Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

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If you didn’t know yet, Westland Heating and Air Conditioning now serves David Frey Plumbing, LLC customers for all your heating and cooling needs.

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

You can be sure that the team at David Frey will continue to serve you on all aspects of Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing, now under one name.

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Both businesses have a long history in Northeast Ohio built on shared core values ​​and shared best business practices. Both teams are dedicated to providing first-class service, reliable advice and reliable solutions.

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

This is a very exciting event for our companies, our employees and our customers. The most important assets of both companies have always been their expertise and plumbing, and by joining forces they have given you a huge increase in the quality of this asset.

Westland HVAC + Plumbing was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Westlake, Ohio. Westland has over 300 years of combined experience among all its professionals and has provided world-class service to many families in Northeast Ohio for over 30 years.

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

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Do you want to install central AC in your house? Read this guide to learn more about central air installation, from installation costs to choosing the best unit.

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Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

As the summers get hotter or as we age we lose our heat tolerance, many of us tend to abandon noisy, dripping air conditioners and replace them with efficient, effective whole-home air conditioning systems. .

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But we do not continue with this idea. Those of you who own ducted forced-air furnaces are worried that repairing the heating system will be expensive and cause inefficiency. And if you don’t have plumbing, you can’t imagine how to add them without ruining the house and incurring a whole lot of expense. But adding central air is easier and less expensive than you might think.

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

When added to an existing compressed air heating system, central air costs $3,500 to $4,000 for a 2,000-square-foot home and can be done by two technicians in two to three days, often with little or no modification. in the channel.

In a home that requires plumbing, operating costs and time are doubled. But an experienced remodeling contractor can cleverly hide pipes behind walls, behind wardrobes and in the attic with minimal cuts in the walls and ceiling and very little clutter.

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

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The first job and perhaps the most important decision to install a central air conditioning system in your home is choosing the right equipment.

All air conditioning contractors should begin evaluating your home by calculating the American Air Conditioning Contractors Handbook J load. This determines the benefit of under heating your home. The calculation is easy and will reveal what size unit you need. If the person you’re considering wants to determine the right unit for your home, go to another contractor. While it is heavily influenced by where you live, there are several factors that affect the size of the unit needed, including the amount of wall and attic insulation you have; types and placement of windows and doors; and your home’s position in the sun. The calculation can also alert you to the potential benefits of improving the balance in your home. By making your home more energy efficient, you can reduce the size of the air conditioner you need.

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

Follow these steps when determining how large a central air unit is needed for the size of your home.

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Using the heat gain equation, your contractor will recommend the size of the air conditioner expressed in tons or Btu per hour (Btu/h). One ton equals 12,000 Btu per hour. Why is getting the right size so important?

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Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

A basement unit will not be able to completely cool rooms on very hot days and will cost more as it has to run longer than a properly sized unit. A larger compressor is also more expensive to run because more electricity is required to run a larger unit. And an oversized unit doesn’t dehumidify effectively. This is because it cools the air so quickly that it shuts down before it has a chance to circulate the right amount of air between the coils to extract the necessary moisture. The result is a room that doesn’t look as cold as the temperature suggests. In fact, the room can feel damp and damp.

Once you have decided on the size of the unit, your contractor should talk to you about the efficiency reflected in its seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). SEER estimates how many Btu an air conditioner will emit for every watt of electricity it consumes. The higher the SEER, the cheaper it is to run.

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

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State law requires new A/C units to have a SEER of at least 13. These units have lower running costs, are generally of higher quality, have more safety features, better sound shields, and lower power requirements. In general, the higher the SEER, the higher the initial cost of the unit.

Next, you have to decide what kind of system to buy. There are two types. The “package system” combines a condenser that cools the refrigerator and releases hot air, with a fan and coil system that cools and blows the air. The channel connects directly to the unit. This is essentially a large ducted wall air conditioner. But packet systems are rare.

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

With the “split system”, the capacitor is outside the house and the fan-and-coil system is inside; They are connected to each other by pipes carrying the refrigerant. If you have a forced draft furnace, the refrigerant piping is connected to a cooling coil system attached to the furnace air handler.

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Sometimes it fits perfectly into the existing plenum. If this does not work due to space limitations, the contractor will create a separate sheet metal plenum. If you do not have forced air, a fan and coil system is usually placed in the attic to bring cold air through the ducts. Pipes 20 to 30 feet long that carry refrigerant are concealed to look like downpipes.

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

Even the quietest capacitors make noise, so work with your contractor to find a location that isn’t near the bedroom or home office window. Do not place the condenser below deck or cover it completely because it releases hot air upwards. Any restriction of the airflow will reduce the efficiency of the unit. However, you can hide the capacitor somewhere as long as the air can circulate freely.

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Most central air conditioners are split systems: the condenser is outside, the fan and coil system is inside, and the condenser is connected to the outside of the house by pipes. Pipes can be concealed as part of the gutter and downpipe system. Plumbing supplies from ceiling registers to the second floor. Channels run from the closets to the bedrooms on the first floor.

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

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You should check your pipes. Often times, modification is required to accommodate the large volume of air produced by the air conditioner. Ironically, older ducted systems, which tend to be larger, are more efficient when replacing central air conditioning. (As the heating industry learned more about airflow flexibility and furnace sizing and distribution systems, friction became less.)

As most refurbishment systems have the air conditioning unit and coil installed in the attic, the challenge is to find the supply and return ducts to the ceiling registers in the first and second floor rooms below.

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

The ducts that feed the rooms on the second floor usually run all the way to the ceiling and sink between the floor joists of the ceiling and connect to the ceiling registers. The ducts that feed the rooms on the first floor run down to the cabinets on the second floor whenever possible.

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The first step your contractor will take to determine where the pipes are will be to draw a second floor plan and place it above the first floor plan. “In 99 percent of homes,” says Frank Scarangello of Scaran Heating and Air Conditioning, Staten Island, New York, “second-floor lockers will give you access to first-floor attic lockers.”

Coppola Heating Air Conditioning And Plumbing Llc

Plumbing works in wardrobes take up less space than you think. Because most pipes are 12×6 inches or 10×8 inches, even in a small 2×4-foot cabinet, they only take up 4 of the 64 cubic feet available. Some refrigeration contractors

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