Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour – Use our online store to shop for your air conditioning, electrical and appliance needs in Sunshine and Brisbane.

Our professional P-Series line is technologically advanced to provide years of reliable and efficient performance for offices, restaurants, retail stores, schools, banks, and server rooms. Great flexibility of application is possible with many styles of indoor units

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

The dining table can slide easily all the way, allowing for easy cleaning without any special tools and just washing with water.

Mitsubishi Electric Pka / Puz Zm100vha 10kw Light Commercial High Wall Heat Pump Single Phase

R32 is a refrigerant that has the same global warming potential as R410A and has ozone depletion potential. R32 offers more energy efficiency and is said to be the next generation refrigerant

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

Wired Remote Control (Optional) There is a separate wired remote control and terminal block for different installation locations. The MAC-333IF-E connection is not required when connecting a wireless remote control.

The PKA series offers an economical split system for high-sensitivity applications due to their large size. As a result, they are suitable for server rooms and laboratories where there is a need for intelligent cooling.

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

Tenancy 3/1 Maud Street, Nambour Qld 4560

The installation of a drainage pump allows for drainage up to 800 meters above the foundation of the indoor unit. Easy drainage is possible, even if the surface where the unit is installed does not have direct access to the outside; Possible installation

Quick Clean Grille, Advanced R32 Technology, Auto-Ven Shut-Off, Weekly Controlled Dual Flow (Optional,) Suitable for Pump Option Server Room Applications.

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

We are proud to offer a full range of services to customers in Congholtur, Caloundra, Marochidore, Buderim, Nambour, Sunshine Coast Region, Moreton Bay Region, Noosa Region, Brisbane Region and Gympie Region. Our electrical, air conditioning and appliance services are now here to help you with your appliance repair Queensland needs Contact us for fast and reliable repairs to ensure year-round comfort in your home or office

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Air Conditioning Replacement Sunshine Coast

Business and AC Service and Repair When you are used to living with an air conditioner in your home or office, it is a pain in the back when it stops working.

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

The air becomes still and the atmosphere can be very unpleasant, making it difficult to relax or be productive at work.

Our team of service technicians are highly skilled and experienced with various air conditioning brands and products Our professional maintenance services will keep your air conditioning system in top working order

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

Car Service & Brakes Nambour

Maintaining and servicing your air conditioner at regular intervals ensures optimal performance and safety. A properly maintained air conditioner operates efficiently, extends the life of the entire unit and saves valuable time and money. It should be maintained to prevent health risks, clean the air and prevent major damage

Looking to install a new air conditioning unit? Which type is better?

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

Air conditioning is very important in providing a comfortable environment for your family all year round in Queensland. With this in mind, it is important to know which air conditioner is best for your home. Both ducted and split air conditioning systems have their advantages. Different festivals are useful for different situations

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

The right system for you all depends on the number of rooms you want to cool / heat, the size of the room / space, the number of people using the room / space and how often you will use the air conditioner. It is always best to consult an air conditioner expert like us before purchasing an air conditioner for professional advice. Fill out the form below and get in touch

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

Please call us or fill out the form below to learn more about what we can do for you Installing an air conditioner on the Sunshine Coast is a great way to cool and heat multiple rooms in your home or business. The efficiency of your system is achieved by a large central fan coil that is cleverly placed on your roof. The air is vented through a chain that is placed in the roof cavity of your house, or it can be installed below if you have the space.

Port City Air Conditioning has been installing and servicing air conditioners on the Sunshine Coast for years, so get in touch today to make sure your home is ready for summer.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

Air Conditioning Maroochydore

Built-in air conditioning systems have been around for decades and still offer the most efficient option for whole home cycle air conditioning. With only one outdoor unit on the roof and easy ventilation, the ducted system allows for climate control in all areas of the home. A properly designed and installed, mounted air conditioner is the most effective way to condition your entire home. We offer the best products and can zone according to your needs With the MyAir5 zoning system you can control your air conditioner from anywhere in Australia where there is a telephone service.

Controlling the climate on your sunny beach has never been easier with this air conditioning system With the ability to cool or heat the whole house, multi-chamber air conditioners in the sun room are the best way to control the temperature in every room of your home.

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

With a variety of options from all the major brands including Daikin, Fujitsu and Panasonic and Myco Air, our team has you covered for all your air conditioning needs on the Sunshine Coast.

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My experience with Port City Air Marochidore was first class It started with Lara who was amazing to deal with, very helpful and swell We will come to our place to give you feedback and accept it same day and we plan a week’s installation. The people who came to install it were very professional and efficient, the work was impeccable. Overall our experience with Port City was unreal 11/10 guys – Dan Cameron Will and his team completely blew us away with their expertise, customer service and response time. We commissioned their services to help us at the Hive Business Center in Maroochydore We never thought this level of service was possible! Not only did they arrive on time, their knowledge and understanding of our problem was apparent within 5 minutes of arrival. Their information is the best and after sales service is why you should choose these guys! If we could give more than 5 stars, we would! Thanks! – Jennifer Forrester Amazing company The boys did a great job and we love the cool breeze Great conversation and would recommend them to anyone – Kim Rooney Very timely, easy to do business with, great backup service, great price competitive – Luke Nelson Port City Air Conditioners has a dual split system installed correctly. They even block the toe of the parts in the ground to prevent them from moving in high winds. Prompt, professional, professional, courteous are just a few words to describe Aaron and his team at Port City Air Conditioning. I have now had the system replaced by those guys and the whole exercise is no problem Would highly recommend to anyone needing air assistance Nice to do business with, thank you – Paul Murdoch

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Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

Call our friendly staff at Sunshine today on 1300 767 824 to arrange your online appointment (free for new bookings). Our team of in-house experts can review your plans, advise and help you find the right solution for your air conditioning needs.

With hot summers, the heat can be unbearable for you and your family Children and the elderly often suffer the most Building air conditioners in the Sunshine Coast allow you to control the temperature of every room, from the living room, to the kitchen, to the bedroom.

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

Air Conditioning Installation Specialist North Brisbane & Moreton Bay

Your children can sleep in peace with this efficient system that provides year-round climate control Make your home comfortable for everyone with an air conditioning system

Smarthome technology is on the rise, so make sure you stay ahead of the curve with the MyAir5. This technology offers the luxury of controlling each room individually from each control panel – easier than ever with an air conditioning system. Not only that, you can control your system through the app so that you can adjust the air conditioner even when you are not at home.

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

When you manage each room separately, you can ensure that the costs associated with running your air conditioning system are reduced.

Air Conditioning Nambour

There are many reasons why customers in Sunshine Coast trust us with all their air conditioning needs. These include:

Commercial Air Conditioning Nambour

A rooftop air conditioning system is primarily identified by the indoor unit that is mounted on the roof of the home.

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