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Memorial Commercial Air Conditioning Company – Efficient HVAC systems have always been part of maintaining a healthy building environment, and with the impact of COVID-19 and the only way the virus can spread, it has never been more important for HVAC to play a key role in maintaining a healthy building environment. Building occupants will be safer, especially as people begin to return to workplaces and other commercial environments.

There are three known routes of contamination for COVID-19. First, there is human-to-human transmission, which is also indirect if the virus goes from one person to a surface they touch, which is then touched by another person. Then the transmission is through the air. The British Council’s reflections on post-Covid-19 office design and operation speak of droplets larger than 10 micrometres, “sneezing and coughing and in still air, usually about 2 meters from the infected person”, but Charles P. of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech . Professor from Lunsford Dr. Lynsey Marr told New Scientist that humans emit thousands of times more small droplets than larger ones. They think they can infect people with COVID-19. Then there is a third route of contamination: particles from the toilet enter the respiratory tract of people when they use the bathroom by passing from feces to the mouth.

Memorial Commercial Air Conditioning Company

Memorial Commercial Air Conditioning Company

First, we need to look at the ways of transmission and evaluate ways to combat them. Focusing on smart technology can reduce the risk of the virus spreading from person to person. This starts when you arrive at the building using contactless entry systems, for example using facial recognition technology. Once inside, employees can be directed to an area of ​​the office not yet occupied by digital signage or apps. And instead of manually pressing a button, the information about what floor they work on can be read from the employee ID card by a card reader and activate the elevator.

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Focusing on smart technology can reduce the risk of the virus spreading from person to person.

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Memorial Commercial Air Conditioning Company

To reduce airborne contamination, the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers recommends operating ventilation systems with high flow rates. “This may require changes to C02 setpoints for both mechanical ventilation and automated windows,” it said in its COVID-19 ventilation guidance. In fact, recent advice from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers is to never have too much fresh air, and they’re starting to work on recommendations that quantify the risk associated with viruses in an air-conditioned space. Change rate, maybe 10 air changes are good and 2 bad. Interestingly, recently installed fan coil and cooling beam systems allow for 2 and 3 air changes.

Chinese and American academics investigating the epidemic in China’s Zhejiang province found that airborne transmission of the virus occurred in 48.3% of people in poorly ventilated workplaces. In particular, to stop the spread of COVID-19, there is a need to increase ventilation and bring in more fresh air. A high level of filtration such as F9 can reduce the risk of recirculated air contamination. It is a very fine system that captures 70nm nanoparticles, but has a high energy consumption to overcome the resistance.

Memorial Commercial Air Conditioning Company

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An alternative is to leave these systems on longer – usually two hours before people arrive and two hours after they leave. CIBSE’s report on COVID-19 also states: “Single room air recirculation supplemented with outside air supply is acceptable.”

Getting enough fresh air into the system is key. It can be as simple as opening the windows. The BCO report goes so far as to say: “Actively use operable windows and openings to maximize ventilation to occupied spaces, even at the expense of thermal comfort.”

Memorial Commercial Air Conditioning Company

BCO recommends that fan coils that locally recirculate air in an occupied space “should be cleaned frequently and thoroughly, and where condensation occurs, drain pans and siphons should be maintained frequently to prevent bacterial and mold growth.” It is also recommended to install HepWo traps on condensate systems that flow into the waste pipe. I have seen some research questioning the safety of fan coils due to air movement that has the potential to widely distribute viral particles in an office environment. Attackers should consider studying CFD as part of secure planning. Regarding chilled beams, CIBSE says that active chilled beams can be operated normally, but that there must be good air supply for passive chilled beams.

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I would be interested in further investigating the performance of under floor and low level air ducts. The lower velocities and laminar airflow associated with these systems result in less air turbulence, especially in the intake zone. This appears to have a clear advantage in reducing the risk of transmission of the virus in the workplace.

Memorial Commercial Air Conditioning Company

Also interesting is the consideration of variable air volume, which has not been used much in offices since the 1990s, mainly due to space requirements. However, this type of “all air” system provides a much higher air exchange rate than fan coil and jet systems. If we can find a way to clean the return air using filtration and other techniques, a VAV system will typically provide 8-10 “clean air” air changes.

Based on what we currently know, and only relative to the risk associated with Covid-19, I would rate the safety of the most popular basic building ventilation systems as follows

Memorial Commercial Air Conditioning Company

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While supply air can help dilute any potential virus particles in an area, a good exhaust system is needed to actually remove them from a space, and ducted exhaust systems may become more common. The risk of carryover can be greatly reduced by using CFD to accurately locate extraction points in areas where most particles are likely to accumulate.

There are some very encouraging new technologies to help fight the spread of Covid-19, including tracking UV-C lighting that can be used inside pipes to clean spaces or clean air. Very effective with filtration. UV-C light can be very dangerous if you come into direct contact with it, it will quickly burn the skin and damage the light-sensitive retina, but you should be careful. Japanese scientists have found that UV light at a certain frequency can destroy virus cells while being safe for humans, an early-stage example that could spur the development of technology to help fight the coronavirus.

Memorial Commercial Air Conditioning Company

I find bipolar ionization, alternatively referred to as cold plasma, interesting. Historically, it was used for air purification in medical and food applications. Laboratory tests have shown that ionized air, when delivered into space, removes COVID-19 from air and surfaces in a short period of time, so it has the potential to be used in a wide range of applications. Care must be taken before installing this technology in an office environment, as some devices are not designed for this purpose.

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While manufacturers of ionizing agents are concerned about reducing ozone risk, some products have been developed in Denmark and have been used for some time in occupied spaces that use minute amounts of ozone to disinfect food processing equipment. These products have been shown to be effective against SARS and other viruses, suggesting the ability to eradicate COVID-19 with naturally occurring levels of ozone on a sunny day.

Memorial Commercial Air Conditioning Company

Limits for safe amounts of ozone in an occupied space are a new area of ​​research, but the recent standard set by the U.S. Underwriters Laboratory for certification of air cleaning products with UL2998 is a limit of 5 parts per billion. But it is not yet an internationally recognized standard. This is clearly an area of ​​great potential in the fight against COVID-19 and I hope that UK research organizations such as BSRIA and BRE will set the standards and interest in the use of these new technologies.

“Mixed mode” ventilation is becoming more common. In the absence of summer, the cooling can be turned off so that the windows can be opened. It could eventually even replace the familiar closed building model. This system is automated using sensors and above all clean air is good for people: there are several recent examples of how this has been done, with other buildings such as London’s Wall Place being verified for future ‘mixed mode’ use. The tenant should get it if they like it.

Memorial Commercial Air Conditioning Company

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Meanwhile, to combat faecal-oral transmission, bathroom fans should be kept on high and re-systems running 24

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