Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install – Davie, FL (February 14, 2020) – Air Pros is proud to announce the immediate availability of an innovative financing program for homeowners that allows them to upgrade and replace central air conditioning systems using local government programs known as Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) . – all without losing money and with a quick and easy approval process.

Additional. Air Pros has partnered with YGrene Financing to offer additional built-in protection to consumers under the PACE program along with a fast approval process that takes less than 30 minutes. There is also no out of pocket money required to purchase and install a new air conditioning system

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

New financing options are available at all Air Pros service locations in Florida, Texas and Colorado, allowing homeowners to finance an air conditioner replacement with no payments for up to one year using the existing equity in their home.

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These new financing channels offer unmatched financing options for our customers as they can enjoy air conditioning upgrades overtime at fixed interest rates by voluntarily adding a new item to their annual property taxes,” said Anthony Perera, President of Air Pros.

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

With recent acquisitions in Florida, Texas and Colorado, we’ve grown our customer base to over 250,000 customers, making it imperative to help America’s families gain access to state-of-the-art air conditioning systems at affordable prices. Our delivery of the PACE program strongly supports this national goal,” said Mr. Perera.

Currently, more than $5 billion in energy efficiency and HVAC improvements have been made nationally through the PACE program, allowing homeowners to pursue home comfort while reducing annual energy bills.

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

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Air Pros’ financing initiatives fall within the White Glove service model, focused on streamlining and innovating the air conditioning repair and installation process for national customers, ultimately enabling them to bring premium brands into every home in America.

Air Pros was founded in South Florida in 2017 on the principles of integrity, reliability and putting our customers first. The company has quickly expanded to many metropolitan areas in Florida, Texas and now Colorado Springs, Colorado, with more franchise partners expected to be introduced soon. Air Pros currently employs more than 250 experienced professionals with 9 service locations. For more information or details on franchise opportunities, visit www. Germany’s energy transformation (Energiewende) has a new word: sectoral interconnection. The idea of ​​using renewable energy for energy-intensive heating, transport and industry instead of fossil fuels will require the introduction of many new technologies and regulations. The jury is still out on which technologies will be best suited to “electrify” the entire economy, as stakeholders present different solutions. This fact sheet explains the importance of sectoral linkages and implementation options discussed in Germany.

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Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

Sector coupling (German: Sektorkopplung) refers to the idea of ​​connecting (integrating) energy-intensive sectors – buildings (heating and cooling), transport and industry – with the energy production sector.

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Germany’s energy transformation – away from nuclear and fossil fuels and towards a system powered almost exclusively by renewables – has so far largely taken place in the electricity sector, where renewables account for 36 percent of gross energy consumption. . Other areas, notably buildings and transport, are still largely dependent on fossil fuels, and renewables account for only 13 percent of Germany’s primary energy consumption (2017 preliminary data).

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

The use of electricity in all energy-related processes, be it transport, heating or manufacturing, would revolutionize the world of energy as we know it.

Today, electricity is used to power machines and technical devices such as computers. Industries and households use electricity for lighting, but Germans rely mostly on natural gas and mineral oil heating systems to keep their homes warm, and almost all forms of road transport – both passenger and freight – rely on petrol or diesel.

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

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Making electricity a standard form of energy in these sectors would be a step towards what is sometimes called an “all-electric world” – and could solve several problems facing renewable energy production.

Since the main sources of renewable energy in Germany are wind and solar power, they are not always available when power is needed, so electricity storage is a major problem. This is where the interconnection of sectors can help: part of the output can be used to heat a large amount of water (electricity to heat) to heat houses, thereby indirectly electrifying the heating sector. At times of peak energy production, the electricity can be used to produce hydrogen or syngas (converting energy into gas). The gas that stores the energy can be used to power vehicles, or it can be turned back into electricity or heat when the sun and wind are weak.

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Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

The German government decided to use renewable electricity in most processes. It considers the use of renewable energy (directly or indirectly, i.e. power-to-x) as the best way to decarbonize the country’s economy, i.e. i. to become largely carbon neutral by 2050. Other options, such as the use of biofuels – e.g. biodiesel, burning wood (pellets) – only for transport and heating production powered by renewable resources is not considered viable as there is limited potential for growing large quantities of biomass for fuel production.

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The use of electricity in all energy-intensive industries raises complex questions, such as how much energy would be needed if the entire economy converted electricity to the primary form of energy, and how energy would be stored and distributed across the country in the most efficient and practical way possible.

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

Replacing electricity produced by coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants with energy from wind, solar, biomass, water or geothermal facilities.

Status Quo (2016/2017) – Households in Germany are the largest consumers of heat (44%), followed by industry (38%) and trade, commerce and services (18%). Households are mainly heated (except hot water) with fossil fuels (47% natural gas, 24% mineral oil, 17% renewables, 2% electricity, 9% steam). Thermal energy is also used in industry and commerce, trade and services. The total share of renewable sources in the district heating sector was 12.9% in 2017. Energy consumption for cooling processes is negligible – two percent of the final energy consumption in Germany. German households generally do not use air conditioning systems.

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

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Targets – The government’s target for the building sector is to reduce heat consumption by 20 percent by 2020 and greenhouse gas emissions by 67 percent by 2030.

Technologies to increase the share of renewable resources in the heating sector include the use of biomass (currently two-thirds of renewable energy used to heat homes comes from biomass, e.g. wood pellets), solar thermal and geothermal devices, heat pumps, power up to – heating installations and gas current.

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

Heat pumps are considered a key technology for integrating the heating sector into an electricity-based energy system. These devices use electricity to circulate hot/cold fluids using heat from outside air, geothermal heat or ground water. The installation of heat pumps should go hand in hand with the insulation of buildings to ensure that less heat is lost and the whole sector becomes more efficient.

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Another heating power solution uses surplus electricity (e.g. in times of very high production of renewables from wind or solar) to heat a significant amount of water, which is then circulated in district heating networks (which already exist in several German the city).

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Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

Synthetic gases produced in energy-to-gas plants that use electricity to produce hydrogen (electrolysis) and by adding CO2 to create methane (= natural gas) can also be used in the heating sector instead of fossil natural gas.

Status Quo (2017) – A total of 94.8 percent of the energy consumed in the German transport sector comes from fossil fuels. Renewables contribute only 5.2 percent (mainly biodiesel).

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

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Targets – By 2020, the government wants to reduce final energy consumption in the transport sector by 10 percent (2050: -40%) and greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

Key technologies to decarbonize the transport sector include the use of compressed natural gas (CNG), biofuels, batteries, hydrogen or synthetic fuels.

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

All these technologies, in addition to the use of natural gas and biofuels, will be part of the connection to the electrical system, either directly (batteries charged with electricity) or indirectly, in the conversion of energy into gas (hydrogen or synthetic natural gas). or energy-to-liquid (liquid synthetic fuels produced by a process similar to energy-to-gas). Aviation, shipping and road transport will be candidates for power-to-x technologies rather than battery-based engines.

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In the field of individual mobility, public transport, car sharing, cycling, walking and eventually automated driving are expected to play an increasingly important role in the development of the new electric mobility concept in Germany.

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

Status Quo (2016) – Industrial processes are responsible for 28 percent of Germany’s final energy consumption. Most of the industry’s energy needs are met by gas (35%), hard coal (14%) and electricity (32%). Only 4 percent comes from renewable sources. Three-quarters of the energy required in the industrial sector is used for heat treatment and the rest for the operation of engines and machines. 38 percent of all emissions come from processes unrelated to energy use, such as the production of cement, chalk or steel or other chemical processes.

Targets – The government wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial sector by 50 percent by 2030.

Commercial Building Who Pays For Air Conditioning System Install

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Technology – The industrial sector needs to be more energy efficient and depends on the technology that will be used to achieve this

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