Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian

Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian – Looking for reliable professionals in or around Middletown, OH to fix your heating system? The skilled team at Blair Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help!

We are a local, family owned and operated business founded in 1990, and have over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry. We are licensed by the State of Ohio. Contact us today!

Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian

Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian

Do you want to install a new air conditioner in your home or business? Hire our experts for the job. We work specifically with high quality Trane products. You will be happy to know that we are a Trane Comfort Specialist, and this is the best and highest certification offered by Trane.

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Facing a problem with your boiler? Get it fixed right away by our highly trained crew. Rest assured that we will get the job done right the first time. Our business is rated A+ by the BBB!

Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian

Get an AC upgrade for just $96 at Blair Heating & Air Conditioning. Includes one hour of work.

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Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian

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© 2023 The content on this website is owned by us and our licensors. Do not copy any content (including images) without our permission.*** $45 SUMMER SERVICE CALL SPECIAL on all HVAC!!* We are a full service HVAC company that can take care of everything from a simple cleaning and checking of your A /C to new systems installed.

There were installation problems that I had to solve myself. But the real surprise came 3 1/2 months later when I had a problem and called them for service. It was then that I was told that any service after installation that I might need would be a service call that I would have to pay for! It was at that moment that I first learned that there was no warranty on work unless it was an installation problem! Although it is “normal and customary” in this field to include a period after the sale and installation, the owner said he did not want to do that and was entitled to run his business any way he wanted. I think potential customers have a right to know that since he doesn’t advertise that policy.

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Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian

My Mini split for the master bedroom has stopped working. They came out and found that the circuit board in the outdoor unit had burned out. They promised to buy and install one. A week later I had to call to ask why I hadn’t heard from them. They said the board was not available from the suppliers they were dealing with. I asked if they would install a new 38SEER mini-split which I purchase for $1,347 including installation kit and free shipping. They refused saying I should find another company. They do not offer 38SEER heat pumps. Just low performance 24SEER. From talking to them it appears that when they buy the equipment the installation fee works out to about $600 an hour or more. They tried to hide it by saying they don’t charge an hourly rate just a flat rate and their fees are fair. It’s not fair, it’s horrible. They took a few hundred dollars from me and I got nothing.

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I highly recommend GP Plumbing. They are very professional, on time, excellent communicators, with a price lower than competitors and great quality work. My calls were returned promptly and arrived when scheduled. I have used them in the past for small plumbing needs and recently used them for a new sewer line from my house to the street. Guy Poirier and his crew were excellent in handling this major issue of mine. He explained everything that was going to be done and completed the job as described. Considering there was a lot of equipment in my yard and a lot of digging, my yard looked very nice when they were done. I can tell that they take pride in their work. Guy and his crew were VERY knowledgeable and I felt very confident in their work. Guy didn’t try to sell me on this job (like other companies tried when I got quotes) GP Plumbing was the best price out of 3 quotes I got from other companies. Including the office staff, everyone I dealt with at GP Plumbing was very friendly and professional!

Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian

He responded well at first, but then tried to sell. Air conditioning failed again within 24 hours and was told the repair was only temporary; completely opposite what the technician had explained less than a day before. In fact, they advised that the drain pipe they did an acid flush on had to be changed for the system to work. Uh, reality check, why did I pay to acid wash a drain pipe that now says it needs to detect the system to work? They are definitely not going to reuse the old pipe. The A/C system has since been repaired by a “professional service” for less than GP charged.

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The customer service was amazing and was able to get it out the same day. They called to give updates on what time they would arrive. They explained what the problem was and did the repair the same day. Friendly and affordable

Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian

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I really feel like I didn’t get what I paid for. The service as described in List e is not performed in its entirety. There were a few items that were not met. (Examples: Thermostat calibration, filter inspection and cleaning, bearings and oil inspection). Additionally, I was charged for the 1 lb of freon that was included as part of the e List offer. I called their office the next day and spoke to the manager. He was anxious to hear about the services rendered and not rendered. I received a refund for the extra charge of 1 lb of freon and was also given a complimentary year of maintenance service. I expressed my concern about the extremely high prices for freon ($80.00 / lb) and stop the leak ($285.00) and was advised that it is much lower if you have a maintenance contract.

As we appreciate the high marks for Professionalism, Punctuality and the A for Responsiveness, we consider any overall grade below an A to be a disappointment. As Mr [name of member removed] said, I followed up with him immediately, and he told me that he felt he was not getting his free pound of R22. Because the free lb was not stated on our invoice, we refunded the payment immediately. Referring to the incomplete service, he told me that he felt we had not calibrated his t-stat. The new electrical t-stat calibration checks its function, which mr. [Member Name Removed] confirmed to me that they work without problems as they don’t require the same attention as the old style mercury. Not to mention, we also did drain line repairs, reworking his problematic drain line to flow effectively like never before at no additional cost. Our coolant is not excessive for our market, and we make sure of that regularly. Comparing our refrigerant prices with any other quality service company will verify this as retail and wholesale refrigerant costs are as high as they have ever been. This negative rating on the price is based on the opinion of Mr. [Member Name Removed], which is really inaccurate. Our clients can call us any time of any day, before OR after they give us their business, and we will be more than happy to not only fully educate them on any topic, but also our sources of citing information.

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Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian

GP responded quickly and saved me $6,000 in their AC system assessment. They are A++ in their integrity and responsiveness

Latrobe Valley Express Thursday 13 May, 2021 By

GP Air saved me $6,000 With their quick assessment of my AC problem. A previous AC contractor lied about the condition of my AC system and said replacement was badly needed. GP found no problem with the AC system. I was cheated. GP has high integrity, they are responsive. I will use them for all future work and you should too.

Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian

Price was right. They are on time when they come. They call and let you know when they are here and they are here within 15-20 minutes of the schedule. I will definitely use them again. They tell you exactly what they do, how they do it, and any additional things I might need, and whether I needed them or not. Overall, they were pretty good. I was very knowledgeable about how the system was.

I am beyond frustrated that an A/C unit/system cannot be repaired once or several times. I had a new coil, surge protector, humistat, air compressor and other repairs. I was told to put Clorox in the drain every month for algae growth. I was told I must have poor insulation. Now I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. I may be an exception but if the air conditioner didn’t have the same old problem every time I came back I would never call them. I am looking for a new service provider.

Gp Plumbing And Air Conditioning Brian

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