Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel – Lightning Mechanic is your #1 HVAC contractor in Wesley Chapel, FL and surrounding communities. We are the leading company for all your air conditioning needs. Whether you need to repair, maintain or even install a new system, Lightning Mechanics technicians are the qualified and professional staff for the job.

We provide high quality service for your air conditioner. Our mission is to educate and inform our customers. Informed decisions are good decisions. We want you to be confident that you are capable of completing the job for which you hired us.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

Our SEER Energy Savings Calculator can help you determine how much you could save on your utility bills. Enter the SEER value of your current unit and compare it to a newer, more efficient system. You can also better match your home system for accurate calculations.

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} Residential electricity retail price }¢/kWH**. *Based on average annual utility rate growth of }%.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

This calculator does not guarantee actual costs or savings and should be used for educational purposes only.

Condenser: A condenser is an external metal unit where the gas in the compressor is converted to liquid. The gas entering the condenser is very hot. The temperature is then lowered so the gas can turn back into a liquid.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

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Compressor: The compressor is inside the condenser. It circulates the pressurized refrigerant to condense the heat and convert the low pressure gas to high pressure.

Evaporator: An evaporator is a part of a home’s indoor system. Simply put, it absorbs heat from your home.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

All these pieces are connected by a copper pipe, which acts as a refrigerant, forming a closed circuit. The heat is converted to steam and sent to the condenser. The heat has been removed, and the cool air has flowed into your home.

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What happens in the AC process is to extract heat from the air. Your car uses a chemical called a refrigerant to remove heat and move it outside. Flow through the lines and boots in the unit changes from liquid to gas and back again. During this process, the refrigerant removes heat and transfers it to another location, where the air is cooled as it exits the other side.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

Lower humidity helps keep the comfort level in your home even when the temperature is the same.

A dirty air filter restricts your airflow, which reduces efficiency, costs money, and can stress the unit over time and lead to costly repairs.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

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Regular inspections are necessary to keep your air conditioner running at peak performance. Regular annual preventive maintenance will extend the life of your system and reduce overall breakdowns.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures the cooling efficiency of an air conditioner and heat pump, calculated as the cooling output for a given cooling season, divided by the total electrical energy input during the same period. A higher SEER rating means greater energy efficiency.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

At Lightning Mechanics, we offer all the services you need to keep your electrical outlet in top shape. Call us at 813-492-5575 for repairs, maintenance or new system installation.

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My air conditioner needed immediate attention and was given the number of Lightning Mechanics LLC by a trusted source. They were called, met and showed up on time. They were able to assess the problem, repair and adjust my a/c unit. Overall a great experience and I will be using Lightning Mechanical LLC in the future for my HVAC needs.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

The technicians are stellar. Zachary Woods knew exactly what the problem was before he got to the unit. I did not get the name of the other technician, but they completed the repair and the unit is working properly. Professional, courteous and very respectful. Definitely a company I will use in the future. Total Air Solutions service technician Matt Bonnell inspects an air conditioner. Total Air’s Tampa office serves Wesley Chapel, New Tampa and Lutz. (Photo: Charmaine George).

Total Air Solutions has been serving not only the Tampa Bay area, but the upper and lower Gulf Coast areas for the past 19 years. However, during that time, Total Air focused its business mainly on commercial properties – from offices to medical clinics and more.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

Wesley Chapel, Fl Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Heating Services

Total Air started serving residential customers about two years ago, and owner and founder Bill Albert knows there are people in our area who aren’t familiar with his company.

“We’ve been in Tampa longer than people realize,” Albert said. “We are hiring local technology and are very interested in growing and growing in the Lutz, New Tampa and Wesley Chapel areas.”

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

Total Air Solutions sought to become an air conditioning service provider in our area, Albert noted, as the recent “new normal” of the novel coronavirus and subsequent pandemic quarantines — like working from home and virtual schooling — made the residential air conditioning business big. increased.

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“Everyone is at home now,” says Albert. “It used to be better when you left the house at seven in the morning (and could turn off the air). But now you’re there 24/7 … everybody needs more service because the air is always on. This is Florida. So it’s been a banner year for our housing.”

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

According to Albert, Total Air, which he started in his garage with co-founder/co-founder Frank DeCarlo, doubled in size in less than a year.

“In short, the gangs are going because everyone is staying at home and they’re worried about their air conditioning,” he says. “Our business side slowed down a bit, especially in April and May, but we’re seeing offices start to pick up again.”

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

Turman Loop, Wesley Chapel, Fl 33544

Albert worked as an HVAC distributor for Career Florida for six years, first in Tampa and then in Orlando, and before that he worked with a solar hot water heating installation company and a home energy design system firm.

DeCarlo previously spent seven years as VP/General Manager at Northport Heating & Cooling, where he was initially hired as a service manager and quadrupled the company’s annual sales. Prior to that, he was a service technician for an air conditioning firm in New York.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

Now, 19 years later and combining their efforts, Total Air Solutions has offices in Tampa and Northport and 92 employees.

Wesley Chapel Air Conditioning Repair

“There are many air conditioning companies out there, but very few qualified technicians,” says Albert. “We’re also operator-certified and have won the (Operator) President’s Award three years in a row, but we can also fix any brand because when you call us, we send you a service technician, not a salesperson. That’s what the industry is all about.” there’s a term – SID, or ‘dressed salesman’ – but you don’t get that from Total Air. We don’t sell you things you don’t need. We’re committed to finding total air solutions for our customers.”

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Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

According to Albert, Covid-19 is affecting the way Total Air Solutions meets the needs of its customers. At first, offices were closed and employees worked remotely. Then, the technicians would come out and drive separate cars to make calls.

Albert says Total Air US. Follow any guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

The Laker Wesley Chapel/new Tampa May 3, 2017 By Lakerlutznews

“We are very happy that our employees and personally have been very patient with this disease,” says Albert, “We are still taking all the precautions that the CDC has given us. (We are using) masks, gloves, sanitizers. , adults, testing (costs) for our staff – we do our best just like everyone else.

Albert added that Total Air is also dealing with the “new normal” of going to customers’ homes, but is in full hurricane mode as of press time, as any storm that hits the area could result in more service demands.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

“We’re very aware of hurricane season because we can get damage, or people can be without air conditioning,” says Albert. “We want to help them get up and running as quickly as possible.”

York Ac Age: How To Find The Year Of Manufacture

Total Air does it very well and efficiently. This is one of the reasons we have been able to retain customers from the very beginning.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

“I’ve been a Total Air Solutions customer for about three years,” says Carol Grant of New Tampa. “It all started when the air conditioner went out in the middle of the night. They were here at 7am to install the new unit with no problems and I’m happy with that. “

“Living here in Florida, having reliable air conditioning service isn’t just a request or an expectation, it’s a necessity,” he says. “So that’s my suggestion to those who need air

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Wesley Chapel

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