Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix – When we consider replacing an existing HVAC brand for a contractor, we don’t take it lightly. There are several considerations, including the larger financial implications, the question of the current value of the current brand, and the short-term trauma associated with rebranding. This is why one should always weigh the benefits of a new brand and closely examine whether the old brand is hindering the company’s ability to grow in a positive way.

We also judge brands based on their ‘Brand Promise’. And by that I mean, what does the brand say about the company it represents? For heating and air contractors, how does the homeowner feel if they judge a company by their brand alone? In my estimation, 95% of every small business brand has a negative or neutral brand promise. It’s the rare 5% that deliver on a positive brand promise.

Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

Fortunately, we have clients who often give us a lot of creative leeway to design their brands, and share our philosophy of creating images that we consider “disruptive”. And by “disruptive,” I mean brands that don’t fit their market or look like other brands, and deliver on that positive brand promise. This is what the best HVAC brands do: they stand out and disrupt the space they live in.

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This is what the best HVAC brands do: they disrupt the space they live in by standing out and not fitting in.

Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

Such was the case for Ken Goodrich, owner of Phoenix-based Goettel Air Conditioning. It was about four months ago that I met Ken in Las Vegas where he was at the ISA Sign Show talking about truck wrap designs. He talked about a new radio campaign about to launch, which focused on his childhood experience working with his father on air conditioning equipment while his father was at work. I thought it was an interesting campaign idea, but I felt there was a disconnect between the nostalgia it evoked and the more modern HVAC brand that Goettel had evolved into. And for a 75-year-old company, I suggested that it might make sense to go back to our roots and see if we could somehow combine the messages.

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With Ken’s blessing, I began to try to visualize how these elements might tie together. Goettl is an old company that has this nostalgic marketing campaign that focuses on a guy with a flashlight. I sent Ken all the old logos from the 1940s and 1950s that Goettel had used before. And then, I had a crazy idea, one that would require rebranding the entire company, including redesigning the truck wraps on over 40 vehicles. Why wasn’t the image of 10-year-old Ken holding a torch integrated into the original brand? We can present it in a Norman Rockwell style and give a visual look to go with this radio campaign. Next, we’re going to integrate it into truck wraps in a way we haven’t seen before.

Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

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Before our photo shoot, we created this very rough concept sketch in Photoshop, using the old Goettl brand.

I decided the best way to get Ken on board was to make some rough drafts of what we were thinking. Luckily, it didn’t take long to convince him of the idea. Now came the hard part: how exactly were we going to achieve this? The biggest challenge was finding source images that our illustrators could refer to when drawing. We soon realized that it would be impossible to find an old ad from the 1940s or 1950s that showed a guy with a flashlight.

Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

Then we went to stage B planning a photoshoot with a 10-year-old boy and used that as a reference example.

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Luckily, I have a 10-year-old son with a neighbor. So we dressed him up in overalls, a newspaper hat and armed him with a flashlight. We gave him a blank sign that would represent the logo (something we hadn’t quite finished yet) and took him to our state-of-the-art studio in my garage. We thought we could use this pose for vehicle wraps as well.

Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

We were able to reference Goettel’s original logo art from the 1940s and used it as the basis for an updated version. While keeping the roots of the original brand, we proposed several alternative versions with updated typography and modified some of the basic elements to create a better and more cohesive sign. We tried several options before returning to the typography and colors that most closely resembled the original logo.

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Ken suggested we use photographs of his son when he was 10 years old as a basis for our illustration. He sent us several photos and we were able to make it work. Using original reference photos for lighting and positioning, and then photos of Ken’s son, we digitally painted the boy first in Corel Painter and then brought everything into Illustrator to vectorize. This process took about 80 hours.

Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing

While our illustrator was working on the final renders, I was busy working on how we would incorporate this new branding into the trucks. Initially, I thought I could place the logo with the child on top, but the more I played with it, the more I realized that the proportions wouldn’t allow for the effect I was hoping to achieve. So I decided to split the logo elements for the sides of the truck. By doing this, I will be able to create a larger image of the child and place the logo next to it. Therefore, both elements can be very large.

We enlisted the help of a local sign company in Phoenix, AZ Pro Group to perform the installation of the truck wraps. His team did an amazing job.

Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

We asked Ken about his results so far. He added: “The response has been great since it hit the streets. Before, our trucks blended in with the rest of the crowd, and now a lot of people are taking notice of the new brand. It creates a warm and personal feel which is a big part of our philosophy, always doing the right thing by our customers.These rolling billboards have been our best investment in terms of ROI.

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Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

Dan and his team nailed it. They created a very attractive brand for us and helped us support it with matching stationery, brochures, hangers and uniforms. We are very excited to relaunch our brand and it’s great to know that we can have continued support that will have continuity in the design. If you want to brand a business, these people are the best choice for you.

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5 star experience with this company! I highly recommend working with them because they are second to none when it comes to rebranding and logo design. I am by no means an easy person to work with, and the people I worked with were professional, courteous, and eager to address my concerns. Rebranding wasn’t an easy decision, but after the team got to work, I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. I have continued to work with them after the initial rebrand on new wrap designs for new Estimator truck and car models. I couldn’t have asked for a better result.

Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

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I can’t say enough about KickCharge Creative and their team. When I started my business at the end of 2019, I knew it was important to choose a company with a great and great reputation to build a brand. After researching KickCharge, I was pretty sure they would. Working with your team and staff was very easy and very pleasant. The whole process was fun watching the brand come to life. I knew early on that the importance of having the right brand with the right image and feel would give me a huge competitive advantage over my competitors. KickCharge knocks him out of the ballpark! We launched our business in February 2020 and it was a huge success. Many different people saw our brand and our phones started ringing. We were able to reduce all of our paid advertising, which was a huge plus. We are very happy and grateful for what KickCharge has created for our brand. Our initial business grew to two trucks and $700,000 in sales in 2 years, even during a pandemic. I highly recommend KickCharge!

An amazing experience, I knew I wanted something different, something unique, something that would stand out from all the competition, but I had no idea how to get it. A Facebook group recommended Dan and his group, so I went to their website and was amazed at all the creativity of the brands they have created. I had been sold before

Goettl Air Conditioning And Plumbing Phoenix

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