Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Plumber Why Air Conditioning – , our Monaco-based company is your partner for any renovation or construction project. We manufacture, design, build, install and maintain all types of plumbing and heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC).

We take care of your project from the planning stage to installation, taking into account your needs to provide specific solutions and ensure comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Operating in Monaco since 1921. The Monaco firm acquired a new owner in 2016. Today it offers a full range of renovation and construction services for all real estate needs: apartments, houses, houses, apartments, private residences. , office…

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We provide high quality, environmental and compliance services to meet your needs. Thanks to our high-quality service and high-quality equipment, we want to help you improve your comfort and increase the value of your property. We work with the fastest and most efficient tools to satisfy you; We boast an efficient and responsive team.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Experienced technicians can install your bathroom, toilet and kitchen appliances, your air conditioning system and your heating system (central heating system, water boiler).

We offer construction and renovation services, not repair services at Alpes-Maritimes. Whether you are an individual or a business, choosing a skilled company like ours will ensure the highest level of service.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

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We also provide emergency services. Our team of experts can install inlet and outlet pipes for plumbing, gas lines, electric water heaters or heat pumps.

We can work with all types of energy sources and help you take advantage of tax credits and lower VAT thanks to the RGE brand. You can trust us to install or repair your air conditioner. We also specialize in mechanical ventilation and can install ventilation systems and circulation systems in any building. Our technicians will advise you in choosing the most suitable and efficient ventilation solution for your project.

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Plumber Why Air Conditioning

We use techniques and methods tailored to your specific project to achieve high quality work. All the services we offer are fully finished and stand out for their impeccable finish and the expertise of our team. ABS Material (Aristograft Prestone Styrene) – A hard, black type of pipe used for sewage and drainage. line, and holes.

Air Conditioner Drain Pipe Warning

AC-Unit – Air conditioning unit. A system with certain components designed to control air temperature, humidity and air flow.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Access Panel – A plumbing or electrical system through this door is enclosed in a wall or ceiling.

Aerator – A device found near the faucet nozzle that allows air to mix with the water to ensure that the running water does not splash.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

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AFUE – Indicates Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This number indicates how efficiently the furnace can convert fuel into energy. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the oven will be.

Air Conditioner – A system consisting of certain components designed to control air temperature, humidity and air flow

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Air Filter – A device made of fibrous material that removes solid particles such as dust, pollen, mold and bacteria from the air.

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Air Handler/Coil Blower – The part of your air conditioner or heater that blows air through the ducts in your home.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Air trap – A u-shaped tube filled with water and located under the faucet, which creates a seal through which gases and odors pass.

Angle Stop – An angle stop is a shut-off valve between the supply line and the faucet or toilet. It should be shut off in case of a pipeline emergency.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning: No Longer A “nice To Have”

Ballcock – A ballcock is a device that controls the flow of water from the supply line to the toilet. In the water tank, the device is controlled by floating. As the water washes the float lowers, opening the ball and releasing the water into the container. After filling the tank, the float goes back up to stop the ball crow.

Btu – stands for British Thermal Unit and is equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Carbon Monoxide – A colorless, odorless, highly toxic gas formed when burned without sufficient air nearby.

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CFM – stands for cubic feet per minute and is the HVAC term for cubic feet, the amount of air that flows through a space in one minute. 1 CFM equals 2 liters per second (l/s).

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Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Vent Circuit – The vertical line of plumbing that runs from the last two traps of the horizontal line to the main vent of the drainage system.

Closet Auger – A plumbing tool used to remove blockages from the toilet trap to the mouth of the waste pipe.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

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Compressor – A pump that circulates refrigerant vapor from the indoor evaporator to the outdoor condenser and back through the system

Condenser – A device found in a refrigerator or heat pump that condenses the refrigerant as it is compressed or cooled from a gas to a liquid.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Condenser coil – A series of refrigerant gas-filled tubes that take heat from the home and remove it to the outside, freezing or freezing the refrigerator.

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Coupling – A device with two female ends that joins two devices or pipes together.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Drum Trap – A cylindrical water system that seals water. Used in pipes very low to the ground to install B-traps.

Dual Fuel – A heating solution that combines a furnace and heat pump to provide a more economical way to heat a home.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical Hosts Grand Opening Celebration

Duct – Any tube or closed chamber, usually made of steel or fiberglass, that is used to move air from an air handling unit to a conditioned space.

Elbow (aka “L”) – A type of pipe with two openings that can change the direction of the line. Available in various angles.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Evaporator coil – uses refrigerant as it removes heat from the air it passes through. Also called internal coil.

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Fitting – A general term used to refer to items such as basins, tubs, toilets. The fixtures usually have a piping system that both supplies clean water and removes waste water.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Flapper Valve – A flapper valve, usually on the bottom of the toilet bowl, that allows water to flow into the bowl when the bowl is opened.

Flow Control Valve – A device designed to reduce the flow of water in a pipe. Often used to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. There is a check valve that prevents water flow from returning when the heater is turned off.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

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Freon – A term used for fluorinated hydrocarbons, a flammable gas or liquid used primarily as a working fluid in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Furnace – Adds heat to air by burning fuel (including natural gas, oil, propane, butane, and other combustibles) in a heat exchanger.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Heat Exchanger – The part of the furnace that transfers heat from the fuel used to heat your home to the air.

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With A Growing Demand For Trade Industry Jobs, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric Is Now Hiring Experienced Plumbers To Join The Team

High Efficiency Airway Filter – An air filter capable of reducing 99.97% concentration of particles in the airways. It is also known as HEPA filter.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Home Warranty – A home warranty is a service contract that covers the cost of repairing and replacing home appliances.

Horizontal Branch – A lateral drainage pipe from a water main to a building waste or underground.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

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HSPF – Stands for Seasonal Performance Indicator. It measures the efficiency of an air source heat pump. Higher scores indicate higher performance.

Auger – A pipe fitting that increases diameter in a linear fashion by becoming larger at one end and smaller at the other. If it is used for a stop, to reduce the diameter of a straight line, it is called a reducer.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Indoor unit – A unit located indoors and consisting of an indoor coil, fan, motor and filter equipment.

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IPS – steel pipe size. The most common measurement system used for pipe fitting is based on the outside pipe size.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Mixing valve – A valve on a faucet that allows hot and cold water to mix to reach the desired water temperature.

Natural ventilation – moving outside air into a space through purposeful openings such as windows and doors

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

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Nipple – A short tube that connects two other devices. Used when pipe connections need to be extended.

Outdoor Coil – The part of the heat pump or central heating system that sits outside the home and acts as a heat transfer point to collect heat from the air and remove heat from the outside.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

B-Trap – A plumbing device used to prevent sewer gases from entering a building by maintaining a water seal in the drain.

Hot Water Service And Replacements

Plumber’s Putty – A common product used by plumbers to spread between pipes and fittings to properly seal joints.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Pressure Head – A unit of measurement for the vertical force exerted by water at a depth of one foot.

Programmable Thermostat – A thermostat that is programmed to operate at specific temperatures at different times of the day.

Plumber Why Air Conditioning

Heating & Air Conditioning

Refrigerant – A substance that cools as air evaporates. An air conditioning system uses refrigerant

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