Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

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India encourages people to take care of their health in new TV commercial for Air Conditioner 04-13 2021

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

The new TVC titled “Mushkil Vs Aasaan” highlights sustainable initiatives to ensure a better environment for its customers through the latest innovations. With the increasing threat of air pollution, exacerbating the corona virus disease, clean and healthy air has become a necessity, not a luxury in today’s environment. India’s new campaign for UV Clean Pro Air Conditioner focuses on the need for clean air and healthy lungs even as people are confined at home due to the start of the epidemic this summer.

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TVC, designed and produced in collaboration with Zero Zero Creative Solutions will launch on December 13, 2021 across all major TV channels and genres such as general entertainment, movies, news, etc. The brand will promote the campaign through print and online media.

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

Storyline: The new TVC is an indication of how it strives to ensure that its customers live healthy and beautiful lives with the latest trends in its products. Directed by 3 commercials, TVC shows the friendly relationship between a middle-aged uncle (played by popular sports and television actor, Gopal Datt) and his young nephew. The commercial features Gopal Datt as a hypochondriac uncle who tries hard to keep his lungs healthy by doing all kinds of complicated exercises and ends up appearing clueless in front of his nephew. When his nephew saw his uncle breathing oddly and struggling to keep his lungs healthy, he jumped on the new Inverter UV Clean Pro AC to achieve the same result. This one-on-one game between a hypochondriac uncle and his hunky nephew is brilliantly portrayed in two opposing ways “mushkil vs aasaan” to keep lungs healthy this summer.

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Highlighting the new inverter AC feature, the business highlights the Self-Clean Technology’sic-Clean Technology as well as UVC Sterilization which will enable consumers to breathe clean and germ-free air. The newly launched Air Conditioner removes all the pollutants in the air without leaving behind any harmful chemicals or residue. Equipped with a built-in UV LED light, the air conditioner kills airborne contaminants as it circulates from the intake air in a way that provides healthy air to the environment.

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

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Talking about the project, Satish NS, Deputy Director, Sales and Marketing, India Tools said, “Innovation and innovation has always been part of our DNA and is reflected in our campaigns. The aim of this TVC is to create a unique relationship with our customers and highlight the importance of clean air in the home especially in this difficult time of the epidemic. Health behind the door has become an important issue and all our customers strive to choose products that help them stay healthy. Our latest range of inverter air conditioners is packed with the latest features that ensure clean and healthy air in in our customers’ homes.”

Talking about the new TVC, Mr Kumar Subramaniam, Director, Zero Zero Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd said, “Our ad campaign is based on the clean air heritage of air conditioning and its relevance in these times. The campaign started with the understanding that people are working hard to keep their lungs healthy. And some of the things they are doing in their efforts to keeping a breath of healthy air is bordering on a joke at times. Our ad depicts this in a way that will resonate with consumers.”

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

Has been at the forefront of demonstrating character and creativity in overall thinking and communication, through such campaigns. Following the brand’s core philosophy of ‘Inspired Living’, its inspiration comes from listening to society’s needs to create customized solutions for Indian consumers – to enhance their lives.

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Get India’s exclusive new TVC reviews here – movie 1, movie 2 & movie 3

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

Headquartered in New Delhi, India has pan India operations and an extensive distribution network across the country along with a manufacturing facility in Pune, Maharashtra. India’s product offerings range from refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, water heaters, refrigerators to microwave ovens, with particular attention to domestic needs. For example, washing machines that operate on Near Zero Water Pressure help overcome the huge challenges that Indian consumers face in their daily lives, while the Bottom Mounted Refrigerators have also been well received by consumers in India due to their large, environmentally friendly refrigerators. local. people’s food. method. The large capacity of the fridge means customers can store more vegetables while the fridge also makes life easier by placing the fridge compartment above the machine.

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Founded in 1984, the Group is the world’s leading provider of better living solutions. With a focus on user experience, the brand has been on the list of BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands for two consecutive years as the world’s leading IoT ecosystem brand. topped the Global Major Equipment Brands Ranking by Euromonitor International for the 12th year in a row. The Smart Home below is included in the Fortune Global 500 list. To date, the Group has three listed companies, with seven global brands such as , Casarte, Leader, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, AQUA and Candy. It has successfully invested in 5 unicorn companies and 37 metal companies. In addition, it has built a 10+N open system, 28 industrial parks, 122 production centers, and nearly 240,000 sales networks worldwide, penetrating countries and 160 locations worldwide, serving more than 1 million user households.(Data as of January 2021)

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

Die Gesunden Klimageräte Von Haier Sind Die Nummer Eins In Drei Renommierten Kategorien Von Euromonitor International

The Group is committed to working with its world-class partners to continuously build brand first, brand and ecosystem first, and create IoT environments in clothing, food, housing, travel, health, aged care, biomedical and education, as well as to set up personalized smart living for users all over the world. Wohnen Discover the innovative Klimatisierungs system for Ihr Haus Click to see all Klimageräte im Bereich Wohnen zu sehen

Home Find innovative Climatisierungs Systems for Amazing Households, anywhere Klimageräte im Bereich Wohnen zu sehen Luft / Wasser Wärmepumpen Steuerungssysteme MRV Find Innovative Innovative MRV Systems

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

Vor über 35 Jahren wurde Haier founded in China. Heute ströttel sich unsere Präsenz von Asiaen über Africa, Europa, North America und den Nahen Osten in sämtlichen Regionen der Erde. That gave 10 Haier-Forschungs- and Entwicklungszentren (F&E), 24 Haier-Industrieparks, 66 Haier-Marketingzentren and 108 Haier-Produktionsstätten auf der ganzen Welt. Kontinuerlich schließen sich n eue Marken Haier an: Sanyo Electric, Fischer Parker, GEA und Candy sind jetzt alle Teil der Haier-Familie.

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Im Geiste der Innovation und des Unternehmertums hält Haier started their Grundsatz festival, den Wert des Menschen at Vordergrund zu stellen.

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

Haier verindet Kulturen und Marken. Wir freuen uns darauf, die Marke and use Netzwerk in Europe weiter auszubauen.

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Unsere Klimatisierungssysteme bieten Ihnen eine Reihe von Funktionen and Prostellungs welche sicherstellen, dass Sie rundum arbeiten and optimalen Comfort geniezen.

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

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Ein intelligentes Klimatisierungssystem mit WLAN Verbindung bietet Ihnen die Flexibility and convenience, Ihr Klimagerät von jedem Ort aus zu steuern.

Das Haier-Forschungszentrum in China verfügt über beeindruckenende 150 Labore, in denen alle Productte gemäß allen nationalen und internationalen Vorschriften für den HLK-Sector gettestet werden können.

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

Im Vergleich zur Invertern integriert Haier bei der Inverter-Plus Technologie die TLFM-, PID- und A-PAM-Steuerungen, um eine intelligent Steuerung des Geräts zu erreichen, die maximumten Comfortke, Zuverland und Effort des Geräts zu erreichen.

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November 24 HAIER MRV HEAT PUMP SYSTEM BRINGS NEW LIFE TO CHURCHES STORY EIGHTH The Haier MRV air to air heat pump system has been installed in an old church converted into a health center. News 12 July HAIER SETSEBI KLIMAGERÄT GEWINNT PRESTIGETRÄCHTIGEN RED DOT DESIGN AWARD Die Haier Expert-Serie wurde in diese Jahr mit dem Red Dot Product Design Award for ihr branchenführendes Design und ihre Leistchnets aus. News 21 June HAIER MITSPONSOR NIEDERLÄNDISCHES RADSPORT-EVENT Mehr als 12,000 Radfahrer nahmen an der Vebego Limburgs Mooiste in den Niederlanden teil. This is the atmosphere of the Festival. With the death of Jahr fand die Veranstaltung zum ersten Mal seit 2019 due to the status of the Covid-19 Pandemic. NewsResidential Find innovative air conditioning systems designed for your home Click to view all residential units Air / Water Treatment Air and Water Treatment Solutions Click for more information Control systems Discover our new range of control systems Click for more information MRV Discover our innovative MRV systems . Click for more information Chiller Solutions for chiller applications Click for more information Business Light Business Light

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning

More than 35 years ago Haier was born in China. Today, Haier has spread throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East to all corners of our world. There are 10 Haier research and development (R&D) centers, 24 Haier parks, 66 Haier marketing centers and 108 Haier production plants worldwide. New models are being developed

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