Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning – If packaged ceilings are not an option due to space or architectural considerations, a distributed system of Equally great energy efficiency and performance as packaged units. Same reliability and quality. Also added installation flexibility and ground level access for easy maintenance. This is quite a package.

Offers the widest selection of distributed system components. Design the system you need for a corner retail store, light commercial, office building, hotel, school, etc. Choose from gas furnace and indoor coil options for smaller buildings, from 6 to 120 tons to a complete line of air handlers and compressors.

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

The Split Systems portfolio includes a complete line of air conditioners and heat pumps for small commercial applications. Suitable air handling units are available with single or variable speed motors for year-round energy savings.

Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning

Odyssey Split Systems provide cooling, heat pump and air handling in a unique two-piece configuration that provides design and installation flexibility. And with the Symbio digital controller, Odyssey combines service, comfort and sustainability in the future of connected buildings.

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Large commercial capacitors are designed for efficiency, reliability and flexibility. Rugged construction, multiple system control options, efficient technology, and fast delivery options make these units the perfect choice for office buildings, hotels, schools, utilities, industrial facilities, etc.

With a traditional self-contained split gas electric system, the fan system that moves the air through the ducts, the cooling coil module, and the furnace module are located inside the house. Furnace sections and coils are available that discharge air horizontally or vertically. In addition, the furnace section can be installed without other split system components to provide heating-only operation. The air conditioner PT 4500 S with split design is for the professional needs of commercial operations. Air conditioning, for example in catering, workshops or fairs, needs to be maintained quickly and efficiently – and also needs to be mobile. With its powerful output, fast start-up time and refrigerant-free connection lines, 100% Trotec designed, engineered and manufactured air conditioners are the first choice for a variety of cooling needs.

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Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Split Console Systems For Residential And Commercial Cooling & Heating Systems, Ballina, Lennox Head, Byron Bay, Lismore

Mobile air conditioner for professionals – up to 10 °C depending on operating conditions. Cooling needs can be easily met for each optimized room temperature thanks to pre-programmable target temperature and fan position, as well as microprocessor-controlled hot gas defrost cycles. Powerful centrifugal fan with radial flow for high volume air circulation, with adjustable exhaust grill, ensures cooling even in large rooms.

After being set up on site, the PT 4500 S is ready for use in just a few minutes. The power supply is provided only by a 230 V socket and the connection to the external heat exchanger is made in a flash using a set of connections with quick locking connections. Only glycol-containing water circulates in the connection line, so coolant is never lost when the split block is disconnected and reconnected.

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Durable Pt 4500 S construction with durable galvanized steel panels and additional powder coating guarantees high resistance to weather and aggressive environments. In addition, many detailed resolutions document the durability and quality of this professional air conditioner. For example, heavy-duty heat exchangers with aluminum fins are mounted with thick-walled copper tubes, and rotary compressors are also mounted on vibration dampers.

Light Commercial Air Conditioning Gree U Match Multi Split Ac Unit Air Conditioner Havc Central System

Equipped with sturdy wheels and a very narrow design, this air conditioner is easy to transport and move even in the tightest spaces – the PT 4500 S will fit into every doorway and every elevator. Thanks to its specially reinforced housing, the cooling unit can also be moved by crane using the optional lifting eyes. Two integrated bow-type handles protect the operating board from impact damage while providing convenient handling.

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

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Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Types Of Air Conditioning System For Commercial Use

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Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

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New Commercial Air Conditioner Pt 4500 S

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Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

The Multi-Split Air Conditioning System is a convenient and stylish cooling solution that will keep you ahead of the game. The way you do business will be revolutionized.

The cassette type indoor unit is equipped with an air purification function. It offers a solution to the problem of very fine dust which is harmful to our body. It is a CAC* certified high performance product that delivers clean, cool air to your large living room.

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioning

* Certification Air Conditioner The Korean Air Purification Association rigorously tests the air purification function of air conditioner products and certifies reliable products.

Powerful 5-stage air purification removes odors, bacteria and invisible PM 1.0 fine dust. This filter can be cleaned with water, allowing for semi-permanent use.

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Please inquire to purchase more product information and we will contact you shortly. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, ZERO VRF is a powerful system for your next HVAC project.

Buy Broughton 25000 Btu Portable Water Cooled 110v Commercial Split System Air Conditioner From Aircon Direct

We offer a one-stop solution, including VRF drawing design, model selection, installation material calculation, commissioning instructions, etc. Equipment, installation material and other parts will be loaded together in the same containers, which are directly will be sent. Your work site, we create your VRF projects. It has never been so easy.

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Our professional design team is ready to provide you AC plan drawing, based on your architectural design, we will suggest the most suitable solution.

The required installation materials and other parts can be assembled and loaded together directly to your job site, truly a one-stop solution.

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Multi Split Ac System

8/10/12 HP 14/16 HP 18/20 HP 22 HP 24 HP 26/28/30/32 HP

4. Outdoor equipment below <110m. 5. Height difference between indoor blocks: 30m. 6. Length 90 meters from first indoor divider to last indoor block. 7. Communication cable length can be up to 1000 meters.

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Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Thanks to the service window, it is now easy to check the status and settings of the outdoor unit, no need to remove the front cover.

Ton 2 Stage Multi Speed Daikin Commercial Central Air Conditioner Split System

Supplier Homepage Products VRF System Wholesale High Efficiency Heating and Cooling Vrv Vrf System Air Conditioner Commercial Split Unit Central Air Conditioner

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Hot Products China Products China Manufacturers/Suppliers China Wholesale Wholesale Price Industry Sites Regional Channels Product Index Mobile site specifically for rental use? Of course! Our new commercial air conditioner unit PT 23000 S impresses with its robust and transport-friendly distribution design, easy maintenance and excellent reliability in cooling mode. For example, since only water containing glycol circulates in the connection line, refrigerant is never lost even after plugging and unplugging. In addition, the most powerful mobile split air conditioner on the market scores points for quick use in frequently changing environments along with many other practical details.

Its robust and compact design and the high efficiency of the PT 23000 S make this air conditioner the first choice for a wide range of cooling applications. Two high pressure radial fans provide cooling even in large rooms with an adjustable exhaust grill for high volume air circulation. Thanks to the microprocessor-controlled hot gas defrost cycle and pre-selected fan speed and target temperature, the perfect room temperature for every cooling need can be achieved – up to 10°C.

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

Haier Ductless Air Conditioning

The high flexibility of use provided by Duplex Cooling with DualHex connection, perfect for extreme ambient temperatures, makes the PT 23000 S a “cash cow” for owners. This is because you benefit from an extended air conditioner operating range with duplex cooling, using a dual hex connection to connect two heat exchangers in series with three connecting lines instead of one heat exchanger. This way you can operate the PT 23000 S air conditioner with six S+ heat exchangers – two heat exchangers in each of the three connection lines.

And where are the functional details mentioned at the beginning for ease of use? Here is designed for commercial air conditioner PT 23000 S.

Commercial Split System Air Conditioning

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