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River City Air Conditioning Ipswich – 27°24′S 153°9′E / 27.400°S 153.150°E / -27.400; 153.150 Coordinates: 27°24’S 153°9’E / 27.400°S 153°E.0

The Brisbane River (Turrbal: Maiwar) is the longest river in southeast Queensland, Australia, flowing through the city of Brisbane and then into Moreton Bay in the Coral Sea. The first European to explore the river was John Oxley, who named it after New South Wales Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane in 1823. The Friends Colony in Moreton Bay later took the same name and eventually became the permanent city of Brisbane. The river is a tidal estuary and flows from its mouth through most of the Brisbane metropolitan area west to Crosby Hill Weir with its headwaters. The river is wide and navigable throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area.

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

The river flows 344 kilometers (214 mi) from Mount Stanley. Wivhoe Dam stopped the river to form Brisbane’s main water reservoir, Lake Wivhoe. The waterway is home to rare Queensland lungfish, Brisbane River cod (extinct) and bull sharks.

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The river’s early travelers admired the natural beauty of its banks, abundant fish and rich vegetation. The Brisbane River has been dredged for navigation since 1862. The river was an important lane between Brisbane and Ipswich until the railway connecting the cities was built in 1875. By the late 1920s, the river’s water quality had seriously deteriorated.

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

In 1893 there were several major floods. The most destructive flood on record occurred in 1974, when the 660,000-ton Robert Miller, the largest ship built on the river, broke loose from its moorings. Other major floods occurred in January 2011 and February 2022.

Extensive port facilities were built on the Fisherman Islands (now the Port of Brisbane) at the mouth of the Moreton Bay estuary. There are 16 main bridges over the river. The Clem Jones Tunnel opened in 2010 and was the river’s first underground roadway. The CityCat ferry transports passengers along the center of the river.

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

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Maiwar is the name of the river in the Turrbal language (the Aboriginal language of the Brisbane area).

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In 1823, John Oxley named the river after Governor Thomas Brisbane, who surveyed the area to establish a new settlement of Friends.

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

The name is of Scottish origin, dating back to at least 1643 from their family’s land in Rothiebrisbane, Aberdshire.

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According to Archibald Meston and Tom Petrie in 1901, Aboriginal people in the Brisbane area did not give the river a single name, but individual reaches and bds are named.

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

These two tributaries merge into one waterway south of Mount Stanley. Another modern definition has its headwaters at the top of a fig tree gorge in the Bunya Hills, which is the source of the river’s longest tributary, Cooyar Creek. The water from the highest point in the catchment area has fallen on Mount Bunia 992 meters above sea level.

The confluence of Cooyar Creek and the Brisbane River is south of Avoca Vale, and the river flows south through the towns of Linville, Moore and Toogoolawah before joining the Stanley River south of Somerset Dam.

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

Louisiana State Penitentiary

From there the river flows into Lake Wivhoe, which is formed by the Wivhoe Dam. After the dam, the river meanders east to join the Bremer River near Ipswich and flows through Brisbane’s western suburbs, including Jindalee, Indurupilly and Toowong.

The Brisbane River flows through terminals such as Pinkba Wharf and Portside Wharf, through the Port of Brisbane via Bulwer Island and Luggage Point and south to Bramble Bay and Moreton Bay.

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

South of the river, opposite Gards Point, are the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, made of a Triassic volcanic rhyolite composition known as the Brisbane Tuff. The Kangaroo Point Cliffs were created by quarrying operations that, according to Allan Cunninghams field books, began before 1829 when he discovered “a stone jetty, probably made to carry stones across the river for settlement.” This is near the Edward Street ferry terminal. The mining of this volcanic rock was part of the prisoners’ hard work at the Pal colony in Moreton Bay, which not only provided the prisoners with punishment for the hard work, but also useful building materials for the colony. Many early buildings, including the Commissariat Store in Brisbane, were built by convicts using tuff from this quarry. After the friends colony closed, the Petrie family rented the rocks and Louhi tuff for their construction projects, but eventually mining the material without the free labor of the prisoners became uneconomical.

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The volcanic magma that forms the rocks was deposited in the Triassic period about 220 million years ago.

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

Several parts of the Brisbane River have been named, including those listed below (from upstream to downstream) and their location relative to the river’s tributaries and river junctions:

The following major tributaries flow into the Brisbane River from the north: Breakfast Creek, Mogil Creek and Stanley River. The waterways of Bulimba Creek, Norman Creek, Oxley Creek, Bremer River and Lockyer Creek are at the southern end of the Brisbane River. The following smaller streams also flow into the river: Cressbrook Creek, Cooyar Creek, Cubberla Creek, Black Snake Creek,

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

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Prior to European settlement, the Brisbane River was spiritually important and an important source of food for the Aboriginal people of Turbari, mainly through fishing in the intertidal zone downstream and fishing and matcha cultivation upstream where fresh water was available, depending on the season.

All visited Moreton Bay but failed to spot the river. Flinders’ expedition took place during his expedition north from Port Jackson to Hervey Bay in 1799. He spent a total of 15 days in the area, landing at Woody Point and several other places, but did not discover the estuary, although its existence was suspected. This is consistent with descriptions of many other rivers on the east coast of Australia that cannot be found by seaward exploration but can be found by inland travellers.

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

Thomas Pamphlet, John Finnegan, Richard Parsons, Thomas Pamphlet, John Finnegan, Richard Parsons, 21 March 1823, four prisoners on false flags sailing south from Sydney to the Illawarra for logging and John Thompson was blown north by a storm. They were without water for 21 days and continued north, believing the wind would blow them south, when Thompson died. They came ashore at Moreton Island on 16 April and reached the mainland south of the Brisbane River. They immediately began to wander north to return to Sydney, where they still believed they were somewhere south of Jervis Bay.

South Main Street, The Dr. Joseph Manning House (1727)

They then became the first known Europeans to discover the river and came upon it somewhere near the trance. They traveled up the river for almost a month before making their first crossing in a “canoe trip” at the confluence of Oxley Creek. Here they stole a small canoe that the Turrbal people had left in the area.

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River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

John Oxley was Governor of New South Wales, and in the same year, under orders from the Governor of Brisbane, he sailed to Moreton Bay to find suitable new sites for a prison colony. On 19 November 1823, Oxley’s diary attempted to describe his unexpected meeting with the victim:

“We went round Point Skirmish about five o’clock, and found a number of natives running along the shore towards the boat, the one in front of whom was much lighter in color than the others. When he heard next to the boat, we felt very surprised that he greeted us with beautiful words.”

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

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By then Pamphlett and Finnegan were already living with locals around Bribie Island. Continuing north in search of Sydney, Oxley took Parsons on board on 11 September 1824.

On 2 December 1823, with Finnegan as a somewhat reluctant guide, Oxley and Stirling sailed up the stream to Gudner the day before.

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

Oxley noticed an abundance of fish and tall pines. Early European explorers marveled at the sheer natural beauty they saw as they traveled downstream.

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Early European explorers such as Allan Cunningham and Oxley reported that the Brisbane River and its main tributaries were once surrounded by tropical rainforest, particularly in St Lucia and wider floodplains such as Seven Mile Rocks. In low-lying, poorly drained coastal areas, coastal lowlands are overgrown with Melaleuca forests. Europeans described the lower Brisbane River as mosaic forests, closed forests and fringes of rainforest.

River City Air Conditioning Ipswich

In the same year, 1823, the river was named after Sir Thomas Brisbane, the first governor of New South Wales. After the local settlement was established in 1824, other explorers, including Allan Cunningham, Patrick Logan and Major Edmund Lockyer, began further expeditions and surveys and established the Moreton Bay Companion Colony at Redcliffe in May 1825.

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