Bowman’s Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Bowman’s Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning – “Mr Bowman and staff are always polite, courteous and professional. Everything they provided greatly improved our A/C System. Thank you for going above and beyond in the programs you provide.”

“There is no better HVAC company than Bowman Heating and Air. Dan Bowman’s expertise is unmatched and you can be sure that the unit is repaired or replaced correctly and efficiently, without the mess! I highly recommend this company I have used for over ten years. You will not be disappointed!”

Bowman’s Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Bowman's Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

“I have had problems with my heat pump for several years. Whenever I called the people at Bowman, they answered quickly. This was the case even on weekends. They were always friendly and polite. When they diagnosed the problem, they took the time to explain it to me and what my options were. They never forced me to make a decision and were always patient.

G.f. Bowman Reviews

Eventually, it got to the point where the unit was no longer operational. I came again on Friday evening around 5 pm because my spirit had stopped working during the day. Within 30 minutes, mr. Bowman took me out. He and I are new in that I will need a whole new plan. He prepared a quote for me with many different options to suit my needs and budget. Financing as an option was also available. When I decided on a unit, it was only a few days, and they were here installing a new system. When they were here, they were very polite and even put floor mats in my house to protect my floor. This unit works well, and they made it easy for me to get through a difficult time. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this company. They have earned my trust and are the ones I will do my business with when needed.”

Bowman's Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

“Dealing with Bowman Heating and Air Conditioning is always a professional job. I am also satisfied with their plumbing services. I see a lot!”

“Working with Bowman Heating and Air has been a pleasure. Over the years I have used several local HVAC services and Bowman has stood up for me. They are an honest, friendly professional service at a reasonable price that we all expect when we ask for help. They recently installed a mini split ductless unit in my sunroom, and from start to finish they were personally involved in every detail to ensure a smooth installation – at a fair price. They are my go-to service for HVAC needs!”

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Bowman's Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

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“You never let me down….you always come when I need you. Now that I’m on oxygen I can’t stand the heat. It is very difficult. Thank you for always being there.

“I interviewed several companies before choosing Bowman Heating/Air. My decision was based on cost of course, but they were competing with others so that wasn’t the only thing. What really set them apart was Dan’s professional and thorough approach to consulting. No hard sell, just great information and lots of questions answered. Installation is done thoughtfully and carefully to ensure it is correct. The property was honored and cleaned after the job was done. I am very happy with my choice and encourage anyone considering a new system to call Dan Bowman for a consultation and quote.” G.F. Bowman inc provides professional design, installation and maintenance services for plumbing, heating, air conditioning and air conditioning including geothermal systems. We have served the central Pennsylvania area for over 45 years and now operate in Cleona and Harrisburg.

Bowman's Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

They are great, show up on time, and are very organized and efficient. The service technicians are always courteous, knowledgeable, and we would highly recommend them.

Bowman Rd, Cottonwood, Ca 96022

The technician arrived on time and was able to diagnose the problem very quickly. He had the part and fixed my furnace the same day. You have done an excellent job. I will definitely hire them again.

Bowman's Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Worse still. $1188 bill for standard dishwasher and faucet replacement. The task was not completed properly until it was called again. I will never call or recommend this company again.

Pros – Very professional and quick response, called at 8am and someone home soon after. Disadvantages – Over Prices Overpriced. Was charged $300 to replace a leaking shower faucet with a Moen cartridge. This is a $50 part at Home Depot and less than 10 minutes of work. If I hadn’t been there in less time I would have done it myself. I tried to discuss it with the plumber, but he said they charge for the job, not the time of the job. I have never heard of such a thing and if I had known I would not have called them to do the work. For general plumbing work, definitely look elsewhere, it’s too expensive and not worth it. I might consider them for emergency repairs given their timely response, but I expect to pay more than market value. The total bid was $554 and lasted for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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Bowman's Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Meet The Team

It was the day before Thanksgiving. I realized I had a leaking water pipe in the basement, so I turned off the main water valve. I couldn’t get my regular plumber on the phone, so I started calling other plumbers. I found G.F. Bowman send someone. The plumber looked at the pipe and showed me the price for the job: $657 plus a $69 service call. I was surprised. He said he would have to remove the heater and refill it. I reluctantly agreed, although now I wanted to show him the door. The job took two hours. To make matters worse, two days later the pipe leaked again! I called G.F. Bowman came back and said someone would be coming, but he didn’t give me a time frame. I work an hourly job, so I had to stop work to stay home and wait. After three hours, another producer showed up. He was nice and seemed sympathetic to my frustrations. While he was in the basement, I heard him talking on the phone with the first plumber, telling him that he should have done something different with the pipe. When he was done, I told him I was waiting on my debt settlement that my $726 plumbing repair failed two days later and I had to make a mistake at work. He gave me Gary’s name in the main office. I called him and explained my frustrations. He asked me to look at the papers and called me. From his tone, I knew he was teasing me. When he called me back, his explanation was “These things happen,” and he gave me a $69 credit for future Bowman services. I told him I lost more than this waiting for another $726 repair job done by the original contractor. Again I found out, “These things happen.” Needless to say, I will not use G.F. Bowman again, and I will post this review in as many places as possible. Gary was able to turn a frustrated and unhappy customer into a happy one, and reassure me that my concerns were justified by making reasonable adjustments to my bill. Instead, I got angry and insulted. And I have to wonder why I was a woman that I was overcharged for two hours of work and treated so badly. BEWARE WOMEN OF THE G.F. Bow Man.

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Miss [Member’s Name], I am disappointed to hear that we were unable to repair the pipes to your satisfaction. Our goal is complete satisfaction with our customers. We made ourselves available to you when your regular plumber wasn’t available. Our service technician has quoted a repair price and obtained your approval before completing the job. The repair was completed and was working fine when our technician left. Unfortunately repairs sometimes require a second visit. We provide our customers with a 1-year parts and labor warranty to ensure our work should this situation occur. The discount was given and refunded to your credit card. I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m sorry we couldn’t meet your expectations.

Bowman's Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

The technician showed up on time. He gave me several opportunities to troubleshoot the furnace and was able to take care of the problem within the same day. He didn’t give me an estimate before he started fixing the problem. I knew how much the consultation would be but the whole service bill was amazing. I was disappointed with the last part but I was happy with the outcome of the service.

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Bowman asked to cancel the annual service and I had to postpone it once, but the scheduler was very happy. The service technician arrived at the promised time but called about 30 minutes before to confirm

Bowman's Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

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