Bossier City Air Conditioning

Bossier City Air Conditioning – Looking for a new air conditioner? You end the search here! Enjoy cool, climate-controlled temperatures with comprehensive AC installation services at Pioneer Comfort Systems. Upgrade your home or commercial building to the latest AC units today and find out how you can enjoy excellent air quality, energy efficient cooling and cost effective installation services. Call to speak with a technician at Pioneer Comfort Systems about your Shreveport AC installation today!

As a premier AC installation contractor in Shreveport, LA, our team installs the latest air conditioning units for your home or commercial location. Commercial and residential air conditioners may differ in size and efficiency, but we follow the same basic installation steps that allow you to enjoy a safe and affordable cooling system:

Bossier City Air Conditioning

Bossier City Air Conditioning

These basic steps are modified depending on your location and the type of AC unit you need. Part of our comprehensive AC installation services is a thorough assessment of your needs. Efficient home air conditioners require much less maintenance than large commercial units. A trained technician will determine the best AC unit for your home based on square footage, location, budget and other factors.

Air Conditioning Repair Shreveport La

From start to finish, our team provides the same level of professionalism and affordable Shreveport HVAC services that we have provided for over 50 years. From a small home to a large commercial building, we have the experience you need to enjoy safe, long-term climate control year-round.

Bossier City Air Conditioning

Deciding which air conditioning system you want can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Call our local service staff for advice on the best cooling and heating system for your home. Our professional technicians will use both experience and knowledge and apply it to our direct understanding of the Bossier City-Shreveport community and surrounding area to meet your air conditioning service, replacement and installation needs.

There are many pros and cons to traditional HVAC systems, heat pumps, ducted ACs, and more. Depending on your home’s infrastructure, we can help you determine what type of heating/air conditioning system will work best for you. No matter where you are in your decision making process for the right HVAC system, you should always keep these 4 factors in mind: Budget, Energy Consumption, Space and Maintenance Requirements, and Cooling.

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Bossier City Air Conditioning

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Here are a few different types of air conditioning options to help you decide on the right AC system for your space and purpose:

Central systems are best if you need to cool several rooms at the same time. These systems use a split system through air ducts with a condenser and compressor outside and the evaporator coils and air handler inside the house. Refrigerant allows heat to be removed from indoor air to the outside. This option pairs nicely with modern HVAC technology such as programmable thermostats.

Bossier City Air Conditioning

It is an excellent choice for efficiency, ditching ducts, or individual space control, especially in contemporary homes. This type of AC system combines the compressor and condenser with air blowers, making it suitable for hanging on any wall or ceiling. Due to their small size, it is easier to cool specific spaces individually, but they are not suitable for cooling large houses and/or spaces at the same time.

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Window air conditioning units come in a variety of sizes and capacities, making them a versatile and comfortable option for most homes. The unit is installed in window frames or in a hole in the wall, and all the components that make it work are locked inside. It releases heat directly outside and replaces it with cool air inside. What these units are all about is that they have cleanable filters, which makes maintenance much easier. However, they can be noisy, flashy and visually blocking. In addition, you may encounter the problem that an electrical outlet is not located within a good distance or that you do not have a strong enough window frame.

Bossier City Air Conditioning

Portable options are much like window units in that they include all parts. The difference is that a portable AC system is freestanding and mobile. However, it should be located near a socket and a window where there are tubes that release outside air. There are single funnel options and dual hose options.

It is a very convenient option if you need a temporary cooled or heated space, or in spaces where other options are not suitable. They can also be useful in bedrooms or bathrooms. However, keep in mind that they can be noisy and probably not suitable for larger areas.

Bossier City Air Conditioning

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If you prefer a ductless mini-split but don’t have the space for a wall unit, a floor-mounted AC may be your best bet. Floor units are conveniently located so that the AC is on the floor and installing the outdoor unit requires little work, preparation or any ducting. If your walls are sloping (e.g. attic) or fragile materials are nearby (e.g. glass), this may be the best option for you. It can be raised 6 inches from the ground and connected to the outdoor unit through a small hole.

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The filters are also easy to check and keep clean, making them ideal for people who don’t need to get rid of poor air quality that can contribute to breathing problems. They are also quite efficient, more uniform, and tend to cool the area faster.

Bossier City Air Conditioning

By combining a furnace and an electric air source heat pump, hybrids produce cost-effective and efficient results. The system can even run and adjust automatically, but you can also program or change it manually. The process by which it acts to pull or push warm air outside or distribute it through the exchanges, based on the season. However, the initial setup and installation can be expensive and you might just break even in the long run.

Air Conditioning And Heating Shreveport And Bossier City

It is a type of mini-split unit (window or portable) and is shown with IoT capabilities. This means they connect to WiFi and have a smartphone app for access and control from anywhere inside and outside the home. They can even have other features like scheduling, geofencing, comfort modes, temperature range controls, and more. Their capacity allows for greater energy savings, especially in extreme climates like Louisiana. Although they will be on the more expensive side of your budget, they can be a good investment.

Bossier City Air Conditioning

Geothermal air conditioners are a relatively new technology that uses earth insulation science. Temperatures underground remain constant, regardless of the weather above ground or environmental influences. Geothermal technology uses pipes to circulate water through the ground, a heat pump and your home. These AC systems tend to have a longer lifespan than other options, but their main disadvantages are the high cost and the laborious installation process.

In addition to the excellent air conditioning installation services we provide for Shreveport homes and businesses, we also provide a variety of other HVAC services. Find out how we can help you improve your indoor air quality, energy efficiency or climate control with these leading services:

Bossier City Air Conditioning

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Whether you run a business in Shreveport or the surrounding areas of Louisiana, turn to Pioneer Comfort Systems for quality AC services that keep you cool without breaking the bank.

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Ask about our special offers to save more on your AC installation. From initial estimates to routine maintenance scheduling, we provide expert head unit installation for your building at an unbeatable price. And, in addition to AC installations, our Shreveport-based company also provides excellent repair service, including air conditioning and heating repairs, HVAC replacement, and indoor air quality services. Not only that, but we also provide emergency plumbing services to our Shreveport customers; businesses and homeowners alike! So, if you need help with AC repair, HVAC unit replacement, new air conditioner installation, or even emergency plumbing service in Shreveport, choose the dedicated team of technicians at Pioneer Comfort System.

Bossier City Air Conditioning

If you’re ready to request an estimate for your commercial or residential AC installation service, contact us today by calling (318) 795-8000 or completing the online intake form on our website. Say so long to schedule HVAC problems HVAC repair services in Bossier City, LA. We also offer service in Shreveport and surrounding areas! Learn more

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Do your fans blow hot air when the air conditioner is on? Is the pilot light on your oven yellow? When you need heating and cooling services, turn to Home Shield Heating and Air, Inc. We are a premier residential and commercial HVAC contractor serving clients in and around Bossier City, LA. You can trust us to install, repair or replace your air conditioner or heater.

Bossier City Air Conditioning

Do you want to keep your air conditioner or heater in good condition? We also offer routine HVAC maintenance. We will check every part of your HVAC system to make sure everything is working properly.

Smart thermostats can save an average of 12% on heating and 15% on cooling bills. Thermostats can learn what temperatures you like and adjust themselves.

Bossier City Air Conditioning

Hvac Company Serving Bossier City & Shreveport, La

You don’t have to look far and wide for an excellent HVAC contractor. Homeowners and business owners throughout Bossier City, LA trust us to repair and replace their HVAC systems. You should hire us because:

Quick response and no nonsense work… found the problem very quickly and

Bossier City Air Conditioning

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