Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire – If installing a split or ducted system is not possible, portable air conditioners serve as a great alternative. Often overlooked until Sydney temperatures reach record highs, which is quite common these days, portable air conditioners are a compact, simple and versatile option for any room in your home or office.

Portable air conditioners work by removing hot and humid air from a room and replacing it with cool air. Most come with a built-in thermostat to maintain an even temperature. Often a window or hood is all that’s needed for ventilation, but some require a dedicated power point and others run on standard outlets.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

For rooms in homes, 5.7 kW units usually do the trick, while larger areas such as offices and other spaces benefit from the efficiency of more powerful commercial air conditioners that can cool larger spaces.

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Portable air conditioners are ideal for business owners, homeowners and renters who need a temporary cooling solution. In addition, it is useful to weigh the pros and cons to help you make the right decision:

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

If you’re a transient, a renter, or can’t afford to shell out thousands on a split or ducted air conditioning system, a portable air conditioner can make all the difference when the weather gets unbearable. It pays to dig around and do your research to make the best choice. Let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider in a portable air conditioner:

Portable air conditioners can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand, depending on what you decide to buy. This is just your upfront cost. In addition to energy consumption, cleaning and maintenance costs are also taken into account. Many low-cost models are power-efficient, while others are relatively energy-efficient.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Kw Industrial Portable Air Conditioner

This is a convenient feature because it allows you to set the temperature, timer and mode without physically standing there.

Draining excess water from the tank every time can be frustrating. Some models have a condensate pump that connects directly to your pipes, meaning you can install and forget about the air conditioner.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Noise is a key factor in maintaining a quiet environment in homes and offices. A noisy indoor air conditioner will interfere with your work or leisure. According to SafeWork Australia, if you work in a constant environment where communication is required, noise levels should be below 70dB.

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Some portable air conditioners may have special power requirements, while others can run on standard outlets. This is especially important because you may not have access to special electrical outlets for a temporary portable device.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Some portable air conditioners are more energy efficient than others. In April 2020, the government introduced energy efficiency regulations to ensure that single-channel systems display a regional energy rating label (ZERL) to demonstrate their efficiency.

The last thing you need is a broken air conditioner in the summer, so reliability should come first.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Hire Portable Air Conditioners

Some of the residential models we’ve been impressed with include the Rinnai RPC41WA Cool-Only Portable Air Conditioner, which is capable of cooling rooms up to 25 square meters. It’s great for small rooms and includes temperature control and humidification functions. We also like the De’Longhi PAC CN86 air conditioner, which has a power of 2.5 kW and is known for its quiet operation and humidifier.

But in the end, we chose Bio PA 300 as the winner for residential applications. Bio PA 300 is the perfect air conditioner with a capacity of 5.7 kW to cool areas between 20 and 30 square meters and a mobile design that can be easily placed where it is most needed. For those looking for fresh air, it has a fan mode with three speed settings and an energy saving mode that reduces power consumption.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

One of the advantages of portable units in commercial installations is flexibility. The unit can be placed anywhere to cool specific areas or an entire room if needed, which may not be an option with a fixed cooling system.

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After weighing all the options, we like the ICEN Portable Air Cooler 240v 6.1kW Air Conditioner, which can cool areas up to 50 square meters and is an efficient cooling solution for commercial and industrial installations. But it requires a 15A wall outlet, which is less. The Vevor 5400w commercial air conditioner also offers high efficiency and powerful airflow performance.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

For us, the Denso MovinCool 15SF spot cooler sets the benchmark with a 4.5kW capacity that can efficiently cool a room up to 30 square meters with a noise level of just 64dB, according to SafeWork Australia. Known for its reliability and versatility in commercial or industrial settings and ease of use in standard 10A power outlets, it’s our choice at Precision Air Rentals.

Portable air conditioners are significantly cheaper to get the cooling you need without investing in a permanent system. The decision to rent or buy a portable air conditioner depends on your specific situation. For example, if you are a long-term homeowner, you may decide to install a fixed split or duct system to pass through the summer for several years.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Commercial Air Conditioning

However, in some cases, buying may not be an option, especially if you are a tenant or office manager with a chronic air conditioner failure. Renting can be a short-term solution that you need for a few weeks or during the summer months. Portable air conditioner rentals start at $160 per week for homes and $250 per week for commercial offices (plus delivery), and can be easily installed and up and running in hours.

Ultimately, finding the best device for your situation depends on a variety of factors, including purpose, size, budget, and number of people. If you’re considering a portable air conditioner rental, Precision Air Rentals can help you determine the perfect cooling solution for your specific situation. With a 100% uptime record, same-day delivery, 24-hour replacement guarantee and 24/7 on-call; We look forward to seeing you.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Craig is the owner of Precision Air Rentals and has been in the air conditioning industry for nearly 10 years. When your building heats up in the middle of summer and you need help cooling it down, Craig and his team are here to help!

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Precision Air Rental offers temporary air conditioning products serving residential, commercial and industrial properties and events. For movies, large business conferences, or an industrial workplace like a mine or construction site, rental air conditioners are needed. The tunnel contains the temporary cooling equipment you need. We have unparalleled experience in providing temporary air conditioning solutions for our customers. Rental cooling is available whenever or wherever you need it.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Temperature control is important whether working in a remote mine or floating medical center. Feeling hot or uncomfortable can cause fainting, fatigue, low blood pressure, etc. Our process engineers can design the right air conditioning solution, from choosing a chiller to designing temporary air conditioning systems to keep your employees and customers safe without outages.

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With global temperatures rising and heat waves reaching new extremes, many people are unprepared to safely manage the heat in their homes and workplaces. Supplementing existing air conditioners, temporarily replacing equipment during shutdowns or scheduled maintenance – while minimizing downtime – or developing a contingency plan to avoid risk can help.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Unique Commercial Air Purifier

For many events and conferences, maintaining the significant number of air conditioners required to cool thousands of people is expensive and effectively inefficient. If necessary, renting additional air conditioning equipment can help eliminate unnecessary costs while optimally expanding the needs of your event or conference.

Heavy-duty air conditioners are industrial-sized units designed to provide 100% cool, fresh air or 100% conditioned, return air.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

With sizes up to 70 tons and modular heating and cooling systems, the heavy-duty air conditioners are ideal for large-scale venues, outdoor events, and industrial operations such as mines or oil rigs.

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Spot coolers are compact and portable air conditioners that provide fast emergency cooling for large and small spaces.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Their size ranges from one ton to 5 tons. Spot coolers are the best air conditioners for providing quick relief in office and industrial spaces, cooling temporary structures and direct air treatment of hot spots.

Designed for environments like speaking engagements or live shows where noise is a big factor, HushPac low-noise air conditioners provide up to 30 tons of cooling or 50 kW of heating.

Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

Commercial Hvac Contractor

We also offer the HushPac air conditioner rental line for situations where ultra-low noise is a priority. These units provide 30 tons of rental cooling or 50 kW of safe, low-noise electric heating. These air conditioner rentals include: When you need to escape the heat and your home or office air conditioner is broken or malfunctioning, a portable air conditioner rental is a great solution. These standalone units are easy to use,

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