Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic – The dedicated team at Maroondah Heating and Cooling is here for you, with over 25 years of customer-focused experience!

At Maroondah Heating and Cooling, our team can offer comprehensive air conditioning solutions for Balwyn homeowners and businesses. Whether you are looking for a small unit to cool a small area of ​​your home or a large commercial air conditioner that can cool an entire office space, our team can meet your needs. can help you find the right AC system for you. Our professional builders and developers can provide the highest level of design consulting services unmatched in the market.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Marunda Heating and Cooling are locally based and fully certified specialists. We have been heating and cooling Melbourne homes for over 25 years.

Jeffrey Street, Templestowe Lower Vic 3107

Reroute evaporative coolers to existing drippers, electrical outlets and water lines. Staff were friendly and clean before leaving. Job well done

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

I got a quote from Paul who visited the place. He was on time, polite and thorough. In the end, I chose a more competitive quote, but based on the real deal, I would still recommend this company.

We definitely recommend Marunda Heating and Cooling. We have installed ducted air conditioners and ducted heaters in 3 properties and they are always treated professionally. The job is always finished on time and they clean up afterwards! All their staff are very helpful and friendly and it is overall a very pleasant experience.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Air Conditioning Repairs Templestowe, Doncaster, Templestowe Lower

The service we received from Maroondah Heating and Cooling was exceptional and we were satisfied overall. We will definitely recommend them to our family and friends.

So it’s July and I bought a new “old” house with crappy heating and cooling and nothing in the bedrooms. It was all arranged in one phone call. Followed knowledgeable and patient advice and kept me seated until I actually passed out. well done!!

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

We received an on-site consultation and quote from a very knowledgeable representative. The office team was also very helpful and proactive. The process was very easy for us and we love our new heating system. Thank you!

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This is my third time using Marunda heating and cooling (twice for cooling and once for heating). Each time I have found their knowledge, service and professionalism to be exceptional from start to finish. This time, their installation team was kind and respectful, cleaning one by one (and being patient even after being put to sleep by the alarm clock and finding them knocking on my door! LOL) I turned on my heater. Happy to pack in the ductwork. I will waste no time getting additional references soon. Great team!!

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our fully licensed and highly experienced team can help you find the right air conditioner for your Ballwyn home or business today. From ducted heating and cooling systems, evaporative cooling, supplemental cooling, split systems to Daikin Air Conditioning, Maroondah Heating and Cooling can provide you with a hassle-free, hassle-free air conditioning installation service. Balwyn residents can be confident that our team will comply with all HSE requirements and carry out all work around your home correctly.

Allow the team at Maroondah Heating and Cooling to provide you with award-winning customer service for all your air conditioning needs in Balwyn. From our knowledgeable advice and guaranteed quality workmanship to reliable service and repairs, we know you won’t be disappointed when you come to our team for help today.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Oliver Road, Templestowe House For Sale As Of 12 Jan 2023

Contact our team at Marunda Heating & Cooling on 03 9738 2000 for more information on our services or for a home quote. We offer interest-free deposit payment options. The passion and enthusiasm were great. Good communication on time and 2 new ACs. A job well done.

Especially when Donald has been so busy and made the work go faster than we expected. Very respectful, punctual and friendly. We are very happy with the work, especially now that the weather is warming up and our air conditioner is ready. Couldn’t be happier! Definitely 5 star customer service. Thank you Donald for all your great work, especially walking up the walkways, stairs and all, it wasn’t easy but you did it with a smile! have a nice day. Thanks again 😊👍 duo

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Donald is a very friendly happy guy who gets the job done and back to work very quickly and takes your stress away. Thanks Don I am happy with your service 👍.

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Maroondah Heating And Cooling Heating And Cooling Systems Specialists

I am very pleased with the work done by Josh and his team. I had several criteria and Josh and his team met them all. Really appreciate and appreciate it. Thanks guys!

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Easily organized. You will be notified when they are on their way and we can even track how long they will arrive. Most importantly, professional work and friendly service. Thanks Don for a great job on our split system unit.

Don was great. My heater wouldn’t turn on and he checked everything thoroughly and cleaned a few bits and bobs. It works like a charm. I booked him to service my air conditioner and expect more professional service from him. And a great system to quickly reach out and text him when he’s only minutes away. liked

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

The Hungry Seagull

Great service, knowledgeable, serviceability, and the ability to solve problems that make other people want to replace the entire system.

Highly recommended. Josh and his team were professional and attentive every step of the way, from quote to installation. Additional electrical work was completed immediately. great team I have full confidence in their work

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

We now refer to Don as “our electrician”. He is the best electrician I could ever hope to call. Don’s approach was proactive and his assessment of our issues was second to none. His business methods can be trusted and he will get the job done right. We look forward to working with Don for many years to come.

Plumber Templestowe Vic

Well done!!This company’s representative was the best in a very difficult situation.Resolved a very urgent problem with professionalism.Highly recommend this company!!Thanks again.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Don did a great job fixing my reverse cycle air conditioner. He was funny, kind, knowledgeable and explained everything very well. Thank you

We are very responsible and easy to deal with. Friendly people, we help to find the best design for my house. congratulations

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Industrial Chic In Templestowe

6 split system installed. As with everything, there was a delay in delivery, but once the units arrived, the TTV Heating and Cooling crew came and installed the entire system within a day. Excellent service. 5 stars

We installed a Mitsubishi split system in both bedrooms. The guys were polite, on time, professional and very efficient. I recommend them.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Today I had my AC repaired by Don and Josh. Very happy with the prompt service. I would recommend this business to anyone.

A Sunhill Road, Templestowe Lower Vic 3107

I am very happy with Josh’s handling of communication and getting the job done. Josh and the crew installed 3 air conditioners in my apartment that other people either refused to do or quoted me ridiculously high prices because of the complexity.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Value for money. Excellent service and communication. The work was done on time. The main thing I noticed is that the area is kept clean after the work is done. Would definitely recommend.

With a heavily pregnant wife and an extremely hot summer, Don realized that my air conditioner was in urgent need of repair. He did his best to diagnose the problem, got the parts as soon as they arrived, and came out the next day to fix the unit. Thank you so much!

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

Air Conditioning In Templestowe

Josh was very helpful and the two installation guys were awesome! They installed a new Mitsubishi Electric AC and removed the old unit and inverter. They also have a T-junction to prevent water from flowing back into the AC if there is an overflow. They also replaced a cracked ceiling tile near where the inverter is located. I advise them to install AC!

Long story but worth reading – our 6 year old 3 head Daikin split system failed last summer (2020/21) in a north facing flat in East Doncaster and as it was installed in a brand new flat, the warranty Not dated. . we left Daikin wouldn’t budge so it was fixed at our expense. Condenser failed again early January this year (54 weeks) Warranty 52 weeks!!! The repair cost (note that the 52 week warranty only applies again) was half the cost of replacing the entire Mitsubishi Electric Multi Split with a 5 year warranty. At a time when no one wanted to know about us and some wanted to get rid of (Metropolitan), TTV arrived in a few days, on time, took the goods to their shop and a very competitive price within a week. installed on The

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Templestowe Vic

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