Reliant Air Conditioning Commercial

Reliant Air Conditioning Commercial – At Reliant Air Conditioning, we are dedicated to providing excellent heating and air conditioning service, informing our customers about better ways to lower their electric bills, and providing our customers with healthier homes with high quality HVAC repair and sales. We are committed to providing quality service for your HVAC system, which is why we require our repair technicians to be NATE certified to repair and maintain your HVAC system. Because of our superior service, we maintain an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau in Dallas and Fort Worth. Reliant Air Conditioning provides air conditioning and heating services as well as providing quality energy saving products to customers in need of new equipment. Located in the heart of Dallas Fort Worth, we are able to serve clients from all over the metroplex, from Weatherford to Rockwall, McKinney to Mansfield and everywhere in between. We have been serving this area for the past 20 years and have installed over 30,000 systems and served over 50,000 homes. We are well prepared to handle all air conditioners that DFV has to offer! Another DBA – Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning Inc, bought Service Work

They are not loyal when it comes to their “Club of Heroes”. Services and features are priced so they can give you a “discount” with Hero Club, where you pay $20 each month for standard services. It’s a monthly service that you can cancel at any time. What is never mentioned is that they will make you pay a down payment if your financial situation changes or you sell the house before the end of the year. This is never explained and there are no written terms/conditions/definitions of the program to guide or understand what you are agreeing to. The tech also didn’t really understand the program or any of the fine print. Terrible bait and switch.

Reliant Air Conditioning Commercial

Reliant Air Conditioning Commercial

Sorry for the misunderstanding regarding Hero Club membership! Please contact our office and speak to a member of the management team. We will help you with the solution. Thank you.

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What I thought was a great company with great customer service turned out to be terrible! Terrible customer service with a rude girl answering the phones. The hero show is FUN! The last technician who did the “service” did not check if the system was working and asked me if “he should fix everything while the roof is in the basement or write it down and report”.. This was a service. call, there is nothing wrong with unit l!!! Until he “serves” it. And no, I don’t want you to “fix” anything without telling me that you might charge me. He also told me (“predicted”) that my unit would not survive the winter? (I’m 7) And he was right – whatever he did to my “service” rendered it useless after a week when my temperature dropped and I needed it. My boyfriend recently also had problems with his residential and business accounts with their service (customer service) Something plain and simple happened with this company and not in a good way.

Reliant Air Conditioning Commercial

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! We have reported this information to management who will contact you shortly.

Reliant installed a new AC system 2 years ago. During the summer heat wave of 2022, we couldn’t get colder than 88 degrees in our home! We thought it was just the heat wave, but some of our friends said they had no problem cooling their homes. We decided to call Reliant again to check things out. We were told that the coil needed to be replaced and that the part was under warranty, but after spending $1260 on labor, there was no improvement. Another company came in to give their opinion, and they said it was unlikely that the thread would break after only two years. After we contacted Reliant management, some of their managers came out to investigate the problem. They received more information on the first request. Not only did they refund the $1260 spent on coil labor, they took care of all the other issues and replaced all of our parts with new ones. We are now considering signing up for their maintenance program because of the excellent service. They really stand behind their products! You can’t go wrong with Reliant!

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Reliant Air Conditioning Commercial

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We are so glad we were able to get out and prepare everything for you in the heat! Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us a review.

The technician was very professional and knew the systems well. He gave me great advice on things I can do as a home owner to make sure the systems are working properly.

Reliant Air Conditioning Commercial

It was time to check our air conditioning and heating systems. Sean was professional and friendly, he installed a filter for us which was great as we are not out due to covid. He showed us what he found, and he was very clear. We appreciate his service and dedication during this review. Reliant did a great job for us. We highly recommend them.

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I am writing to file a legal complaint against Reliant Air Conditioning. I replaced the entire unit on 3/19/2020. I was told that the system was installed correctly. I felt more comfortable about this because I was also told I would have an inspection by the city. This was to be determined by Reliant. However, this was not the case and I was wrongly informed that I had lost my time with Reliant after a few months. The inspection by the city of Fort Worth took less than 5 minutes and he clearly told me I was ready to write. However, this was not the case. At first, I had no problems with the company other than making follow-up appointments. I was able to edit my first song of the season, but I couldn’t edit the second. This is something I was told was included in the unit price. I haven’t found this second song yet. Moreover, when I called to discuss this matter, a very rude “gatekeeper” informed me that they no longer planned to sing the songs until the end of the year. My attempts to speak with a supervisor or manager were unsuccessful. I will go into more detail, but my immediate, more pressing complaint is that I was informed by a recently licensed KGH technician that none of my systems were installed correctly or up to code. The current estimate to reach the safety minimum is $1000. Other problems include: misplaced gas trap, flue pipe loose and not attached, incorrect number of wires to support evaporator coils, lack of supply and return wiring, bracket never removed from fan, wrong. screws on the hng threads so they actually come out of the wood, did not remove the tar paper causing a possible fire hazard, wrong condensate drain connection and joints not attached, armored flex not taped with approved tape, wrong connector. inline refrigerator with high copper, and tilting unit. I have been told that all of this could cause serious damage to my home, including flooding and ceiling failure, or my illness or death if the gas line fails due to improper installation. To say I was surprised is an understatement. Furthermore, none of this was “found” when Reliant’s second baseman exited to end the season opener. My attempts to reach the company have so far been unsuccessful. I’ve completely lost faith in the company and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with them fixing it. I thought that since they were licensed and licensed by a good business office, I would at least have a safe installation for my life. I was wrong and I am very upset that this company is in a position to continue to use others. Also, I can’t find the Texas Department of License and Registration phone number on my documents from them and I believe it is illegal.

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Reliant Air Conditioning Commercial

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. There’s a lot to talk about here. Rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to fix it. We have tried to get in touch with you and look forward to hearing from you.

The technician was very knowledgeable and found the problem very quickly. He was very honest and did not recommend any additional work other than the chng filter. He gave good advice to solve the problem.

Reliant Air Conditioning Commercial

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Tec knew exactly what was wrong with my unit

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