Sin City Air Conditioning

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Sin City Air Conditioning

Sin City Air Conditioning

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Sin City Air Conditioning

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Sin City Air Conditioning

The Moral History Of Air Conditioning

Back to Homepage |See more details about “DELONGHI 500 SQ. FT. PORTABLE ROOM AIR ()” Back to Top Ok, I’m way behind on the old blog at the moment, so sorry that things are a bit off. From Mumbai we flew to Bangkok and since we’re still here (it’s a big city) I’m not ready to do that post, so, a bit out of order, I know, but this post is about Pattaya.

Henry decided that sunbathing by the pool for days was not his thing and he would stay in Bangkok to do some work while I went to Pattaya for some girl time. The bus ride was remarkable only in its difference from all the Indian buses we had. Everyone had their assigned seat and no one was standing, there was air-conditioning, soft music and a general air of relaxed luxury – the exact opposite of an Indian bus. A 2 hour journey costs just £2.55 which seems very reasonable.

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Sin City Air Conditioning

It was great to see my mom and Jess after so long and I went back to their hotel door, surprising them on their first night there. Henry and I had been on our adventure for over 6 months by then, so we spent most of our days soaking up the sun at their very luxurious hotel, Dulsit Thani. It is definitely the tallest hotel I have ever visited. The grounds were well maintained with topiaries being meticulously cut with spirit levels and the interior was always immaculate.

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There was an inner garden with a waterfall (!) to greet you at the entrance with staff who opened the door and greeted you as you passed through the corridor!

Sin City Air Conditioning

The pools were also spotless and had pool boys to bring fresh towels, set up your umbrella and even bring glasses of iced water to cool you down. It was very different from any hotel Henry and I had stayed at on this trip. We spent days reading, sailing, exploring and sleeping in absolute luxury.

Every evening, we would go out of the hotel to find something to eat. As we were all affected by the little cheats we ate at times, Mum tended to favor familiar foods more than Thai, so we ate Italian, Indian and Old English food most of the time. At night it was not difficult. To find in Pattaya.

Sin City Air Conditioning

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Jess and I went on a 24 hour trip to Bangkok to visit Henry and her old friend Dom who was away with his work there. The plan was a slosh, but Henry and I were out of practice and in the end a nice visit to some bars with good company and some delicious cocktails. I decided my cocktail of choice would be the Cosmopolitan, wine is not readily available here at a reasonable price so Cosmos was the way to go! Henry and I left around 1pm, leaving Jess and Dom to continue drinking. Today our tolerance level is so low, someone could drink us under the table I think!

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Dom had the weekend off so he came with us to Pattaya for some sunshine. Although it’s still very hot, Bangkok doesn’t get much direct sunlight, probably due to pollution. After a day of rest we went in search of food and internet recommendations led us to a place south of the city right on the water. I discovered how delicious the coffee with Baileys was, Jess had a couple of Mai Tais and Mum enjoyed a few glasses of wine, which I hope, along with Dom’s presence, gave them the confidence to explore the further famous attractions of Pattaya: Walking Street. .

Sin City Air Conditioning

“Part of the city of Pattaya, Thailand. It is a tourist attraction that attracts foreigners and Thai nationals, mainly for the nightlife. It is a red light district with many go-go bars and brothels.”

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We went under the big video sign and walked from one end to the other, walked around and took some pictures, which didn’t come out right. It’s as you can imagine from the description above, but with more neon. And most children are “for sale”. Really. There were many adult prostitutes on the street, whose business was expected, but what we did not expect to see was a place called “Casa de Bambole” with young women who could not stand more than 11, wearing very little. , out. That really sums it up. SP in the crowd. (sex-pats) (some with a woman and some without), groups of men, curious vacationers like us, and vendors waving signs at anyone trying to ping pong or have sex. Show in his establishment. It was surprising to see some families there, some with strollers struggling through the crowd. Personally, I don’t think Walking Street is a family-friendly place, and I think some of those parents had some tough questions to answer.

Sin City Air Conditioning

After reaching the end, we left there, calmed down and went back to the hotel.

Later in the week we took another day trip to Bangkok, this time with Mom. The Grand Palace is really big. It was the residence of the kings and is still used for some official events. Moreover, it is not a building, but a complex of several large temples, etc. Covers a huge area.

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Sin City Air Conditioning

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Although we left Pattaya nice and early, it was very hot when we arrived in Bangkok, took the Sky Train (BTS) to the river and then the river boat to the palace. Under the shade of our umbrellas we saw the palace, which was almost outside. We may have lost some as we were only there for a few hours and we were so hot that we had to leave to find some shade and sit.

It was impressive and worth the trip for Mom to see this history (she loves a bit of history.) Here are a few more pictures, but I’ll add more to the Thailand gallery as I take some.

Sin City Air Conditioning

(A brief explanation about the combination of socks and sandals: “decency dress” is required to enter the palace and we duly followed the rules of covering most of our legs, our shoulders and our feet, however, we saw a lot of people in flip flops so the funny socks and sandals wouldn’t last the entire visit)

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After the heat of the Grand Palace, we met Henry for lunch and the four of us went looking for a fake designer bag for Mom. Dom had told him about the things he had received as gifts earlier and that whetted his appetite so we went to see what we could find.

Sin City Air Conditioning

MBK Mall in Bangkok is another great place. It has more than 2000 stores inside, has more than 8 floors and is the largest in Asia (now there are large shopping centers down the road). MBK is known as the place to get everything at a reasonable price, I don’t know how it works legally because there is nothing downstairs, everything is displayed for purchase and not “under the counter”. Henry is

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