdoors. Clean them with a sharp spray of garden soap to remove any dust or debris from the filter. Dispose of paper and fiber filters and replace them with new ones, as they are not as recyclable as the metal and plastic types.

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Turn off the power to the air conditioner unit. Usually this requires turning on the circuit breaker switch assigned to this position, as most units do not have a separate on or off switch.

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Remove the top access panel from the compartment. It is a panel with vents. Find the tube that holds it in place and remove it with a screwdriver. Carefully pull the board aside to avoid damaging the attached fan or fan cable.

Check the inside of the unit for dirt, debris and dust. Use a shop vacuum to lift the debris out of the bin, being careful not to bend the threads and coils. After vacuuming the dust, rinse with water from a garden hose.

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

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Wipe the fan blades clean with a damp cloth. Clean the debris from the fan blades on the board.

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Replace the seat panel and screw it on. Turn the power back on to the unit. We hope you like the products we recommend! As you may be aware, Dallas Handyman may collect sales or other compensation from links on this page. Oh, and FYI – we try to keep everything up to date, but we don’t control the destination of the links we provide, so some may stop working. Among other partners, we participate in the Amazon Services affiliate program, which provides a way for websites to earn advertising fees. We only link high quality products and improve your overall experience.

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

The most important aspect of maintaining your air conditioner is keeping it clean and tidy. Not only will good maintenance reduce your energy use and save on your monthly bills, a clean condenser will keep your A/C unit running longer and more efficiently. You can read “How to Clean a Central A/C Evaporator” here.

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There are different types of air conditioners, but for the purpose of this article, we will talk about central air conditioning systems. They are most common in the Dallas area and can be found all over the country. A split system consists of an indoor unit with an evaporator inside a central duct connected to an indoor furnace/sprinkler and a compressor/condenser sitting outside the room.

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

You can click to enlarge any of the images on this page if you wish.

The part shown above is the main part of the external condenser of the central air conditioning system.

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

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It is recommended to clean the compressor coils and cooling fins of the outdoor unit once a year under normal conditions, but also if there is a lot of growth near or around cottonwoods or weeds. They are arresting criminals. For convenience and cost savings, this is one of the most common air conditioner jobs. For this project, you’ll need a garden hose, a good *spray foam cleaner, and if the legs are very bent *a cooling tip comb. Basic tools like a pry bar or screwdriver are required to remove the A/C unit cover. You’ll also want a brush that’s loose and medium (but be extra careful when cleaning the cooling tips, they’re very delicate and bend easily.

This unit has not been cleaned for at least 2 years. You can see a lot of dead grass blocking the tip.

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Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Cleaning an outdoor area can take an hour or more if it’s your first time, so give yourself plenty of time to do a good job. If you can’t handle this task, you can hire an HVAC professional to do it for you.

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They’ll clean your outdoor and indoor spaces, check your level of freedom, and give you a quote for a simple repair from about $69 (“special” or promotional) to $150.

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Many companies run “specials” in the spring and summer because they know most units will be charged with fronds or other work. It’s still a good way if you want to see the show first, if you’re in doubt about your freedom, or if you have a specific problem or question that needs answering.

You can also purchase a two-year maintenance contract, which saves money and automates maintenance. Or, you can easily learn to do it yourself.

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

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Before I do anything, make sure the thermostat is “OFF”. Then I remove the main power supply inside the main switch panel. The main switch is almost always connected to where the house is located. Open the panel and remove the large plug. After the power is turned off, you should remove as much debris, growth, and grass clippings from the outside of the unit as possible that are blocking airflow.

At the top of the unit is a hexagonal headboard that holds the top and ends of the unit

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Remove the top of the unit. Six head bolts or screws are visible on the top or bottom of the unit. Beware! The fan motor is usually attached to the top of the unit, you don’t want to bend or break the blade. Have someone hold the top of the unit or move it carefully to the side, making sure not to place it on top of the fan or pull on the cord.

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You can easily clean the bottom of the unit with storage space. You never know what you’ll find inside! You can chase away mice or snakes, but most of the time you have to clean up dirt, leaves, and dead grass. Then use the brush attachment on your portable vacuum and vacuum the fine ends.

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Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Carefully undo the tip of the leg. Use an up and down motion. Do not leave the ends loose, you can bend them.

After vacuuming the tip, spray the outside with a good coil cleaner and let it sit for 5 minutes. A mild detergent/water mixture also works well. Then simply use a garden hose and spray from the inside to the outside of the unit until the water is nice and clean. If you can’t leave your seat, avoid the spray fan motor.

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

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In any case, avoid spraying the compress directly. If you can’t resist it and it sprays outside the unit, be careful to bend the end around the coil with pressurized water!

Spraying the outside of the unit is not recommended because you will either get too much water inside the unit or deal with dirt and particles in detail, or both.

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

In the next step, you can put the cover (the part with the fan motor removed earlier) on the unit: work it well using the cooling tip comb and clean them if they are bent. If you have very bowed legs, this may take some time.

Outdoor Condenser: Proper Cleaning

Cooling tip combs aren’t easy to make, but your cooling tip’s heat dissipation is critical to your stand’s performance, so it’s worth the effort to correct as many bent legs as possible. .

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

You can easily determine how many teeth you need by measuring with a tape measure and counting the number of teeth per centimeter. Here is the “tooth count” you should buy for this fine straight comb. Most fine combs have 4 different tooth count combs.

Finally, reverse the assembly steps by reattaching the top of the unit as it comes out. Then, close your main outlet again, go inside and turn the thermostat to “cool” to lower the temperature setting enough.

Best Way To Clean Outside Air Conditioning Unit

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