Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis – If you live in St. Paul, MN or the Minneapolis area, Blue Ox Heating & Air can provide air conditioning service for your home. Our dedicated technicians are available to our customers around the clock in the metro area. Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians know how to repair and replace your air conditioning system. We believe that your home is a safe haven, and you can’t fully enjoy your most valuable asset if the air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a heat wave.

We have convenient financing options to help you pay off the unexpected costs of a faulty AC. Contact customer service to discuss all options.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

Whether you need help with a new air conditioner or you need to replace your old one, our trained technicians will give you the best advice for your situation. Schedule a consultation today for a personalized evaluation of your home’s air conditioning system.

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We provide you with a tape measure to measure your home to discuss what you need to be comfortable during the hottest time of the year. We can also discuss financial opportunities within budget limits.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

There are many things to consider before paying a higher bill for air conditioning service, including whether you could save more on a new air conditioner. Newer units have better quality motors and ultimately pay for themselves with lower monthly bills.

If you have an older refrigerator, maintenance may be more expensive than a new one. If the bill runs into the hundreds of dollars and you don’t plan to move anytime soon, a new system makes a lot of sense.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

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For environmentally conscious customers, we recommend a new unit that does not use refrigerants that threaten the ozone layer. By switching to Star Energy air conditioners, you can help protect the environment for future generations.

Installing a new air conditioner makes life easier. They are quieter, longer, and usually come with a parts and labor warranty.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

You can have an HVAC technician regularly maintain your air conditioner to prevent problems with the unit. The best time to tune up your A/C is in the spring. Regular maintenance can save you energy costs by keeping your system running efficiently. It can also extend the useful life of your air conditioner.

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A professional inspection of air conditioning equipment ensures proper operation of the air conditioner. However, you can also help protect the system by following the tips below:

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

Change the filter once a month. If you do not change the filter, especially in the summer, the air cannot pass through the unit properly. Conversely, a clean filter improves indoor air quality and makes the AC work more efficiently.

Keep the ventilation openings clean. An AC unit draws in warm air, cools it, and then distributes it through the air ducts throughout your home. Over time, dust and dirt accumulate in the air ducts. Clean often to ensure adequate air circulation.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

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Use a brush to remove dirt and grime from the condenser coil. This allows the air conditioner to continue to produce cool air efficiently. Use a vacuum cleaner, hose, or brush to clean the spring condenser, just before you plan to use the AC for the first time. If you don’t know how to clean your appliance, give us a call. A trained, experienced technician can show you how and ensure you have a great year.

If your appliance is not working as expected, it may be time to call an air conditioning service.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

Blue Ox Heating & Air Technicians perform air conditioning service on all types of units, including high speed air conditioners. These units are good options if you live in an older home without plumbing.

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During the installation, we place small, flexible pipes that bring cool air without disturbing the structure of your home.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

Some homeowners meet their heating and cooling needs with zoned heating and cooling systems. Our air conditioning service covers zone systems that provide maximum comfort in your living space. You can control the temperature in different rooms or “zones” by changing the thermostat settings.

We also repair, install and replace small parts. Air conditioners solve summer cooling needs by using a radiator heater with no air ducts. Small units also work well in single-family homes and duplexes, where plumbing installation can be difficult. Contact us for air conditioning service, installation and repair.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

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Wondering when it doesn’t make sense to invest in a cooling service? If you have an older unit or are experiencing any of the symptoms below, it’s time to sit down with one of our technicians to determine if it’s worth investing in a new AC unit.

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Our NATE-certified technicians are handpicked from among the best HVAC professionals in St. Louis. Paul, MN. Our air conditioning service includes many air conditioners. Whether you have an older home with no ductwork, a new home with a faulty air conditioner, or a home that needs to even out the hot and cold areas, you can count on the affordable ingenuity of Ox & Air Heaters. and implement a workable solution. If you have heating or cooling problems, you need air conditioning and heating professionals you can trust. Our team of HVAC technicians have been serving homeowners and families in Ramsey, Coon Rapids, Minneapolis and the Twin Cities region for years.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

Our team cares about your comfort, which is why we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians are highly skilled, trained and experienced in carrying out boiler repairs or installations – no matter how big or small. We are constantly expanding our knowledge to keep up with AC repair methods and technologies.

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Whether you need help fixing your air conditioner, cleaning your air conditioning system or installing a new heating system, our team is here to help. You want a team of technicians you can trust, so for your peace of mind, our technicians undergo background checks and drug screenings. Our Ramsey HVAC repair technicians are also friendly, respectful and courteous. We also guarantee on-time arrival because we value your time. Our team will ensure that you and your family return to the comfort of your own home. Contact Northern’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® today for an estimate! SCR is Minnesota’s premier commercial refrigeration contractor for supermarkets, convenience stores, cold storage, beverage distribution, ice cream parlors and more.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

We take commercial HVAC installation to the next level with our experienced design/build and full-service metal fabrication facilities.

Whatever controls you need, from key fob access to vehicle tracking, count on SCR. We are the region’s leading provider of system integration and build automation solutions.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

Expert Service And Installation Services

The region is a leader in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of commercial kitchens and food services for convenience stores, parking lots, schools, medical facilities and more.

SCR is the Midwest leader in commercial air conditioning, HVAC, building automation and hospitality design, installation and maintenance. Family owned and operated since 1957, SCR has multiple divisions serving all of Minnesota, parts of Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and beyond. Our customer focus and commitment to quality is second to none. More [+]

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Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

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Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

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Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors Minneapolis

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