Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok – Heating and air conditioning service; repair Installation and cleaning of channels. We are the home of free second opinions. We also offer free heating and air conditioning replacement estimates. We never charge overtime; We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians pass background checks; Medically tested and fully licensed. Interstate offers premium duct cleaning services and energy efficient insulation. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today! You’ll be glad you did.

Patrick the technician is a very nice guy. Every question I asked, he answered exactly for me.

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

I have a one year service contract with them. Twice a year they come out to service my heaters and AC units.

Motel 6 Oklahoma City, Ok, Oklahoma City

The technician was really friendly and professional. He explained everything to me. He takes his time and understands everything he does. Replaces necessary parts and ensures correctness. Will rent again if needed.

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

We were told the boy was wrong. I found it in the directory. The interaction was good. They said they should replace all the heat and air but they didn’t. They went out after hours.

Hi [member name removed], Sorry to hear about your poor service. Unfortunately we were not the company. We only serve the OKC metro area and do not serve Salissa. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and would appreciate it if you reviewed the company that served you. Thank you

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

Nw 52nd St, Oklahoma City, Ok 73112

That is hard. Everything costs more than you want. The part is very expensive. It’s not their fault; Parts are expensive.

I asked them to fix the air conditioner. They replaced the blower motor for the compressor. Compressor fan motor.

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Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

I could have done it myself, but they helped me. The service call should be $89. My bill was 200. So I think I paid them over $100 to install my thermostat. It took 10 minutes.

S Interstate 35 New Braunfels, Tx 78130

My air conditioner stopped working. I need a new thermostat. They charged me $300 for the thermostat. So I bought one for under $30. He had to go out a second time due to bad weather and asked if they needed freon. I can’t look outside of me to see if I need to recharge. So I met with two technicians. Both are friendly and have a good relationship.

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

We do not charge for this service. We have owned our home for less than a year. The builder we buy from pays the fees. They came out and fixed everything very quickly. The air conditioner worked well after the repair. Will use again if in the area.

The technician was really friendly. He explained everything to us. He takes his time and understands everything he does. They came out on Sunday. If it were up to me, I would use it again.

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

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The guy came out after fixing the AC at 9:30 that night. It’s not the same as leaving at 9:30 in the morning. I suspect they pay a little more than most places to support that business model. I’m going to roll it all to do a little more during the day and a little less at night. Most other places charge half or twice as long. If the model will do this kind of service, that’s what we charge. Pay more for convenience. I am very happy. They don’t fix it after it’s over. It’s inside and working. I am happy.

The same charging rate 24 hours a day. You can pay a little more to call your people, treat them right and talk to people in the company. Prioritize the service that comes out. If it is called 95 and 98 there, you will have priority there. Heater checks and AC checks at appropriate times of the year. I’m so happy for the people who came out. They did good deeds. I’m in Kent, to control the temperature in the house. I spent a week in WA. I got back late Friday night. Kent was able to adjust things with them and come out on Saturday to fix it. I am a very happy customer.

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Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

The first time, the drain line was completely clogged. Here in Oklahoma the main heater/AC is mounted in the ceiling. If it doesn’t drain, it won’t remove your ceiling because it will seal. They came out and replaced it and it worked.

Hotel Classen Inn Oklahoma City, Ok (united States)

Stupid! This is a multi-service review of various services I have received over the past few years. I installed a new heater and air conditioner in 2013 and also purchased a maintenance package. Every time any of the technologies appear, They are on time; Professional and knowledgeable about the equipment. They provide suggestions and recommendations. All office staff who answered the phone were very pleasant and professional. All about this company and its employees

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

[member name removed]; Thanks for taking the time to write this. Your business is very important to us. We love to have you as a customer.

Good Even if one unit goes out in a few days. I don’t think it’s relevant.

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

Hotel Courtyard By Marriott Oklahoma City Downtown Oklahoma City, Ok 4* (united States)

They did a great job for me. princesses Jennifer and Nancy were wonderful on the phone, Kaye himself came on the phone and gave valuable information and advice, and Shawn arrived when scheduled and did a great job with the installation. They charge the price they quote and are very professional in all areas of interaction. I highly recommend them. Thanks, Dale

There were some challenges getting the new unit, but the workers went out several times until everything was fine. quality of work; staff skills; We cannot be satisfied with the way things are handled until the company is honest and satisfied. They will do whatever it takes to “get it right”. We highly recommend this company for your heating and air conditioning needs.

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

It was convenient. He made some suggestions that we needed to increase the return vents. It is also recommended that the blower wheel be looked at/replaced due to fins and vibration. Tech gave me hints to identify the problem. I was disappointed to find that the air conditioner fins were not straight.

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Stupid! We have a regular monthly payment that gets us 2 checks a year. The contract also offers discounts on repairs that were often needed on our old system. We finally decided to replace our old HVAC system. I contacted them in May and it was a slow time. The owner agreed to install the systems the next day, so they gave us a discount because their crew was not busy. They installed 2 complete HVAC systems for $17,000. Two months after installation, the leak occurred during the hottest weather on record. We called and they came out the next morning. It was found that the condensation drain was not properly adjusted. We are still under their warranty so no charge. They solved the problem quickly and efficiently. It will even repair drywall leaking through the ceiling and is paint compatible. I think the mark of a good company is not just how they handle your business the first time, but more importantly how they take responsibility for solving the problem.

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

Kai came out briefly and sat down with me to go over my system and fully explain all my options. No other company has done such a thorough job of explaining how my system works and how it will work with all the options. I even asked them to buy a more expensive unit to use with reusable parts, and they told me not to because it wouldn’t be more efficient. Don’t sell me. This is what other companies do. I got exactly what I needed at a reasonable price and installed them the next day. The technician who did the installation was courteous and professional and answered any questions I had during and after the installation. I can’t say enough good things about Kai and his company.

I got a card.

Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning Oklahoma City Ok

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