Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 2nd Edition Answer Key

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Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 2nd Edition Answer Key

Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 2nd Edition Answer Key

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Test Bank For Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 3rd Edition By Wirz Ibsn 978 By Miller586

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Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 2nd Edition Answer Key

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378 Index comparing compressor horsepower and superheat, 102–104, 108 Btuh, 296 system effects, 111–112, 175–176 troubleshooting, 115–116, 175–176 pumpdown, 156 TEV system 156 air lock 156 184–186 supercooling, 44 evaporator volume and, 298 TEV bulb replacement, 109 evaporator problems, 194–195 Temperature controllers, 2, 134–138, 294 compressor failure, 188–189 Temperature differential (TD5–44, low) systems, 113, 114, 199, 276 Temperature drift, 236 298-299 Charge temperatures cooled, 183-184 ambient, 2, 176-177 limited gauges, 1940, 940-36-8 upper receiving side, 8-36-8 evaporator, 14-15, 100-101 , 145 192-193 food products, 334-336, 338-339 limits in liquid line after ice machines, 336 low-temperature refrigerators, 2, 294 customers, 192 perishable foods, 264 retrofit pressure/temperature diagrams, 14 refrigerator undercharge, 181- 182 refrigerators, 2 pedestrians, 111-112, 171f refrigerator and 6-7 thermistors, 125, 12 6f 126f total temperature absorption thermometers, 102, 200f well,ST, 293 thermometer 15 Thermostats , 24–34, 24–34 138, saturation, 15, 101f 141–143, 335 suction, 15 Three-stage compression, 212 supermarket refrigerator, 264 hours , 25f–26f, 230–29, 230–29 34f extension V3 (34f ). See also Automatic triple evacuation, 245–247 expansion valves (AEV); Electronic extension TROT (the expert’s rules of thumb). See air conditioning rules of thumb (TROT), 114 Troubleshooting balanced dust, 54, 116, 117f airflow, 42, 184–186, 275–276, 309–310 body types, 105–106–7 air temperature, 1 bulb replacement, 108-111 capillary tube, 121-122 Danfoss, 101f compressors, 79, 80f, 172-173, 188-189, 201, proportional valves, 106-108 3-down function 228 and raft 221,714d , 184-186 low temperature cooling . 308–310 Sporlan, 100f, 104f, 116f fixed measuring devices, 173–175 snow equipment, 327–330 measuring devices, 29731 details required, 29731 information required,

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Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 2nd Edition Answer Key

Fundamentals Of Hvacr By Carter Stanfield, Ahri Staff And David Skaves (2012, Hardcover, Revised Edition) For Sale Online

Index 379 non-condensable, 186-188 Volt-ampere rating (VAC), 218-219 refrigerant overcharge, 182-184 volumetric efficiency, 69, 86 pressure changes and 177 metering equipment limitations, 190-192, 201 W on line behind the line 201 W receiver , 192 boundaries on the top side in front of the receiver, Walk-ins. See also Supercooling applications 192–193, 294–295 supercooling and 177–178 components, 295–300 superheating and 177–178 compressor troubleshooting, 188–189 TEV, 115–1516–1516 airflow problems –61–51,18 –186 refrigerant charge, 180–182 condensing unit chart, 295f without gauges, 199–201 defrost problems, 311–312 Tube-in-tube condensers, 54, 55f, 58f doors, 291–291 –2917 doors, 3 compressor drain pipe –308 system , 86–90 drain problems, 310–311 EEV, 125 U EPR, 125 U EPR, 147 evaporator operation, 17, 22–26 unloading, 81–83 evaporator problems, 194–195, U.S. Food and Drug Administration 308–310 glass door sweat problems, (FDA), 334 312–313 hinges, handles, and seals, 336–337 V thermal stripping, 15 installation, 289–291 VAC (volt amp capacity), 218–219 load ratio form , 300f vacuum pumps, 242, 244–245, 247–248 consistent problem solving, Valves. See also TEV (thermal expansion valves) 186–188 operating conditions, 179–180 AEV, 122–123 refrigerant overcharge, 183–184 limited orifice expansion, 54, 116, 117f parallel rack systems, 82673 or system pressure, 6f superheater expansion, 86 recharging , 254-256 EEV, 123-127, 143, 268-269 refrigerant, 6 balanced, 106-108, 114 cooling-0013 3 -144 1-147 pcs 1-147 pcs 1-147 pcs. , 51, 52f, 53-54 upper limit before the receiver, master, 156-157 192-193 solenoid valve, 25-26, 77-78, 81-82, 127, 141-143, limit on the liquid line after the sensor, 192 148, 253, 268 size or product loading problems, 310 types of sweat, 105–106 high temperature, 102–103 WRV, 55–56, 57f VFD), 51, 92–93, 279 Vibration dampers, 162, 163f

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380 Index Water-cooled condensers, 19, 54-61, 72, 245, 321, 325-326, 329-330 temperature difference (TD) and humidity, 14, 16 water control valves (WRV), 55-56, 57f Measured costs, 249 temperature, 294 coil, 223, 224f TEV, 111-112, 171f types and sizes, 288-289 Z refrigerant under charge, 181-182 cable, 26 Zeotrope, 36-26, 36, 36, 5 , 5 59

Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 2nd Edition Answer Key

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Electricity, Electronics, And Wiring Diagrams For Hvac/r 2nd Edition By Mahoney

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