Golden West Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning And Electrical Michael Harper

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We are the HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical of Natal, a company founded on the principles of honor, honesty, and a consultative approach. When you come to us for air conditioning, heating, plumbing or electrical services in New Orleans, you are signing up to work with a team that puts its integrity first, for allows you to make every final decision that matters to your home system We’ve been serving Big Easy since 1974 and our longevity comes from a long relationship with this community. Here is what you will get with us:

Golden West Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning And Electrical Michael Harper

Golden West Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning And Electrical Michael Harper

Everything here at Natal HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical has the craftsmanship and expectations of professional craftsmanship, and that’s what you get when you work with us. So, if you’re tired of your fan giving you trouble all the time, give our team of experts a call today!

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We pride ourselves on providing top service in the New Orleans metro area. Contact our team today! Service meets the golden rule.

Golden West Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning And Electrical Michael Harper

Very good responsiveness. He kept me informed of every move, including when they arrived and the progress of the work. Pictures have also been sent. – J. Scardinale, on Google

From fireplaces to central air conditioners, we provide affordable heating and air conditioning solutions in New Orleans, LA. Buying a new heat pump, forgetting about quality repairs on your aging air conditioner has never been easier with our 24/7 emergency services, our pricing options designed before completing the work. Whether it’s installation, repair, replacement or maintenance, we’ll take care of it.

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Golden West Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning And Electrical Michael Harper

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Your plumbing is just as important as any other aspect of your home. We understand that this system is often a bit more difficult to manage as a host, but that’s why we have our experts at your service. You can call us for installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of your water heater, drain, sump pump or water treatment system.

Electrical work is not only important for your home, it is also important for your safety and well-being. If you can’t get your lights, panels, and home efficiency systems to work in code, then you have a serious problem that needs to be addressed. That’s why our team has the right license and experience for your electrical work.

Golden West Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning And Electrical Michael Harper

Businesses in New Orleans, LA need help making sure their lights stay on, their plumbing works, and their indoor air quality is bad. This can only reasonably be done by a team that knows exactly what they are doing. Our 24/7 emergency services and honest way of doing business mean you never have to worry about your business priorities again.

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What can be gained from maintenance? Well, in addition to two performance upgrades per year, free 24/7 priority service, 5% off spare parts, and a warranty on excellent workmanship, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered. protect you. These discounts are just icing on the cake, where increased efficiency, lower energy bills and longer life are the real goals. Call our team today for affordable but important maintenance.

Golden West Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning And Electrical Michael Harper

We aim to be the undisputed market leader in providing unique and innovative air conditioning, heating, fresh air, plumbing and electrical solutions to homeowners. in the North and South Coast areas as well as the East and West Coasts of New Orleans.

Meet our team You are in good hands. See photos of our family and property team before they reach your doorstep. They had a special service with a $39 service fee, so I had someone come check my trash was not working. The boy arrived on time. Probably spent 2 minutes looking in the trash, turning the top blade then the bottom blade, trying to pop it on and saying it was broken. I have done all of these before. Then he offered to install a trash can outside the truck for $1000. He continued with another pitch about an affiliate program where you pay more to pay less. I bought a dumpster for $100 from Home Depot and he charged me $500 for unloading the truck. Unknown other jobs, if your garbage disposal problem, do not call these people

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Golden West Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning And Electrical Michael Harper

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I cannot recommend Gold West enough. We had a broken pipe in the kitchen and flooded the kitchen and living room just before we moved out of state. Fortunately, a landscaping company noticed the water coming out of the house and also turned off the water entering the house. Unfortunately, when he did this, our 40 year old boiler stopped working. We called Golden West to find the broken pipe in the wall as well as repair the boiler. Not only had we not yet moved to Colorado, but we were on vacation in Hawaii when this happened. Working with Jason and Zach was a relief. They kept us informed of what was going on in the house and helped us find a restoration company to dry things up. Based on our great experience working with Jason and Zach, we finally decided to upgrade the entire plumbing in the house and replace both the boiler and the water heater with one connected unit. , much more efficient. Given the extent of the initial leak, we could see their work when we arrived as the walls were still unrepaired. The new plumbing looks clean and the combi boiler is amazing. Contractors who came to our home to bid on our kitchen replacement commented that the boiler installation looked very good. Highly recommend Golden West. The image uploaded is before the lid is installed on the boiler, but shows the assembly process and the metal backplate.

Worthless $90 for drain. I will find another HVAC company. This has been moved to the restroom. He has bragged about technology before about how much he can charge people. This group is the foundation. Do better, choose someone else.

Golden West Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning And Electrical Michael Harper

After using this company for many years, my last two projects with them have not been good. The last time it took them a month to complete a two-day job because their workers didn’t go to work. They missed 3 scheduled appointments on fine weather days. His staff didn’t even know his coworker was absent until I told him via text (see photo). I paid them in full before they finished the project because I used them before. big mistake Don’t pay them until they are 100% done or they may not finish the job. Only when I threatened to go to BBB did the manager intervene. Even with this bad customer service they didn’t even give me 10% discount to explain what they did and just gave me $450 out of a $8000+ project. . They think it’s okay to be absent. In most companies, absence means someone is fired. Don’t trust BBB ratings. I filed a complaint against them and gave them a bad review, none of which was posted by BBB on their website or reviewed their rating, as BBB said this issue beyond their scope. Be careful with this company as they cannot be trusted.

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They showed up, quoted 4 times the other quotes I got, and charged $40 for that quote.

Golden West Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning And Electrical Michael Harper

I rarely give bad reviews, but I felt I had to in this situation. I was first introduced to this company by two of my close friends right after I freaked out after going to buy a washer/dryer and discovered it had 2 leaky faucets, too bad we didn’t can do laundry until now. fixed I’m a naive new homeowner here who’s never had to call a plumber before, so I don’t fully trust the rates. I will support GW because 1) they were great when I called to ask about having a same day appointment and 2) the plumber was on time and got the job done. Why do I give a poor or fair review? After completing the job and paying the plumber, I told my story to several other contractors, 2 independent plumbers and my previous landlord who owned the services for the plumber. hire and have experience with contractors. They all told me I paid too much to replace 2 faucets. I thought it sounded high when the plumber told me the price before I did

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