Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc

Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc – Enjoy a cool and comfortable home with the ROYALTON® 14 SEER sweat air conditioning system, designed and approved for residential and commercial applications. The A/C system consists of an outdoor A/C condenser, an indoor evaporator coil, and a 30 foot hose kit and is designed for use with a new or existing furnace or modular air treatment unit – available separately. The condenser is filled with enough R-410A refrigerant to accommodate a 15 meter long hosepack and has easy access to the interior. The top air discharge design and compact size of the cabinet are perfect for installing multiple units outdoors. All systems are supplied with a dry nitrogen filled shrouded coil that is specific to your application as your representative will contact you to determine the correct coil to suit your installation application. 30 feet. The line kit is properly sized based on the tonnage of the system and consists of a liquid line and an insulated suction line. All systems are AHRI certified and ETL listed. Final wiring of the wiring harness to the coil and condenser and commissioning of the system should be performed by a qualified technician. Note: Due to regional federal standards for heating and cooling products, customers in the Southeast region, which includes the following states: AL, AK, DE, FL, GA, must install a minimum of 14 SEER systems. KY, LA, MD, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA. Customers in the Southwest region, which includes the following states, must install a minimum of 14 SEER, 12.2 EER ≤ 3.5 tons, 11.7 EER ≥ 4 tons: AZ, CA, NV, NM.

*Note: To qualify for the extended 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty, the unit must be registered online at www.nordynewarranty.com within 60 days of purchase for trade-in or new-home replacement. Otherwise, the standard 5-year limited parts warranty applies.

Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc

Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc

The Sweat Matching System consists of an outdoor condenser, an indoor coil and a set of hoses; A furnace or air handling unit is required for the operation of the system

Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Drain Service In Greater Cincinnati

The external condenser is pre-charged with enough R-410A refrigerant for a 15 foot piping set; Additional charges should be added in the field for long line kit applications

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Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc

Evaporator coils are available for upflow, downflow and horizontal installation and must be specified to finalize the order.

The refrigeration piston is attached to the condenser and must be connected to the evaporator coil to achieve proper capacity and operation.

Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc

Perfect Aire 5,000 Btu Window Air Conditioner

You can get a local contractor quote or proposal, determine the size of an existing system you may want to replace, or use the sizing chart available on this page. Use the map to determine your area based on your home location. Using the equipment charts, find your area and move down the column to locate the range that covers the area of ​​your home. Follow the line on the right to determine the recommended furnace for your application.

NOTE: These tables and graphs are intended as a guide only. Information is based on conventional window space (<15%), insulation and building construction. These tables should be used as reference only. When adding a finished basement, use 1/2 of the area of ​​the finished basement to calculate the remaining area. Everyone at Bob Hamilton takes pride in providing a high level of customer service and satisfaction with every plumbing, heating and drain cleaning installation. And the air conditioning service we provide.

Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc

They did a great job and when they were done they planted the grass. We highly recommend them.

Which Air Conditioner Brands Are Best For Cincinnati Homes?

[User name removed], Thank you for taking the time to leave an excellent review! Our goal is always to provide exceptional service from start to finish and we are delighted to have been chosen as your primary service provider.

Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc

They charged me 379.00 for a replacement part for 39.00 that my husband could replace in 5 minutes. I called Bob Hamilton 3 times in 7 days and each time someone said he would call me back. Nobody backed down. They only answer if you want to spend money with them. They do not want to explain themselves by charging their customers excessive fees.

Well, the “professional” came and put a three-prong socket on the stove. The stove requires a four-prong outlet, and when I contacted Bob Hamilton, he didn’t answer any of my calls. I have a cooker with an outlet and have never looked at the cooker to see what needs to be installed.

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Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc

Air Conditioner Vs. Heat Pump For Cincinnati Cooling

Had a major tex problem on my stove (owned by Bob Hamilton) 5 times in 5 1/2 weeks to get my stove fixed. Tonight Corky (Sales Director) brought in two floor heaters for use until my problem is permanently fixed. I took them here for Thanksgiving and had to pay a $130 Christmas service charge (issue not resolved) only temporarily – left again 2 days later. I still have 2 years of warranty left, so at least what needs to be done won’t cost me a dime. I hope they will refund me $130 as the issue will not be resolved until Thanksgiving. Only Corky shows genuine concern to solve this problem once and for all. I believe I take his word for it and I believe him.

I had to go back because it wasn’t working. After 5 years the stove and plenum are shaking and rumbling very loudly. They visit me periodically to check my system and tell me everything is fine. Naturally, this condition does not arise when they are here. They have no explanation

Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc

My installers Rudy and Bradley: I was surprised how quickly they did it and how professional everyone was. He did an amazing job and went the extra mile and fixed anything that was out of order and didn’t charge us. The finished product looks so good that they left everything nice and tidy. I’m impressed. I will definitely send my friends and family there! Seller (Corky) It’s nice to be our friend. He explained each piece of equipment in great detail. I could still call him if I had a question and he quickly called me back. Love the 10 year warranty! All I can say is that I am impressed with everyone. Bob Hamilton You have a great company and great employees. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Stars!! (Yes I know there are six stars, they deserve it and more)

Epic Ac Service

Our dryers were not working properly and the only company that showed up on the same day was Bob Hamilton. The technician said we needed to completely replace the socket and circuit, and it would cost $1,500 to do the job. It seemed like too much so we called another company to come a few days later. When we told the other electrician about our experience with Bob Hamilton, he laughed out loud and said he was only charging $300 for this service. Then he looked at the socket and said it didn’t need to be replaced. They must secure the loose neutral wire. It seems Bob Hamilton wants to provide us with unnecessary services.

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Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc

I made an appointment with Bob Hamilton a week in advance for an electrician to come to my house to do an electrical inspection of the house. I made an appointment for Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 8:00. On the morning of the meeting, someone from Bob Hamilton said that the electrician was in another meeting and would be at my house as soon as he was done. 1-1/2 hours passed during which the electrician did not call or show up. I called Bob Hamilton to find out what was going on and was given an excuse. I rescheduled the meeting for the next day at the same time, giving Bob Hamilton the benefit of the doubt; At 8pm again the electrician didn’t show up and called. After about two hours of waiting, I called Bob Hamilton again, decided to move my business elsewhere, and canceled the appointment. The young man I spoke to (Josh) tried to assure me that an electrician was on his way but had no details of when. The experience was very disappointing, especially with Bob Hamilton himself claiming to be the best around. This was my first and last experience with Bob Hamilton. I will never use it again and will not recommend it to anyone.

They were contacted Saturday morning, contacted quickly, and observed throughout the day until a technician arrived. The technician was polite, explained everything clearly and made sure everything was ok before he left even though it was late, dark and cold.

Hamilton Air Conditioning Electric & Plumbing Inc

Hvac System Cleaning

Excellent service from the first contact regarding the sewage facilities to the end of the project! Everyone at Bob Hamilton is polite, professional, understanding,

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