Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning – Buckets of sweating while you’re at home? With electricity prices on the rise, now may not be the best time to turn on the air conditioning. Instead, keep yourself cool and your home cool with these more energy-efficient and cost-effective ways.

Sunlight, while good for your physical and emotional health, can also invite a lot of heat and warmth into your home.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Invest in blackout curtains or blinds that keep it out completely, and draw them during the hottest parts of the day (usually late morning to early evening).

Heatwave: Cool Tips For Keeping Your Home Comfortable!

Choose light colored ones because light colors reflect light while darker colors absorb light. If you need some sun, open windows that do not face directly into the sun, e.g. not facing west.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Prefer to book your view? Consider buying solar window film that you can keep on your windows. These are designed to reflect or absorb heat without obstructing your view.

To find out how much heat or light a solar film can block, ask your suppliers about total solar energy rejected (TSER).

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Cooling Your Home But Warming The Planet: How We Can Stop Air Conditioning From Worsening Climate Change

TSER values ​​include rejection of three types of solar heat: infrared, UV light, and visible light.

If you’re comparing, be sure to compare as: A higher TSER value may not always mean the film is better at blocking heat.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Be sure to compare solar films with the same visible light transmission (VLT) – the amount of light it can filter through, which determines how dark or bright your room will be.

How To Cool Yourself Without Air Conditioning In Your Place

High humidity (humidity in the air) can make you feel hotter, as it reduces the ability of sweat to leave your body. And when sweat can’t evaporate effectively, your body can’t cool itself.

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Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

In Singapore, this is a very important issue because the humidity in our environment is usually very high.

If you can’t cool yourself at home or if you notice a lot of mold or mildew growing around it, you may need to reduce the humidity levels in your home.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Why Would The Top Floor Of A Home Usually Be Warmer Than The Lowest Floor Of The Home?

Consider investing in a dehumidifier, which helps remove rain or moisture from the air. Some models, such as the DE5205/30 from Philips, are also equipped with air purification functions.

One of the wettest areas in the house is the bathroom, as it is often wet. Pair that with hot showers and that warm, humid air coming into your home to make it feel less cool.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

To combat this problem, get a bathroom exhaust fan that will help move moist air out of the bathroom to the outside, helping to keep your place cool and dry.

Natural Diy Tips To Cool Your Home This Summer

Green spaces often feel much cooler because plants naturally absorb heat (for photosynthesis). For people with green thumbs, consider decorating your space with them.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Choose tall plants with large, bountiful leaves and those that prefer lots of sunlight so you can place them near the window to provide additional shade. Sun-loving plants include aloe, snake plant, and the popular monstera plant.

Household appliances give off a lot of heat, which contributes to the temperature rise in the house. On warmer days, you may want to use special tools at times when the temperature is cooler, such as in the morning or late at night.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

What’s Wrong With My Air Conditioner?

Appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and ovens tend to run for a while and can significantly increase the temperature in your home.

Consider hanging clothes out to dry naturally in the sun during the day or use cooking utensils that retain heat instead of giving off heat like a range cooker.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

To ensure cross-cooling in your home, open windows and doors that face each other in your space.

Evaporative Cooling For Your Home

Make it even more efficient by turning on your fans to direct the air. Ceiling fans, in particular, are great for moving air.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Avoid silk or other polyester materials when choosing bedding material as they retain heat and moisture (sweat).

Instead, opt for materials like cotton and linen, which are more breathable and let heat escape, keeping you cool all night.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

How To Cool An Apartment Without Air Conditioning

For cotton sheets, you’ll want to check the thread count—don’t choose anything higher than 200 because sheets with too high a thread count will make them thick and therefore less breathable.

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The type of weave is also important for cotton bedding. Percale weave is more breathable than sateen sheets. For the average home, daylight saving time leads to higher energy bills as people turn up the air conditioning in their homes to combat rising outside temperatures. Unfortunately, families on a tight budget may have to choose between home comforts or have to make sacrifices in other financial areas. Plus, with today’s emphasis on green living and conservation, more and more people are likely to say “no” to air conditioning and turn off their heat to reduce their footprint.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Wouldn’t it be great if there were other options? What if we could cool our homes without breaking the bank on electricity bills or harming our environment?

Ways To Cool Your Home Without An Air Conditioner

Actually, we can. Here are the 10 most effective ways to cool your home without air conditioning.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Perhaps the most common alternative to central air conditioning is the use of ceiling fans. If you haven’t already installed them in your home, you might want to consider installing a ceiling fan in every room, or at least every room that is used frequently. Of course, you want to make sure you have a fan that is large enough to cool the area where you plan to install it. Measure your room or rooms before you go shopping as most ceiling fans will have the maximum room size listed on the outside of the packaging. Finally, make sure your followers are circling in the right direction. (Most fans have a directional switch.) Remember that hot air collects in high places. During the colder months, you want your ceiling fan to push warm air down and away from the ceiling to warm up your living space. In the summer, fan blades should draw air towards the ceiling to circulate it, but prevent more warm air from descending into a room.

Although the initial investment to equip your home with energy efficient window treatments is quite large, you can expect to see a significant temperature difference soon after installation. The best options for reflecting the sun’s heat are a cloth roller, accordion, or Roman shades. For those who love all things natural, look for curtains or lampshades made from organic cotton or wool (which is fire retardant). Another option is woven bamboo, a wonderful renewable resource that makes beautiful roller coasters or roller coasters. Choose a lining with a white outer facing for maximum warmth.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Solar Air Conditioning Guide

Even if you find you can’t cover all the windows in your house, do only one room or even one or two windows at a time. Start with the warmest room (usually those with west-facing windows or those that get the most afternoon sun) and work your way up to rooms that are naturally cooler due to vegetation or driving.

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This solution will not give immediate results, but over time it can have a surprising cooling effect. Plant trees around your house to protect the walls from the heat of the sun. Choose trees that grow about 1-2 feet per year and be sure to feed and water your young trees appropriately until they reach their full potential. Just remember not to plant new trees too close to your home, as spreading roots can damage the foundation. Expect your tree’s roots to reach the same diameter as the top growth (usually listed on the label), and plan ahead to leave plenty of room. If you’re not sure how to choose a tree or are concerned about having a “brown thumb,” most home improvement stores and nurseries have knowledgeable staff who will walk you through the step-by-step process.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Alternatively, you can grow potted trees or other plants indoors for a less dramatic but faster cooling effect. The microclimate created by a room full of potted plants actually lowers the air temperature as it improves the air quality. Place plants in “partial sun” pots in front of windows to trap more heat and help space out.

Summer Hacks To Keep Your Room Cool Without An Air Conditioner

For those who don’t have the time, patience, or funds to plant shade trees, the plant kingdom offers another option: creepers. Fast-growing, hardy, and boasting thousands of tiny solar panels (aka leaves), a mature climber can reduce exterior wall temperatures by up to 50%. The best part? These plants require almost no maintenance. Read more about picking and growing grapes in this Clemson Extension article.

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

If you are repulsed by the idea of ​​a plant growing up the side of your house, you could again put up a tall trellis and train your climbing vines to grow this structure.

A good alternative to indoor window treatments or tree planting are umbrellas. These useful outdoor shades come in a variety of styles, seemingly endless patterns

Best Way To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

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