Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx – Lowery began working as an apprentice plumber in his teenage years. After several years in business, in 1980, we started as a small residential heating and air conditioning company.

In 1990, he turned to a residential heating and air conditioning repair and renovation company. His goal was to provide the people of the Lubbock area with the best products and services. His requirement for himself and his staff was to remain ethical and honest in his dealings with clients at all times. Recognizing and respecting the right of our customers to choose their home and any company for such services.

Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

We provide high quality service by giving our customers the freedom to choose what they buy, highly trained staff, the best brands, and what they can’t get from other similar service companies. I try to believe that consumer choice should not be restricted by an untrained service company. Your choice of services and products should greatly improve your home and life, and we strive to provide that.

Can I Buy Air Conditioning Freon At Home Depot?

It is a guarantee, not a warranty. This guarantees that any service or repair we provide will provide free labor for the specified number of years paid for or requested by the customer. For AC systems, we also offer pre-paid equipment maintenance for a specified period. It also claims the device manufacturer’s warranty and registers devices if necessary. In the case of plumbing, it means further repair or replacement of the installed product if it is found to be defective or malfunctioning. These are handled and set up internally, so no big companies are involved.

Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

We strive to lead the industry with new technologies and products. We are the first company to offer the citizens of Lubbock the option of not settling. Seeing their growing need for alternatives, we led the way. We offer top quality American appliance installation in the West Texas area. Our company wins the highest customer satisfaction award every year because of the dedication and efforts of our skilled technicians to provide excellent service.

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Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

Why Ercot Is Asking Customers To Conserve Power

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Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

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Technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertisements or to track users on a website or websites for similar marketing purposes. “Thank you to your colleagues and company for their professionalism and expertise in meeting our unexpected plumbing needs. Thank you for a job well done – hope to see you again soon!carol

Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

I called Lowery Plumbing about the washer leaking. Bryce was my artist. A water valve appeared. Fixed within an hour. I am satisfied with the service and price. Judy

‘ So your husband came today to do the usual maintenance. We talked, he was kind. I made sandwiches and soup. No water, of course, and no big deal. I thought I would scrub it all off when I got home. When I leave, he says sorry, the water has run out. I said without bothering and left. I went to the house and he washed everything. Wow. It’s so amazing. I have one and I have a business. Everyone wants to complain about everything these days. Here is your person. I thought you wanted to know Marty C.

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Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

How To Fix Low Water Pressure

I called last night after 10pm because the air conditioner was blowing hot air. Jan immediately called and arrived, diagnosed the problem and said he couldn’t fix it overnight and would try to get me on the schedule as soon as possible. They were able to arrive at noon today and found the problem quickly. Jan was very open about the issue and its costs. There were no hidden accusations or emotions he was trying to manipulate. He was absolutely brilliant. I am very pleased with the speed and professionalism of this company and will continue to use them. Chelsea C.

Raleigh is our company. They installed a new water heater, a new AC/heater unit, and fixed the plumbing issue. The staff are polite and respectful. Not just some of them, but all of them. It is all work at different times and by many different workers that have never been heard of at this date and time. They are like one big happy family. Yes, this is good for the owner. The staff always keep the home clean and ensure that it is treated with care. We hope that any kind of repair can be done in the long run, but Raleigh is our choice if you unfortunately need it. Miss C.

Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

‘ Anthony and Mike were the nicest and most polite men (saying ‘yes, ma’am, no’) while at my house. Also, they are very knowledgeable and explained all the work of the whole process while I was out yesterday. I first called about the leak under the sink. When they were there they checked the water heater that I explained the problem to and found out that it was not a new one as they believed the other company that I had installed it. I just wanted to tell you over the phone what a great experience it was working with Mike and Anthony. I felt confident and comfortable with the price and level of service provided and I was hoping to be understood. Thank you. B. Edwards

Residential Hvac Projects

“Recently Mike, Neil and Lee were doing some work at my house and they were all great. They did a great job and I appreciate your service and sending me to my house. ” I’m happy with the people who give. me.” Beth H.

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Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

” Very professional and fast. I appreciate your friendship and interest in solving my problem. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for plumbing repair. Kelly J.

“I am very happy with this new airlock. Carlos and Scott did a great job. They explained everything they were doing in detail. and he was clean to do anything. Most people don’t talk to their father but Carlos told him everything. he continued and showed him respect. Carlos is an excellent PR Thanks again A. Barker

Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

Smarthq Service Technicians Website

“Thank you so much for the delicious Red Velvet Bundt Cake you brought to our home. It was a real pleasure to give you such a lovely gift. Thank you very much. I will recommend your business to others. We are very happy with the new unit.” J. CdeBasa

” My AC was serviced today by one of your technicians. Inspection and maintenance are very thorough. Having a skilled and dedicated staff like this man gives me peace of mind that I can stay cool or hot. Thanks for a job well done (since my AC was installed). G. Lane

Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

On Monday, October 10, 2016, your new employee, Lee Morales, showed up to work at my facility with the air conditioner. I was impressed by his ability and the way he carried himself. Lee detailed the maintenance he was doing on both pieces of equipment. He pointed out that when my refrigerator (R22) needs to be topped up, the cost can go up. His maintenance inspection of my A/C unit was excellent considering it is 14 years old. Kudos to Lee for his clear knowledge and understanding of these two products. A great addition to your staff. A. Hastings

La Quinta By Wyndham Lubbock South, Lubbock

” The best plumbing service in town. Thanks to Philip for saving us $2800. Comparison with Spartan Plumbing. Mike P.

Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Lubbock Tx

I must say you have great people like Tommy

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