Esser Air Conditioning Cathedral City

Esser Air Conditioning Cathedral City – Tim Esser might be one of the few people in the Coachella Valley who wasn’t upset that temperatures in the desert hit 100 degrees earlier this month. After all, people needed to stay cool in their homes.

“I’m not saying business is booming,” said Tim Esser, owner of Esser Air Conditioning and Heating in Palm Springs. “If it weren’t for the heat, we’d be like everyone else. Business has stopped. People hesitated if we were in their house.

Esser Air Conditioning Cathedral City

Esser Air Conditioning Cathedral City

Esser never had to completely shut down his Cathedral City-based business during the coronavirus pandemic because state stay-at-home orders listed home maintenance and repairs as an essential business.

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But the economic slowdown caused by nationwide shutdowns has hit the home improvement and maintenance sector as much as other businesses. Tim Esser and his son and CEO, Michael Esserhopet, will see their business grow as the state slowly reopens retail and other businesses.

Esser Air Conditioning Cathedral City

“The only thing I hope for is that the unemployment rate stays as high as it is,” Michael Esser said. “People have to earn money to spend it.”

For Michael Balian, owner of Carpet Empire Plus in Cathedral City and Indio, the economic slowdown prompted him to close his Indio satellite store for two months. It recently opened. The flagship store in Cathedral City has also seen changes.

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Esser Air Conditioning Cathedral City

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“We’ve seen a big drop in foot traffic because everyone is staying home for orders,” Balian said. “That’s why we have limited our working hours to 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and we don’t work on weekends.”

“The at-home store, where we bring samples to people’s homes and they can look at them in their homes, I’d say it’s grown 500 percent, fivefold.” I’m not kidding,” Balian said.

Esser Air Conditioning Cathedral City

Balian expects his carpet and tile business to pick up in the coming weeks as the country moves into Phase 3 of economic recovery. It predicts that some people will have more money because they haven’t spent as much as they normally would in the past two months. But he doesn’t want to say that business will return to normal any time soon.

April 21, 2022 E Edition

“If we turn the faucet, will the water flow like it did last year?” asked Balian, whose company has been operating in the desert since 1996. “Probably not. People may not be ready to leave their homes and go out right away. I don’t think we’ll have an immediate recovery in the first few months.

Esser Air Conditioning Cathedral City

Balian said only about 5% of his clients have delayed installation due to fear of someone breaking into their homes during the pandemic.

For Micahel Esser, whose wife is an emergency room nurse, the idea of ​​stricter safety measures for employees and customers is self-evident.

Esser Air Conditioning Cathedral City

December 3, 2020

“In a way, it’s kind of a reminder of the things we had to do anyway in terms of hygiene,” Michael Esser said. “Like I was washing my hands, it was pushed and pushed and pushed towards us.”

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While small businesses in the home care and improvement sector have felt the pinch of closing orders, DIYers have been busy.

Esser Air Conditioning Cathedral City

Major home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s were open, which meant long lines where people bought everything from paint to garden equipment to do something in the long hours of idleness around the house.

January 20, 2022 E Edition

Tim Esser said the pandemic and the resulting economic slowdown is a good reminder for everyone to step back and reconsider supporting the business community and the desert community in general.

Esser Air Conditioning Cathedral City

“I feel like we need to achieve even more at a time when everyone is struggling,” Tim Esser said. “Usually when people go down, times like this go, people have to keep assets, money, they don’t know how much they’re going to be able to pay the rent. But now we need to connect even more with the community.

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