The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

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When the temperature rises, an air conditioning unit is a real summer dream. While fans only circulate the already warm air, these devices remove the hot and humid air from a room and instead blow a delicious, icy breeze around. This is ideal in a stuffy office, if you can’t sleep when the night gets hot, or if you have a conservatory where intense heat develops easily.

The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

However, most people do not want to go to the trouble or expense of installing a permanent wall unit that can only be used for a few weeks of the year. Instead, portable air conditioners (PACs) can be moved between rooms and stored during the winter. Note that, to work well as air conditioners, they must be ventilated through a window or a duct that crosses the wall.

Reasons You Should Buy An Air Conditioner For Your Home

While some models have window kits to make this easier, these usually only come with sliding or casement windows, so unless you’re particularly keen on DIY, your window will be open every time you use the air conditioner, making that the air conditioner is working. harder. The units are all quite large and heavy, so make sure there is room to use them near the window and if there is no tube, remember that this is really an evaporative air cooler and not an air conditioning unit.

The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

Don’t expect any of these devices to be cheap. Prices start at around £250, and the more powerful the machine, the more expensive it will be. Cooling requirements are measured in British thermal units (BTU), and the higher the rating, the larger the air conditioning area.

A 7000 BTU unit will cool a small room of about 18 to 20 square feet, but always check the size of the room before buying a unit with a very low BTU because it will not cool the space effectively. Other features to look for include a remote control, a programmable timer and sleep mode that allows you to chill quietly all night long.

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The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

How Portable Air Conditioners Work

We tested a number of portable air conditioning units in our house on particularly hot days in June and July to find the best, considering the price, portability, cost, and how much they cool us despite the kitchen temperature outside. Keep in mind that due to such demand for air conditioners during last month’s heat wave, some of these are currently out of stock but will be available for resale soon.

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The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

This ticked all the boxes for a portable air conditioning unit that is easy to use at home, (relatively) inconspicuous, and can be stored when not in use, all at a reasonable price.

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It’s not suitable for large spaces because it only has a 7,000 BTU rating, but it should work in rooms between 12-22 square feet. This was more than enough in our bedrooms and living room where we needed more, and the lower BTU meant it was smaller and lighter than many units we tested, weighing only 20.5 kg and only 70 cm of height. This meant we could easily move between rooms if needed. It also had one of the longest channels of any device, so we had a little more flexibility in where we positioned it.

The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

Best of all, it comes with a standard window kit and a flexible kit – rejoice! – works in every window and makes a big difference in cooling. It has a 24-hour timer, sleep mode and remote control and uses the new environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant. A versatile heat wave hero.

Although this unit is currently out of stock, you can choose to be notified when it is available again.

The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

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A/C units are never going to be a pretty thing, but this DeLonghi model was by far the nicest model we tested, with its matte black finish, matching black remote control, and glossy digital display. It is very easy to operate, so you can adjust the temperature or fan speed from the remote control, or even program the timer without moving from the seat. Thanks to its high BTU value, it instantly reduced the temperature in our kitchen and we didn’t need to open our windows so wide since the hose is thinner than other models. It has a dehumidification function, a timer and a useful light that indicates if the conditions are uncomfortable, acceptable or optimal.

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Best of all, it wasn’t as quiet as the name suggests, but much quieter than most units. It works in the range of 49 to 53 decibels, and recently we stopped to really understand that it was working around the corner. As a result, it would be a great addition to a home office or children’s room, but it can also cool much larger rooms up to 110 cubic feet.

The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

There’s no such thing as a feather air conditioner, but at just 21.7kg it was one of the lightest models we tested, so we didn’t need an army of people to lift it up to cool a room . It also has wheels and is thinner than most other units, so it was easy to go downstairs when needed.

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Within minutes it was up and running, but we had to hold the hose in the back of the appliance as I ran the hose towards the window as it blew constantly. There is also no compatible window kit, so you have to open the window wide enough to get the hose out. Although the unit struggled with the hot air outside, we were surprised to find that it was able to cool the room quite quickly and reached a pleasant temperature in no time. It is not too noisy and has a 24-hour schedule timer, self-diagnosis function and remote control. It is a good choice if you plan to store it in the winter when the weather improves.

The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

This affordable air conditioning unit was not too heavy at 31 kg and comes on wheels, so it can be easily moved between rooms without too much hassle. It has cooling, dehumidification and ventilation functions and we are impressed by the speed of our living room and the cooling effect felt almost instantly. It comes with an easy-to-use remote control and has a timer and night mode so it doesn’t interrupt your sleep. You may need to turn up the TV volume if you are watching in the same room as it is a bit noisy in other settings.

Our only complaint? We wanted the tube to be a little longer since we have to keep it very close to our window for ventilation. On the plus side, it is compatible with an ingenious fabric window kit (£14.99, which can be purchased separately to make this model work with almost any window.

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The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

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Packing a heavy air conditioner unit for the winter is a real pain. This versatile machine can also be used as a fan and dehumidifier, preventing humidity in your home when the temperature drops. It’s one of the nicest machines we’ve tested, with curved edges and an LED touchscreen, so it doesn’t look too ugly when sitting in the longest corner.

When it comes to cooling, there are two speed settings that are also useful when you prefer the machine to be a little less noisy. The fan works very well to direct cool air to the whole room rather than focusing on one area, and the temperature can be adjusted between 15-31C, a slightly wider range than some other units. It has a 24-hour timer for efficient operation, overheating protection and an auto-evaporation system, but we found that we had to manually drain the collected water when we used it for a long time. Despite this, it is a good purchase that you can use all year round.

The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

There are several ways to ventilate a portable windowless air conditioner. These include placing the portable air conditioning unit near an exterior door or adding ventilation to a wall or ceiling.

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Portable air conditioners typically use between 700 and 1,500 watts of power, depending on the BTU rating. The amount of electricity used per hour varies according to that number of watts.

The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

To install a portable air conditioner, place it near a window or outlet and make sure the window kit (if applicable) has a secure seal. After that, position the ventilation tube according to its length.

Portable air conditioners can cost anywhere from £250 to £1,000 depending on the BTU rating of the product. While fans are fairly inexpensive, portable air conditioners are worth the investment if you want to cool a larger area.

The Best Air Conditioning Unit Uk

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Cheaper models with a lower BTU rating are often under the £500 mark and are generally not worth buying unless you want to condition a small room. Higher BTU models are larger, more expensive and can run colder

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