Build a Tax Education System Starting from the Village

The tax system in Indonesia has yet to be said to be stable. Although tax collection is the largest source of state treasury income, the process of collecting it often encounters obstacles and problems. Classical problems such as the lack of public knowledge of tax collection, the problem of public awareness to become a wise taxpayer … Read more

Questioning the Tax Service Information System

INDONESIA is a country that has the largest population in the world. Along with the turn of the year that the population in Indonesia is increasing, data taken from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) states that in 2015 it recorded around 255,461.70 and is estimated to increase to 305,652.40 in 2035. Therefore, the government stipulates taxes … Read more

Tax Reform and Law Enforcement Post-Tax Amnesty

Tax amnesty or more popularly called tax amnesty is the abolition of taxes that should be owed, not subject to sanctions in the field of taxation by disclosing assets and paying a ransom. Indonesia 2016 implemented a tax amnesty policy that provides an opportunity for taxpayers to improve their tax obligations. Tax amnesty in Indonesia is referred to … Read more

Vollständiger Leitfaden zur Erstellung einer TIN für eine Online-Unternehmenseinheit

Ein NPWP wird nicht nur von einzelnen Steuerzahlern (WP OP), sondern auch von Körperschaftssteuerzahlern (Unternehmen) verlangt . Klikpajak by Mekari zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie eine TIN für Unternehmen erstellen , Bedingungen und Formulare erstellen und eine Online -TIN für Körperschafts-/Unternehmenssteuerzahler registrieren. Nicht nur Geschäftsinhaber müssen einen individuellen NPWP haben , sondern auch gegründete Unternehmen müssen … Read more