Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny – Whether you’re looking for an HVAC professional to install a new heating system or repair an unreliable air conditioning unit, it’s always important to do your due diligence. As HVAC professionals know, there are a few important questions to ask before any HVAC installation or repair. As the most trusted HVAC experts for home and business residential or commercial facilities around California, HVAC System Experts has answered almost every question from potential clients. If you haven’t already put the following on your list, here are some important questions you might want to ask.

1. What kind of knowledge and experience does the vendor preparing the quote have?

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

Many companies use salespeople who have absolutely no knowledge of the HVAC market. This can lead to incorrect measurements, inconsistent or incomplete settings, which can lead to problems down the road, leading to early system failure. Correct sizing and installation is ESSENTIAL to ensure you get the most out of your system.

Cottam Heating And Air Conditioning Inc

Be aware that one of the biggest differences in quotes (and NOT often given) is whether or not all the old components are replaced when installing new hardware. For this, parts such as fittings, pipes, valves, adapters, shock absorbers, safety switches, etc., connected to the devices must be updated according to the specifications of the new system. While cutting corners without change can reduce the cost of the job (and the price you pay), it COULD CAUSE early system failure and EXPENSIVE repairs down the road.

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

A quote must detail what you need to COMPLETE the installation. This includes obtaining a permit from your city, removing the old equipment from your home or business, all parts and labor to complete the installation and replacing the old items, as well as a WRITTEN warranty and warranty information.

It is important to find HVAC professionals that use a preventive maintenance and cleaning company as well as basic installations and repairs. Not only will it be easier for you to contact just one company, their familiarity with your system will improve any services they perform.

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Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

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A manufacturer’s service warranty is often provided to help the property owner feel secure. However, in reality, this covers all the important things that service warranties do not cover and has nothing to do with the nature of the installation or your SATISFACTION.

If you’ve done your research and have your eye on a particular brand name, be sure to ask if they carry it. Pristine A/c is a happy dealer for Mitsubishi, a company that produces highly innovative and environmentally friendly products.

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

For those who need to rely on heating and air conditioning services in New York City, contact Cottam Heating & Conditioning online or by calling us. With our efficiency, craftsmanship and complete customer satisfaction, they are unbeatable. We even offer free estimates, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and get in touch! (800) 734-8367

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When preparing to purchase a new HVAC system, what are the first things to consider? System size!

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

If your HVAC system is too small, it will work harder and longer to heat and cool your home. These systems often do not work hard enough to bring your home to the ideal temperature.

But if your system is too big (if it is!) it will heat and cool your home, but it will turn on and off all the time because it uses a lot of energy to do so. Commissioning an HVAC system is a hardware-intensive part of the process. It requires a lot of energy and puts a lot of effort into the system to run it, rather than running it for a few hours. This, in turn, requires more repairs and more maintenance.

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

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One of the problems with sizing an HVAC system is that there are so many factors inside, outside, and around your home. This makes it difficult to accurately determine the size you need. Here are six factors you (or your HVAC installer) should consider:

If you want to know more about what Cottam can do for the comfort of your home, give us a call! (800) 734-8367 or visit us online at!

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

You’ve probably heard it often. “Your HVAC system and your car have a lot in common.” Why do people often make such comparisons? Since your car and your HVAC system have one thing in common, they both need proper maintenance! Think about it, you never go 100,000 miles without checking your car and changing your oil. The same goes for your air conditioner and furnace. Think hot summer days and freezing winter nights. Your system is working hard! By properly maintaining your system, you are proactively protecting your home and family’s investment. So what happens if you don’t keep that investment?

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If you want to know more about what Cottam can do for the comfort of your home this winter, give us a call! (800) 734-8367 or visit us online at!

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

Windows can be closed against the cold, but if they are not closed properly, they will not let it out. Weatherproof windows not only provide personal comfort, but are also a reliable way to reduce winter energy costs. Apply to the edges of the windows to seal. For extra protection from the cold, consider insulating windows to keep cold air in and warm air out.

If you live with leaky pipes, you could be burning a hole through your wallet. Improperly sealed ducts can cause up to 30 per cent of the heated air to be lost, meaning you could be paying for a lot more heat than you’re getting. Before you turn on your furnace this fall, take the time to identify any leaks in your plumbing. Check your system and make necessary repairs. A small investment now can save money and energy later.

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

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Everyone knows that the secret to staying warm is to bundle up. The same goes for your home: it needs insulation to keep cold air out. Do a basic roof insulation check to make sure you have enough. The amount of insulation your home needs depends on the area you live in and your home’s heating system. Consult a local expert or refer to our online insulation map to help you decide whether or not to add insulation this fall.

A glowing fire is a welcome sight when the temperature drops, but it’s best to light a fire only in a well-maintained fireplace. Before you start lighting this year, consider having your chimney professionally cleaned to remove creosote and ash build-up from the interior walls and chimney vent. Also check the outside of the chimney for cracks and repair the brickwork using appropriate materials. If necessary, add or replace a chimney cover to keep out twigs, debris or unwanted visitors of the four-legged or fin type.

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Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

A furnace usually lasts 15 to 20 years. If yours is getting old, it’s better to replace it now rather than putting it at risk of breaking down in the depths of winter. Look for an energy efficient model that will save you money on your utility bills in the process. Another bonus: you could get up to $500 in tax credits if you upgrade to an energy-efficient appliance. This can be a real boost to tax season.

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The simplest and most budget-friendly thing you can do to prepare for cooler temperatures: Change your furnace filter. A dirty, clogged filter makes it harder for your system to work to push air through, overworking your system and increasing bills. Change your air filters monthly to keep your furnace and wallet happy.

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

Cozy up to cooler temperatures by turning off your bedding and window treatments. Strip your bed with cold weather fabrics and cut out the flannel sheets, wool blankets, and soft comforters. Similarly, if your windows are dressed in sunshine all summer, switch to a thicker material that hides the cold better – think duck cloth, velvet and other heavy textiles.

When not in use, the hot water heater fills with air, which can cause problems when you turn it on after months of inactivity. Before you season the system, inspect any air passages. For this, turn on the heat and radiator. Locate the vent on top of the radiator, unscrew it and let the hot steam escape. After the air is exhausted, water begins to drip from the radiator. Catch the water with a cup and screw the vent cap back into place.

Cottam Heating & Air Conditioning Inc City Island Ny

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Just as radiator pipes need to be purged of air, water pipes in the yard need to be bled. Autumn is a wonderful time

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