Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria – Our furnace stopped working over the holiday weekend. in Minnesota. In January. The Aquarius guys called us right away to get us an appointment and even saved us money by helping us get a non-emergency repair visit instead of a more expensive emergency repair. It turned out that our 20-year-old furnace was very close to the end of its useful life (no surprise there), but the repair and sales people we spoke with were all about balancing cost, safety, and heating issues. They were open and responsive. to us ASAP. At Repair Jimmy showed me pictures of the old furnace and what was wrong, and was very upfront about what the various repairs would cost and how long they would take. We decided to replace instead of repair, so Kurt in sales came to our house and helped us choose a replacement; He didn’t make a high pressure sales pitch, just talked us through our options and gave us the information and tools to make informed decisions. Financing was easy, and they helped with rebates and discounts. The creepy lady in the office (I didn’t get her name) offered us a space heater to make sure we stayed warm. Kou and the installation team that came to the house were great – they removed the carpet and rugs to save our floor, and shoveled snow around our AC to install a new one! Every step of the way, everyone was friendly and knowledgeable, and made sure we knew what was going on and what to expect going forward. It was our first time with Aquarius, but it definitely won’t be our last!

Chris and Jimmy were amazing! Chris installed a tankless water system for us – and we are really happy with it. I didn’t feel pressured, and I felt like he did a great job really patiently walking us through the tank vs. tank options. Even though I had already researched and thought I wanted tanks, I’m so glad he recommended tanks. I am really happy with the results. Chris also pointed out a few things like a broken handle on our master bath that has been bugging me for a while and gave some quick advice on that and a few other things. Jimmy also took his time with us and helped diagnose a leak in our HVAC system – it was a simple fix, but I feel so much better now that he looked into it. We signed up with them for a maintenance plan – and I love how professional the system is that they will reach out to me twice a year to service things. Jimmy and Chris were both courteous, knowledgeable, professional and we look forward to continuing to work with them and Acquarius.

Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

If you are in need of plumbing or HVAC repair or replacement in Alexandria, Minnesota, look no further than Aquarius Home Services.

Service Area Map

We passionately serve the local community with excellence and can deal with everything from inefficient boiler heating systems to rusty plumbing to ductless heating and cooling systems.

Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

AC repair is no problem for our team, and we’re always happy to help with plumbing installation as well. So if you need plumbing or HVAC help, be sure to call Aquarius Home Services. You will not be disappointed!

We install only the best high efficiency furnaces and air conditioners in your homes. We want your investment to be for the long term. And if you need repairs on an existing system, we can service any make or model.

Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

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If you need plumbing repair or installation in Alexandria, Minnesota, be sure to call Aquarius Home Services.

We provide excellent service to the area and can handle everything from leaky pipe and drain cleaning to water heater repairs and replacements.

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Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

We also do toilet, sink and faucet repairs and plumbing repairs. Plus, if you have a sump pump that needs repair, we’ve got you covered there, too. So whatever your plumbing needs, we’ll get the job done right – guaranteed!

Founders Hill Dr #202, Alexandria, Va 22310

We charge by the job, not by the hour. So you always know in advance how much your plumbing repair will cost.

Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

Located just north of the 94 Interchange, the team at Aquarius Home Services proudly serves Alexandria, Carlos, Nelson, and surrounding cities with excellent plumbing services you can count on.

We serve the wider area around Alexandria, including Carlos, Nelson, Osakis, Farada, Garfield, Multnomah, Holmes City, and more beautiful Minnesota cities.

Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

Th Of July Apartments, Alexandria

If you are experiencing negative effects from your water, such as hard water, iron stains, chemical contamination, odors, or a foul or strange taste, please schedule a free water analysis from Aquarius.

We will analyze your home water for various contaminants and recommend the best option to provide you with clean water.

Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

If you believe your water is contaminated, or if it contains high levels of iron, manganese or chlorine, contact us for a free analysis. We have Kinetic Solutions in Alexandria that can help. Turkey / Turkey

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Warning: You have chosen to translate this page using an automatic translation system. This translation has not been reviewed by the City of Alexandria and may contain errors.

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Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

Location: The Potomac Yard Metrorail Station site is located approximately halfway between the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Braddock Road stations on Metrorail’s existing Blue and Yellow lines. The area is bordered to the east and northeast by the George Washington Memorial Parkway, to the south by the Potomac Green neighborhood, and to the west and northwest by the active CSX tracks, Potomac Avenue, and the Potomac Yard shopping center.

Below are photos of construction activity from the past week at the Potomac Yard Metro Rail Station site:

Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

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PYC is required to provide off-street parking for its workers, trucks and trailers as a condition of a Special Use Development Permit (DSUP) approved by the City Council. This lot will be located at 2601 Mainline Blvd., on an undeveloped block bordering Mainline Blvd. Potomac Ave on the west, Potomac Ave on the east, Muskell St on the north, and Swann Ave on the south. The only access point will be from Potomac Ave.

Construction site employees are transported to and from the construction site by a private shuttle. They will not be allowed to park and access the site from the street. Transportation of shuttles, construction vehicles and other project resources must follow approved transportation routes.

Residential Air Conditioning Replacement City Of Alexandria

Additional information about the city’s noise control code, including permitted hours for certain construction activities, after-work hours, decibel level specifications, and how to file a complaint, can be found on the city’s noise control page.

The Westin Alexandria Old Town, Alexandria

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