M And S Plumbing Heating & Air Condit

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M & S Plumbing, Inc. knows the dynamics of plumbing, heating and air conditioning. We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service at competitive prices. Contact us for a service call or for more information. Call 785-537-7303 or email us at [email protected] M & S Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc is a member of the Kansas Better Business Bureau.

M And S Plumbing Heating & Air Condit

M And S Plumbing Heating & Air Condit

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M And S Plumbing Heating & Air Condit

Couldn’t ask for better service from a plumbing company. Fixed my boiler in a very timely manner!

Fast and fantastic service. Fixed toilet and leaking faucet. I highly recommend them for all your plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs!

M And S Plumbing Heating & Air Condit

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I needed a new oven due to the fact that my old one was older than me, no longer efficient and almost rusty. I got quotes from 6 companies to do the work. When M&S came to quote they were the ONLY company that explained all my options and the prices for each installation. They didn’t try to sell me more than I needed and even advised me not to spend the money on someone I was considering because I wouldn’t have the house long enough to justify the extra cost. That alone was amazing!

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I waited months to contact them while evaluating my options and when I finally decided to go with them, they started the installation in less than a week. which was great because it was starting to get cold.

M And S Plumbing Heating & Air Condit

The guys who did the installation were a hoot! They didn’t mind talking to me ad nauseam or that my little son was making a mess.

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My only complaint was that they didn’t seem as prepared as they could have been, but that had a lot to do with the fact that they had to try to fit the new furnace onto my old coil that wasn’t made to fit.

M And S Plumbing Heating & Air Condit

We had M & S Plumbing & Heating install a ground loop heating system. I cannot express how efficient, professional and clean this company was! When they put on their little blue booties I was amazed as I had never seen any other company do this before. Our system is a very “green” system, which allowed us to get a great discount and lower rates from our energy company. You already paid the bill! We loved it and wouldn’t ask anyone but her to come back! They are the best!

My husband and I installed a system a few years ago and have had absolutely no problems with it. They were very efficient and explained what they were doing and left no mess behind. If we need another and if we need it, we will definitely call them to install it. We were and continue to be very satisfied customers.

M And S Plumbing Heating & Air Condit

Cabrillo Plumbing, Heating & Air

We checked our oven after our first born arrived. It was determined that we had a cracked heat exchanger and needed to install a new system. The M & S Plumbing salesperson was very knowledgeable about the products, stayed true to our needs and was very professional. Once we chose our system, they installed it quite quickly. The installers were thorough, wearing booties while inside and cleaning up after they were done. We love our new system. It is much quieter, our heating bills have gone down quite a bit, and the clean air products installed have drastically helped my daughter’s and my allergy issues. Since then we have used M & S Plumbing, Heating & Air for various other services and have always been satisfied. We highly recommend this company!

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They were very professional when they installed it. They walked us through how to implement the new systems, they didn’t just hand us something and say, here you go without explaining. DON’T DO THAT!

M And S Plumbing Heating & Air Condit

If you need​​​​a new system, I would go to them again and again because THEY ARE THE BEST! and we also live in Loomis, Nebraska. So, we are very impressed with this COMPANY!

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I bought a very expensive Amana system (furnace, air conditioner, electronic air filter) and the installation was very fast. They said it would take a few days, but they did it in a day plus a few hours. They set up my thermostat after suggesting a pattern and asking my preference, and showed me how to work it. The system has been great and has greatly reduced my utility costs. I have worked with this company for many years and have never had a problem. I think if you are a reasonable customer you will get great service (regardless of company).

M And S Plumbing Heating & Air Condit

I have constant HD problems with this “cadillac” MAYTAG unit for both air conditioning and heating. First, the representative Erik represented two complete systems for this house with the additional appliances that come with it. We clean an electronic filter and ultraviolet light. I was told that this would be delivered the day of installation. I had to buy a SEER unit above 95% to get the tax break for 2011. First day of installation was cancelled. I was angry. I had to change my whole schedule. They arrived the following week. Scott and Matt. Nice guys, but they certainly don’t like the facilities. Very slow, constantly out to get pieces, 1.5 lunch break, oh, and then they leave around 2.30pm. m. They threw me the new thermostat and told me I’ll READ IT……………. HUH. Then they put the dirty filter back in and said, oh don’t worry, a new one will come. I had to go and buy a higher efficiency paper filter that night. The unit moans and whistles. Erik the so-called tweaker keeps this unit tweaked, but it doesn’t improve. On day two we asked Brad to take it all out, he and Erik practiced on me. The unit sweats a lot. We asked not to clean up the plogn before it was done, they said no, it would be another 8k to replace it…what? on 6.6.2011 I got to a very warm house only to find out after cally ms once again that the fan motor died CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS and he said he replaced it with a floor model? Looks nice and uses zhounhgsgan porcelain with rev con blades. Is this a MATAG product that I paid 99360 for… I am not happy with this unit and want it disassembled and removed from my house. My 25 year old unit performed better than this. The MAYTAG representative tells me it is an installation problem. it looks plain. I would not recommend this to a friend who is still working on this through Pray for us.

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We did everything to satisfy these people and it was not possible. Any issues they mentioned were immediately addressed and taken care of. When the engine of the engine’s condenser was frozen, it was unfortunate, but it happens. The dealer didn’t have an OEM replacement motor in stock, so he did the best he could – removed the entire top of her display model (which is the exact same unit we had installed for her) so we could get her cooling back. . ASAP we did. On the second day of the installation, when they left at 2:30, they had the air conditioner running and all they had to do that day was soldering. Outside temperatures hovered in the 100s; We don’t go into the attic because they will be 140-175 degrees and unsafe to work in. Nevertheless, they went back to the shop and made the fixtures that had to be installed the next day, so even though they weren’t at home, they were still working here in the shop. On the night of the second day, I received a call from her complaining about the fan noise, so I went to talk to her first thing the next day. They had a list of about seven subjects, all of which

M And S Plumbing Heating & Air Condit

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