Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 2nd Edition Pdf

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378 Index compressor horsepower high temperature, 102–104, 108 Btuh, 296 effect on, 111–112, 175–176 also problems, 115–116, 175–176 pump down, 156 TEV system15 short circuit problem, overload problem. 189. , low-temperature systems, 113, 114, 199, 276 Heat transfer, 236 298-2299 Refrigeration surplus, environment 183–184, environment 2, 176-177 Food limits, 190-32 upper limit before receiving , discharge, 86 Air conditioners, 14-15, 100-101, 145 192–193 food, 334–336, 338–339 limited water line after ice machine, 336 freezer, 2. in refrigerator, movement 2, 111–112, 171f refrigerators and, 6–7 Thermistors, 125, 126f Absolute temperature Temperature thermometer, 102, 200f Positive thermometer, 293 (SST), 15 Thermostats (tstat), 24, 24, 13. See also firing frequency three, enlarged arteries 245-224 (AEVs); Use of electronic TROT (rule of thumb). See Technical rules of cooling (TROT) values ​​of air, 114 Port resolution ratio, 54, 116, 117f air flow, 42, 184–186, 275–2276, 309–310 physical properties, 105–106, 17 air temperature. 177 lamp replacement, capillary tube 108–111, 121–122 Danfoss, 101f compressor, 79, 80f, 172–173, 188–189, 201, measurement systems, 106–108 performance of, 22823–222823–22282823–2282 heat , 114 air conditioners, 173, 184–186 refrigerators, 113, 114 evaluation table, 195–198 performance of, 104–105 air conditioners, reading 198–199, reading 114, 17–19, 17–19, 17 – 19, sight glass, size 160–161, 112–113, 298–2299 308–310 Sporlan, 100f, 104f, 116f tranquilizer, ice tool 173–175, tool meter 327–330, 1903 , 2 notes are needed. , 170

Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 2nd Edition Pdf

Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 2nd Edition Pdf

Index 379 non-perishable, 186–188 Volt amp (VAC), 218–22 refrigerant charging, 182–184 Volumetric energy consumption, 69, 86 pressure change and, meter 177 equipment limitations, 190–192, 201 W after reducing lines of water. acceptance, 192 limits on the upper side before acceptance, Go. See also Subcooling applications 192–193, 294–2295 subcooling and, 177–178 phase, 295–300 superheat and, 177–178 compressor and problems, 188–189 TEV, 115–116–1767, 115–116–1767, condenser spirit 184–186 refrigeration costs, 180–182 storage table, 295f non-standard, 199–201 problem, condensation problem, 311–312 System 307–308, problem network 86–90, 310–311 EEVs, 125 U EPRs, 147 engine operation, 17, 22-26 Loaders, 81-83 issue, engine issue, 194–195, US Food and Drug Administration 308–310 family sweat issue, (FDA), 334 312–313 grips, belts and grips . See also TEV (expansion valve) 186–188 performance, 179–180 AEVs, 122–123 cooling, 183–184 parallel port expansion, 54, 116, 117f parallel rack, 81–83, 267 compressor service. 138–140 R22 system, 6f expansion, 86 filling, 254–256 EEV, 123–127, 143, 268–2269, cooling 6, balancing 6, 106– 108, 114 cooling gas lines, 3014 hot gas, 303– 144, 147 reducing measuring devices, 191–192 HPR, 51, 52f, 53–54 upper limit before assembly, existence, 156–157 192–193 solenoid, 25–26, 77–78, 81–82, 127 . 92–93, 279 Expulsion, 162, 163f

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Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians

380 Index Water cooling, 19, 54–61, 72, 245, 321, 325–326, 329–330 temperature difference (TD) and humidity, 14, 16 Water control volume (WRV), 55–56, 57f Value, 249 heat transfer, 294 Bicycles, 223, 224f TEV, 111–112, 171f types and sizes, 288–2289 Z below charge refrigerant, 181–182 wire, 26 Zeotropes, 236, 6–3, water relations, 57, 59

Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 2nd Edition Pdf

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Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians 2nd Edition Pdf

Commercial Refrigeration For Air Conditioning Technicians: Wirz, Dick: 9781305506435: Books

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