Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley – As a record heat wave gripped Californians last month, a collective shutdown of millions of air conditioners forced the state’s grid operators to plunge hundreds of thousands of households into darkness.

The blackout offered just a small hint of what is likely to happen in California and beyond. Population growth, rising incomes, increased urbanization and rising summer temperatures could triple the number of air conditioning units installed worldwide by mid-century, bringing the total to 6 billion, according to the International Energy Agency’s Future of Cooling report.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

In fact, air conditioning is one of the most insidious problems of climate change and one of the most difficult technological challenges to solve. The warmer the world gets, the more we need cooling – not just for comfort, but for health and survival in many parts of the world.

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But the air conditioners themselves produce enough heat to measurably raise the temperature in the city, and they also emit very powerful greenhouse gases. In addition, these billions of new energy-demanding units will create one of the largest sources of growth in global electricity demand.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

Without major improvements, cooling energy demand will also triple to 6,200 terawatt hours by 2050, roughly a quarter of the world’s current electricity use.

Despite the scale of the growing challenge, relatively little funding has entered the sector and significant progress has been made in the market. Aside from a slow increase in efficiency, the underlying technology works just as well as it did when it was introduced almost a century ago.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

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Vince Romanin, CEO of San Francisco-based Treau, a hidden cooling startup that is developing a new type, says, “The reason window air conditioner usage is growing is because the product looks and works great. has been for decades.” heat pump. “I think a lot of people are excited about what’s new here, but there’s only been incremental progress.”

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In recent decades, there have been significant improvements in the cost and performance of other energy technologies, such as solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicles, driven by public policies, focused research efforts, and increased demand for cleaner alternatives. Treau is one of a number of startups and research groups currently trying different ways to achieve similar cooling advances.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

But even if the global supply of AC generators becomes much more efficient, the projected surge in use is so great that global demand for electricity will continue to rise. This will complicate the already impressive task of cleaning up the world’s energy sectors. This means that states not only have to repair existing electricity infrastructure; they must build much larger systems than ever existed, and do it all with carbon-free sources.

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Always cooling the large volumes of hot air that fill homes, offices and businesses is and always will be a huge energy use.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

The problem isn’t just that more air conditioners require more electricity to run. Also the fact is that they especially increase the amount needed during peak hours when the temperature gets really toasty and everyone turns on the air conditioning at the same time. This means we need to rebuild energy systems to meet levels of demand that can only occur for a few hours and days a year.

According to a 2019 energy study by researchers at Arizona State University and the University of Los Angeles, rising temperatures combined with population growth could increase peak summer electricity demand by 51% by 2060. California, Los Angeles.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

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That adds up to about 6.5 extra gigawatts that grid operators need to be able to bring online at once, or the instantaneous output of about 20 million 300-watt solar panels on a sunny day.

And that’s just for one of California’s 58 counties. The world will see much greater growth in AC demand in countries where the middle class is growing rapidly and heat waves are becoming more frequent and severe. Notably, the IEA projects that India will install another 1.1 billion units by 2050, increasing AC’s share of electricity demand from 10% to 45%.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

The most important correction needs to be made outside the AC industry. Reorienting the electricity grid as a whole to use cleaner energy sources, such as solar and wind power, will permanently reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions from the energy used to power air conditioners.

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In addition, the development of increasingly smart grids can help power systems cope with peak AC voltages. This includes adding sensors, control systems and software that can automatically reduce usage when outside temperatures drop, when people leave the premises for long periods of time, or when demand for affordable generation increases.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

The world can also reduce direct AC emissions by switching to alternative refrigerants, the critical compounds in cooling devices that absorb heat from the air. Manufacturers rely primarily on hydrofluorocarbons, which are very potent greenhouse gases that can be released during production and maintenance or at the end of a facility’s operation. But under a 2016 amendment to the Montreal Protocol, companies and countries must increasingly shift to options with lower warming effects, such as a promising class of compounds called HFOs, some hydrocarbons like propane, and even carbon dioxide (which has at least -low warming effect).compared to existing refrigerators).

According to the highest estimate from the Drawdown Project analysis, alternative refrigerants could reduce emissions by about 50 billion tons of carbon dioxide over the coming decades. (According to the Global Carbon Project, the world produced about 37 billion tons of waste last year.)

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

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There are also obvious ways to ease the electrical load of cooling buildings, including adding insulation, sealing air leaks, installing window coverings or films, and using paint or reflective materials on roofs. Building such “cool roofs” on 80 percent of the nation’s commercial buildings could reduce annual energy use by more than 10 terawatt hours and save more than $700 million, according to a previous study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

But ultimately, the growing number of AC units running in homes and buildings around the world need to be very energy efficient to avoid what’s known as “cold creep.”

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

One of the most powerful means of effecting this improvement is government policy. The IEA states that the best available technology is twice as efficient as the average of what is actually used globally and three times as efficient as the most inefficient product on the market.

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The problem is that most people and businesses won’t pay much for more efficient systems just to help meet global climate goals, especially in poorer parts of the world. But with mandates, incentives or subsidies, states can help ensure that more units produced and sold are more efficient models.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

Projected growth in cooling-related energy use by mid-century falls by 45% under the IEA scenario, which includes such policies (and assumes no technological progress).

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But even then, demand for AC power will be about 70% higher by mid-century. This is tripled. But achieving significant additional gains may require more changes.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

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Founded by MIT energy professor Mircea Dinca, Transaera seeks to improve efficiency by addressing moisture in the air as a separate step.

In addition to cooling the ambient air, conventional AC units must use more electricity to deal with this water vapor, which holds significant heat, making it more uncomfortable. To turn the vapor into a liquid and remove it from the air, the temperature must be much lower than that shown on the dial.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

Transaera’s approach relies on a class of highly porous materials known as metal-organic frameworks that can be customized to capture and adhere to specific compounds, including water. The company has developed an air conditioning application that uses these materials to reduce moisture in the air before it enters a standard unit. It estimates it can improve overall energy efficiency by more than 25%.

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Transaera is a finalist in the $3 million Global Cooling Prize, a competition designed to accelerate advances in air conditioning to reduce climate impact. The company is currently testing prototypes in India in collaboration with Chinese home appliance giant Haier.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

Meanwhile, SkyCool Systems of Mountain View, Calif., has developed essentially high-tech mirrors that can radiate heat into the cold atmosphere of space by taking advantage of a natural phenomenon known as radiative cooling.

The materials are designed to emit radiation in a narrow band of the light spectrum that can pass through water molecules and other atmospheric compounds that would otherwise reflect heat back to the planet.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

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Placed on roofs, the materials can replace or augment traditional building cooling systems. The company estimates the technology can reduce the energy used to cool structures by 10 to 70 percent, depending on configuration and climate. SkyCool is in the process of installing equipment at its fourth outlet.

Other startups are exploring ideas like geothermal heat pumps, solid-state technology that avoids the need for refrigerant gases, and new twists on evaporative cooling, which typically relies on coatings submerged in water.

Commercial Air Conditioning Center Valley

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