Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning – Ostrom Electric Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is the leading home service expert in the Roanoke area. Professional technicians provide a complete service to make your home safe, efficient and reliable. From electrical and plumbing to heating and air conditioning, we always have comfort and satisfaction in mind. Since 1999, this family-run business has helped many homeowners just like you. We look forward to providing you with the same quality service. Our technicians are experts in the field and can solve electrical, plumbing or HVAC problems when you call.

With Ostrom Electric Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, it’s all about you. Practice our standards to meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations. We keep our prices fair and let you know the cost of our service up front so there are no unpleasant surprises. With expert technicians, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. In the unlikely event that the service or product fails, we will do everything we can to fix it or you will not pay.

Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Make an appointment with Ostrom Electric Duct Heating and Air Conditioning today! Call us at (540) 253-1559 or enter our address online. For more than 19 years, we have used a simple approach to serving our customers. We put the best tools in the hands of the best people. Our technicians are professionally trained professionals who will quickly diagnose your needs, provide you with an initial quote, complete your first job, and thoroughly clean your job site. All of our technicians undergo background checks and drug tests for peace of mind. For all electrical, HVAC, plumbing repairs and upgrades, you can count on Ostrom Electric Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning for fast, friendly and professional service. All work and your total satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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The service team is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They are very communicative, and on time. I will use it again.

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Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

They fixed the problem, replaced the fuel line, and I feel more confident that I won’t have a sudden fire. People are polite, punctual and helpful. I will use it again. I don’t remember the price I paid but it was reasonable.

If I remove the old one and install the new one on top of the old one, I don’t do this, sometimes it leaks again and I have to hire someone to pick it up.

Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

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The person I spoke to on the phone had some confusion about arranging the service at first because their dates were mixed up. He apologized, as did everyone else on the follow-up call, so it was appreciated – mistakes happen. Ostrom sent two people to check and fix our problem with the sump pump. This price is high, and there is no breakdown of the price, so we cannot understand why it is so high. But we have had a hard time finding a plumber that actually services our area and they fix the problem quickly, so overall we are happy and will definitely call Ostrom again if we have a plumbing problem in the future.

Buyer beware. The price is very high compared to the other 3 auctions, and based on my previous experience. The staff is friendly and professional and fast, but the quote is 60% higher than the next best estimate and 175% more than the winning bid. The guy wants to start the project right away and signed me up for a $30/month “Service Partner Agreement”. I don’t mind paying a fair price for good service, but I feel bad for seniors and others who pay more because the price is not normal. Ostrom wants to charge you for the shipping/estimate, but I told them I only received a free estimate, and they kindly obliged. I have no problem getting a free estimate from someone, all you have to do is ask. Four years ago, Ostrom charged my wife $463 for an outdoor spigot replacement that normally costs $150-$300 online. I complained and got some overpayment back. Unfortunately, I had forgotten about my past experience until I got a new estimate last week. They put a card with a Sharpie “X” on the fruit to warn me not to call again. Another contractor, knowing Ostrom’s name for high prices, suggested they figure out the standard fee for the job and multiply that 2 or 3 times. According to my experience with him, that will be my last.

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Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Get estimates for electrical work on 3 residential projects – 220 service water line expansion, new wall outlets, and new roof electrical boxes and light switches.

Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, отопительное оборудование и системы, штат Вирджиния, Роанок Сити, город Роанок — Яндекс Карты

Mr. [Member Name Deleted], Thank you for giving us high marks for responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism. It is always our goal to provide customers with the highest level of service and quality work. This strategy is why we have continued to grow over the past 19 years in business. It’s impossible to provide good service and stand behind the work when you’re working on a shoestring budget, and it’s impossible to maintain employee benefits that don’t pay well and need to support a family. We charge the price we need to make a fair profit (lower than big American companies) so we can contribute to our community by providing great service to our customers and serving our employees. We’ll gladly give you a price up front so you can decide if we’re worth it. DJ Ostrom Jr. employer.

Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

It works well – very professional, respected my house, no mess to clean. They are mid-range in Offer – Hence the B rating in price. However, the best contractor I’ve had in my home since living here.

They are professional and great to work with. It’s hard when you have to turn off the electricity all day and work so hard not to disturb us. Kevin and his team are great to work with and very professional

Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

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It’s going well. The electrician arrived on time. Here’s what I love: 1. They can redo two of the three sockets (which give enough light) without repairs and only the cost of a service call. 2. Do not try to sell me a “service contract” as many other companies do the minute the repair is done. I am very grateful for that. It showed up, did the job and saved me money – what more could one ask for?!

The three ceiling lights in my basement stopped working. I called this company and asked to take a look.

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Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Priced at $426.00!!! And we have filter houses and filters! The estimate is pretty high because we got one with Ostrom. He would never call again. On the plus side, these reviewers are respectful and friendly.

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Some light switches were moved and I wish we had discussed this in more detail before the project. They told me that they are going to change some districts but I don’t know what that means and what the result will be. Can you rewire the lights to a specific switch? When I asked them, they told me that they did a lot of checks and I had to pay more. The rest of the project is running perfectly. I didn’t have much money and my house looked like I didn’t have any money, but they took me seriously. Another company I got an estimate from.

Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Everything is going great! Ostrom called to warn me in advance that electric customer service is on the way and told me to wait. The electrician arrived on time. They are very polite and professional, and Daniel is very knowledgeable. He knows how to approach the task and complete it well. To check the safety of the electrical system, Daniel inspects the main electrical panel, outdoor electrical equipment, branch circuit wiring, and life safety equipment. He gave me a written review and a list of recommendations. Doing this is always helpful because it lets me know what needs to be fixed. Daniel installed the wiring for the lower cabinet lights a few days ago and is waiting for the box work to finish before installing the lights. A service charge is quoted for the installation of the pendant lights only because they have not been installed.

5 months ago they installed a large chandelier in the dining room. A month ago they did a safety check on my electrical system

Ostrom Electrical Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

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